Lost Love and Heartache

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Jessica and Ryan have been together for years. Lately they have been fighting a lot, and tonight a fight has broken out over many little things. Will Ryan lose the girl of his dreams forever? He may never find out when something he never saw coming gives a brilliant idea, but will this idea take away everything he loves? Read Lost Love and Heartache to find out.

Submitted: February 11, 2015

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Submitted: February 11, 2015



“You never loved me,” screamed Jessica as she stormed out of the room slamming the door. Ryan had never seen this coming, lately they had been fighting a lot, but this was crazy. Following behind her he opened the door.As he entered the room he saw his girlfriend curled up in a ball crying on the floor. Walking over to her, he sat down, pulled her close and let her cry.

“I have always loved you baby, and I always will, what’s going on?” Ryan asked after sitting in the quiet for a good few minutes.

“I’m sorry, I know you have, its just been hard lately. On top of all the stuff we have been going through, I found out earlier my grandpa is going into the hospital and we can’t see him because he is all the way in Nashville, and, and—“ Jessica broke down again crying. Her grandpa was her hero, he had practically raised her after her dad ran out on them when she was six.

“Okay, okay, it’s okay, I’m here, and I have an idea. My cars still got some gas in the tank and I’ve been wanting to go on a road trip, so how about this. Go home, pack up some clothes and let’s go to Nashville,” Ryan said without hesitation. He hated seeing her like this, and he knew only one thing would make her happy, and that was to see her now dying grandfather.

“I… I don’t know, we’ve been fighting a lot, do you think that would work? And what would other people say, I mean we would need to take someone else with us. No, this won’t work, no it just won’t,” Jessica said shaking her head.

“Hey, I’ll figure it all out, you just go home and pack up some clothes, we are going to Nashville together. Go,” Ryan said standing up and taking her over to the door of the house, “I will come and pick you up in like, oh I don’t know, an hour.”

“Okay, but if someone else won’t go with us, we aren’t going. I love you,” Jessica said walking out to her car.

“I love you too,” Ryan said as he watched her pull out of the drive way.

After she was well out of sight, Ryan shut the door and pulled out his cell phone. Dialing his brothers number, he waited as the phone rang.

“This better be good, I was one kill away from going thirty and Oh on this game, then my phone started to go off and I died, what do you want?” Said the voice on the other end.

“Jeffery, would you put my brother on the phone, this isn’t yours,” Ryan said with a tinge of laughter and impatience in his voice.

“Oh, hey Ryan, sure thing, my bad,” Jeffery said quickly. Jeffery was Ryan’s brother, Tom's, roommate. The two had practically grown up together, and couldn’t be more alike. Ryan heard Jeffery attempting to muffle the phone and play his game at the same time, then he heard a very loud yell, “HEY! Tom, get down here, your scary, weird, big brother is on the phone and he wants you!” There was some more muffled sounds.

Then Tom finally picked up the phone, “Hello”

“Hey Tom, I need to cash in a favor with you and your teddy bear of a friend”

“Oh? And what would that be big brother?” Tom said in a mocking tone.

“Okay, well this is really serious, Jessica’s grandpa is in the hospital and she needs a ride down there. I need you to come with us, you only have to stay for a day or two until the rest of her family can get down there. She won’t go unless someone else goes with us, and I figured you two have no lives and work from home so it would be perfect,”

“Umm… I don’t know big bro, I mean Jeffery has a tour-“

“Tom, if I don’t do this I will lose her forever alright? It’ll be the road trip we never had as children, we leave in an hour, meet me at her place,” Ryan hung up the phone hoping his lazy little brother would get over to her house. Packing up what little clothes he needed, he threw them in the back seat of his old Chevelle and backed out of his driveway.

Jessica’s place was only about ten minutes up the road, but to him it felt like eternity. He didn’t want her to lose her grandfather, but he knew he had no control over it. He said prayers regularly, he was a Christian, not a perfect man, but he tried. But that night he prayed more than he had in a long time. He just wanted the love of his life to be okay through everything.

Pulling up in front of her house he looked at the clock and noticed it was midnight and she was sitting on her porch with her bags all packed and tear streaks down her saddened face. She was a beautiful girl with flowing blonde hair, big green eyes that Ryan couldn’t help but get lost in. Her skin was incredibly white, but he liked it that way, she wasn’t in great shape but wasn’t over weight, just perfect for him. He didn’t want anyone else, and the streaks that ran down from her eyes broke his heart every time he saw them.

Getting out of the car, he walked over to her, picked up her bags and turned to walk away. But a hand grabbed him and pulled him close. Jessica was hugging him, not a passionate, or even one people want just to comfort them, but a loving hug. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her head. She then let go, and without saying a word he walked over to the car and placed the bags in the trunk.

“So, you did get someone to go with us, right?” Jessica asked with a worried look on her partially lit face.

“Yes I did, and he should be coming any second, we won’t leave until he gets here,” Ryan said looking down the road, and as if on cue he saw his brother’s old beat up Chevy pull around the corner. His brother had always been into beat up trucks, but this one took the cake. It had more rust than metal, it cost all of five-hundred dollars, the alignment was off, the tires were balled, and that’s just a few of the things wrong with it. After Tom had gotten a hold of it though, he had completely flipped it. It was still rusty, but everything else was fixed, and of course, it was lifted three inches.

“Oh great, I should have known,” Jessica said getting into Ryan’s car and shutting the door. Tom and Jessica had never gotten along, Tom was a red neck wanabe, and Jessica was a city girl through and through. Tom liked green, Jessica liked purple, Tom wanted a truck, Jessica wanted a sports car, Tom was stubborn, Jessica was worse.

“Alright I’m here, how’s this going to work?” Tom said jumping out of his truck.

“Yeah this better be good, my clan was betting on me having good internet, not hotel internet.” Jeffery said jumping out of the truck, game console in one arm, one pair of clothes in the other, average Jeffery.

“Just get in the car you two, you’re riding with me, I don’t trust that hunk of rust on this trip,” Ryan said getting in the drivers seat.

“Yes sir, whatever you say,” Jeffery said jumping into the car so fast he smacked his head on the molding around the door. Ryan never understood why Jeffery was so afraid of him, but he took advantage of it more than he probably should.

“I swear Jeffery, one of these days I’m going to hit you just because of how scared you are of him,” Tom said reluctantly getting into the car.

Backing out of the driveway, Ryan turned the car and they were off towards Nashville. The drive was long and quiet for the most parts. Every once and awhile small talk would get started amongst the group, but for the most part everyone was quiet and listened to the radio. Ryan drove till about four in the morning, then he pulled over to a rundown motel on the side of the rode. Paying for one night the group all shared a single room, Ryan and Tom slept on the floor, while Jessica slept on one bed, and Jeffery on the other.

Waking up at eight, Ryan woke Jessica up first and let her get the first shower. After that, he decided to shower, then let the other two fight over it. Leaving the hotel at ten, they hit the rode earlier than Ryan had planned. Getting back on the highway they continued their travels through Kansas. The landscape all looked the same to Ryan and he began to get bored about three hours into the drive. Looking around the look of the speeding by corn fields caught his attention.

“Ryan, keep your eyes on the road,” Jessica said touching his shoulder and kind of laughing.

“Hey, sorry, but those cornfields look kinda cool when we drive by them,” Ryan said looking at Jessica and smiling.

“Ryan look out!” Screamed Tom from the back seat.

Looking forward, Ryan noticed a semi-truck was headed straight for them. Ryan turned the wheel sharp and the truck clipped the back of his car, sending them out of control and into a ditch. The car slammed into a wall of dirt.

The impact was hard, all Ryan could hear was screams and the crunching of the metal in the car. He saw the ditch and reached his arm out to protect Jessica. The impact threw him forward as the airbags deployed, he felt a sharp pain in his arm, and then everything faded to black.

“Excuse me, sir I need you to open your eyes, come on now, don't black out on me agian,” A voice said to Ryan. What happened, I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. Ryan thought as he slowly opened his eyes. There was a little lady standing over him with kind eyes and a stern look on her face.

“There we are, good job. Now, can you follow my finger?” She asked as she began to move her little finger with obviously fake nails over his face. He followed it like she asked.

“Alright good job, now I see that look of confusion. You were in a car accident, we will be shipping you off to the hospital to be further examined, but so far you just have a few bumps and scratches,” She said looking at him, as though studying a very thought provoking book.

It took Ryan a few seconds to completely register what had been said, “Jessica,” he said as he shot up to the sitting position. Once he did so he felt a horrible pain in his arm and he instantly laid back down.

“Whoa there tiger, the girl is in pretty bad shape but I think she will make it. Looks like your arm is pretty beat up, let’s get you in the ambulance and ship you off. Hey John, come help this guy over there,” Said the lady as she stood up and went over to a bigger guy who came over and helped Ryan up and to the ambulance.

The ride to the hospital was long and full of thought for Ryan. Are they okay? What happened? Why can’t I remember? Is Jessica going to be okay? I hope Jeffery makes it to his tournament. Well that was a weird thought, why am I talking to myself in my head.

Once at the hospital, the doctors told Ryan what had happened, they explained to him he had broken his arm in an attempt to save Jessica. They gave him a cast and told him to come back in the morning to see his friends and his brother. Ryan left the hospital and checked into a hotel. That night he barely slept, his dreams were filled with images and nightmares, he heard the screams, and he remembered Jessica’s beautiful smile.

In the morning he woke up and rolled his sore body out of bed. Looking in the mirror he noticed that his face was riddles with cuts and bruises, his left cheek had a small gash in it, and his eyes looked tired and weary. Walking outside he realized he was only a block from the hospital. Waling in the doors a doctor was waiting for him. He thought this weird since he hadn’t called ahead.

“Ryan McArthur?” The man asked as he approached Ryan.

“The one and only, any news on my girlfriend, brother, and his friend?” Ryan asked right away.

“That’s why I’m here. We are so sorry sir, the injuries on all three were extensive...” Ryan couldn’t hear anymore, they had all three died. They had in fact died. Jessica had a piece of metal lodged into her stomach, she died over the night, Jeremy was killed on impact when his head was shoved into the back of Jessica’s seat snapping his neck, and tom was thrown through the windshield because he hadn’t had a seatbelt on. The glass ended up cutting his neck and he bled out on sight. Ryan head none of this though, he felt nothing and heard nothing.

He walked out of the hospital and collapsed to the ground. Walking back to his hotel room he called his parents and asked them to come and get him, they hadn’t been notified of the crash. The next two weeks were more difficult than any other in Ryan’s life. He blamed himself, there was nothing he could do to change what had happened, but every night he was haunted by the screams of everyone in the car. He blamed himself for what had happened. When the funeral finally came, he had asked that all three be held at once. The families agreed to do this as long as he gave a speech at them. He agreed to this, and that Thursday he stood before two hundred people that were closest to the ones he had killed.

“Today we remember the people here whose lives—“ Ryan was trying desperately to hold back tears, “Whose lives were taken in a tragic car accident. They were my friends, family, and I loved all three of them. I want to begin with my brother Tom. Tom was a funny guy, a little quirky, but I loved him all the same. I remember this one time when we were kids we went down to a river. It was probably 20 feet across and he wanted to jump across with our bikes, “Ryan let out a little chuckle, “ I tried to talk him out of it but he wouldn’t listen, so we built a ramp. He was always stubborn that way, needless to say he didn’t make it across the jump and fell smack dab in the middle of the river. He started swinging his arms and yelling, so I looked at him and told him ‘Stand up you crazy fool, it’s not even a foot deep’. This is one of my fondest memories of my brother. Later that summer he met his best friend in the world, Jeffery.

He and Jeffery were friends at first sight. They first met at the skate park where Tom liked to hang out. Ever since that meeting the two were inseparable.  So much so to the point where one summer, Tom’s freshman year, they stayed with each other the entire summer. They would spend a few nights at our house, a few nights at his, they went camping with us, and to the lake with his family. Jeffery was a good friend, he was loyal and stood up for anyone he could. Jeffery was the type of person everyone loved, he was a little quirky himself, but that’s why people loved him. Because he wasn’t afraid to be himself.

This next person is the hardest for me to talk about, and I don’t have a speech prepared, but she was the love of my life. We had been on rough times, and we had been on good times, but she was my love, and no one could change that about her. Her smile could brighten the room, and her tears could melt the heart of any human being. She didn’t deserve this, and I can’t help but blame myself for the tragedy that took place just three weeks ago. She made my world complete, and she loved me only the way she could. With a simple word or a long speech. I remember there was this one time, when we first met, she was practicing a speech for her graduation. I asked her if she would like to practice in front of an audience and she said sure. She never did read me the real speech. Instead, she wrote one just for me and made me sit through it, she aimed to make it the most boring.

When she was done she asked me what I thought, so I told her it was the most boring speech I’d ever heard. That made her laugh, and she said she loved my honesty. There were other times however when just one word melted my whole world. Like when I asked her to go out with me, and all she said was ‘yes’ then she ran away to tell her girlfriends. She will always have a place in my heart, and I know she is in a better place. She was a good Christian girl and she saved me from my own sin by showing me Jesus. I couldn’t have asked for me, and she is the love that I loss. Thank you.”

© Copyright 2018 Jaxon Sinjer. All rights reserved.

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