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fanasty based on forrest creatures

Submitted: February 15, 2009

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Submitted: February 15, 2009



Flamingo awoke to find the breeze drifting through his house.It was a cool autmn day so the breeze was like an old friend come to wake him.

Today was different though. Today was special.

LIke all the Lingus before him today Flamingo would discover his 'mentobe'

The Linguses were a proud race of forrest creatures who assisted Mother Nature with the running and care of the world. Each Lingus had his own special task or


Flamingo's Grandfather had been in charge of the greening of the leaves, his brother Tobus was a dew master and skipped and hopped acrosss the globe

dropping dew on all the flowers and trees. Flamingo hopped out of bed and stared longingly at the clothes which his mother had hung on the brass hook on his

bedroom wall.

He sat on the end of his bed looking at his big black felt hat, white shirt , black pants with braces. The big silver buckle on his braces sparkled as the sun shone

across them. Today he would find out his mentobe and for that reason a cheeky smile appeared across his face.

 As he reached the bottom of the stairs his family were gathered in the  nook for a hearty breakfast before the big day. His mother wiped a small tear from her eyes

and hug her youngest tightly.

"Precious Precious" She said brushing the dust from his hat that had gathered there the night before.

Tobus was already dress resplendoured in his ceremoial attire and greeted his brother with a quick but genuine smile of exictement.

Flamingo was so exicted he couldnt think about eating but as every mother does his mother made him sit and eat anyway.  As he down the bowl

of mossberries; normally something he would savour he peered through the pokey round windows of the treehut to watch for passerby.

slowly the groups of passerby grew in number and with every mouthful the young Lingus got more and more exiteced.

As he scooped the final morsel from his bowl he could heard the heralding of  music nature start. The forrests choirs would all be there to celebrate the day.

Out the door the young Linagus ran, pass the bent oak , down into the creek bed there by splashing those walking across the sunken bridge.

The older LInguses who began to approach the clearing, smiled and chuckled as they watched the young Flamingo exictedly prance .

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