Pacific Sun

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This is a poem I wrote about a pacific sunset, in which I related to a lonely sleeping lover.

Submitted: June 02, 2014

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Submitted: June 02, 2014



Venture to a pacific shoreline, and you would discover a radiating divinity --
a spellbinding allurement that would persist within your soul.

Gaze upon the calm waters as the sun softly descends into unconsciousness.
The snooze sends a snore that gently rushes to the shore on which you stand.

The water covers your feet,
urges you to crawl in and join its sleep --
as if it were a lonely lover entralled with seduction. 
Share a moment of intimacy --
taste the salt on your lips from the spray of the ocean mist. 

At the horizon the sky is a mosaic of orange, red, and magenta,
then fades away to a bluish-gray, veiling the shadows within darkness. 
The sun submerges itself into the ocean.

The temperature cools.
The sun must use the sea as a blanket for comfort from the chill --
mirroring an explosion of energy and emotion, yet so calm, it puts you in a 
hypnotic state, oscillating in and out of meditation.
Time hesitates. 

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