Spiritual Suicide

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Channeling addiction into something positive

Submitted: April 13, 2014

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Submitted: April 13, 2014



I mask my Insanity

With a cocky grin

I am losing the battle 

that rages within


The numbness I feel

Is the rubble of what used to be my soul

The spiritual suicide is painful and cold


I thought the pills and the weed

would help me to feel again

But a clouded mind 

Creates thoughts drenched in sin


I stopped the drugs so I could be free

I want a clear mind, dear God set me free

But I'm not like you

I'm just fucked up


The bottle was my next salvation

I drank alone to avoid confrontation

The feeling of death rising up in me again

Closure I get fantasizing a rope under my chin


I'm too proud for that shit 

I've got too much to give

The beast residing inside me

Its strength depends on how long I live


I did what I did what I do the best

And blocked out the pain

and grabbed a pen and a pad

And poured the bottle down the drain


The things that inspire you

Is what kills you inside

Giving up the battle within

Is spiritual suicide


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