Osea Academy

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Winter and Summer Christerson are the sisters that everyone admires. Their confident, complete opposites, and beautiful. They have a horrible family history though, and while Summer tends to be more forgiving and emerses herself with the cute blonde curly headed Avery Hyson... Winter's not. She hids her anger inside of her, and blows up with emotional and verbal breakdowns. Nobody really know's this, besides Jagger O'Dell, the resident bad boy and the love of her life, and when Zane Symmes decides to make Winter and Summer's life some sort of public thing...

Well, its not pretty.

Haven Grayson is the new girl in town. Forced to move because of her famous father's excessive drinking problem, Haven's just trying to get by. She doesn't know anybody, and doesn't get along with her mother at all. When she becomes friends with Winter, a burden off of her shoulders is released. Haven doesn't want anybody to know who her father is, or why she's at Osea. She's only confided in one person...and that's Ryder Kaelin, son of the ex-superstar, Joseph Kaelin. These two have more in common then you think. But when the whole school finds out who's daughter she is, Haven doesn't know where to turn. And about the beauitful Greek Haidrian Demetriou?

Irie Edwards loves solving puzzles. Its what she's good at. But Osea is the most confusing one yet. Everybody hides something, and she wants to know what it is.

Enter the most interesting puzzle yet: Mad Maddox McKee.

Maddox McKee is goth, depressed, and quiet. His parents are fundamentalist Christians, something he doesn't agree with. Their horribly embarassed of him and exclude him from all family activities. All he wants is out of Osea. He doesn't want to deal with the old memories of when his parents loved him. And he doesn't want to change. The only way is out. When Irie Edwards, the weird red headed girl starts stalking him, he gets a bit creeped out.

Haidrian Demetriou, Ryder Kaelin, and Jagger O'Dell are the best of friends, and the most gorgeous guys at Osea Academy. Haidrian is sweet, gentle, outgoing, and athletic...every girls dream, right? But nobody know's what he's really hiding besides Ryder and Jag. And maybe even Zane. When Zane makes Haidrian's biggest fear come true, all hell breaks loose. Jagger O'Dell is the baddest boy in town. He's been getting in trouble since kindergarten, forcing his family to move to Osea. But what exactly DID he do, and why is he hardly ever at his own house? Will he tell Winter what's going on, or will Zane have to tell her himself? Ryder Kaelin is the superstar, with his leather jackets, gelled hair, and black sunglasses. Everybody thinks they know Ryder's secret: his father got tired of all the fame, and they moved into their mansion in the exclusive town. But Ryder knows that not the real reason. And so does Zane. Hot, desirable, and oh so delicious, Haven can't help but fall for him right away. Not when he's showing her around school, helping her with homework, and playing that damned guitar with a voice sweet as sugar...

Jazlyn Rutherford is the mayor's daughter. Obnoxious, bitchy, stuck-up and the biggest whore in Osea. Nobody actually likes her, not even her "best friend" Elana Hays. What is she hiding behind bleach blonde hair, fake tans, and five bras? Only Jazlyn..and Zane know. Elana Hays hates Jazlyn. She bosses her around, pushes her, and uses her. Elana's just too shy to stand up for herself. She hates how mean she is to Winter, Summer, and Haven, but she'd never say anything because she's too scared. But why's she so scared in the first place?

Enter the world of Osea, a quiet town filled with troubled teens, famous parents, and ex-convicts, where their only escape is the sea.

And eachother.

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Osea Academy

Submitted: August 19, 2010

Osea Academy is just a normal school in the small town of Osaea, North Carolina. It has over 800 students in attendance, from the ages 13-16. It's an exclusive school. Families from all over move to Osea just so their children can attend the school. Each family has their own...secret. That's what Osea does. It protects secrets.

Haidrian Demetriou is the Greek God of Osea Academy. He's a bit quiet, a bit of a jock, and a bit of a bad boy. He's every girls dream, right?

Haven Grayson is the new girl in town. New to Osea Academy, she has a lot to learn...

Jagger O'Dell is the mysterious, broodingly handsome, troublemaking, sexy boy that attends Osea Academy whenever he feels like it. Every girl would die to find out what he's hiding, but only one girl can succeed...

Winter and Summer Christerson are twins that can't stand each other. Winter's impulsive, angry, and ruthless. Summer's sweet, innocent, and oblivious. Will the sister's ever learn to get along? Or will they hate eachother for life?

Ryder Kaelin is the quiet, intimidating son of Joseph Kaelin, ex-superstar with a voice to die for. He's a lot less aroggant than you would think, and when he plays the guitar, it's like the whole world stops moving to listen for a minute or two...

Maddox McKee, or Mad Maddox, is the boy with the anger managment problem with a deep hatred for the only one who challenges him - Jagger O'Dell. Nobody knows why he's so angry, but Irie Edwards is determinded to find out.

Irie Edwards has lived in Osea for a year. One very confusing year. Obviously everybody's hiding something, and she has yet to figure any of it out. Maddox McKee is her main project...figure out why he hates the world, and then make it better. Easy, right?

Avery Hayson is the funny, outgoing, loud, and obnoxious one. He masks the depression inside of him by laughing and making fun of people, and doesn't care what anybody thinks of him. Until he sees Summer Christerson...

Jazlyn Rutherford is the Mayor's Daughter. She's rich, proud, and confident. A little too confident sometimes. She's the resident mean girl, and proud of it. Nobody would ever mess with her until Winter Christerson hears one of her rude remarks to the weird new girl, Haven...and she quickly makes two very dangerous enemies...

Elana Hays looks up to Jazlyn Rutherford. She knows that when Jazlyn bosses her around and treats her like a slave, it's wrong. But Jazlyn's her pipeline to the popular, cute boys at Osea Academy...

Zane Symmes is the Keeper of Secrets. Something about his face makes people want to spill everything and cry on his shoulder. He doesn't mind, not really, until one day a bridge breaks, and he challenges every person around him...

And besides- nobody wants to be Zane's enemy. Not when he has dirt on everybody. Even Haven.

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