Walking on By

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

A poem about the fear of being vulnerable

And I was walking on by
On by that street sign with the luminescent
Man directing me into pedestrian traffic lanes and
You caught my gaze on my left side and
I saw the deep brown in your eyes like chocolate.
I don’t even like chocolate but
I knew they were sweet.

The dark shadows of your black hair reflected white
sunlight. Your cheekbones were high and sharp but
a little more square than I would prefer but
oh they were beautiful shaping the curves of your face. 
I wanted to stop – back up and ask for a little of

your grace from your faded jean pockets and
put it in my empty-heart locket
that I wear around my neck because
I’m not given up on filling it up
But I walked on by, I walk on
“Bye.” Because I didn’t want to get to know you.
If you were even close to as beautiful beneath
your fair New England white birch skin as a mirror’s image
while you are standing in front of it then I
know that I could’ve fall in love with you and

I know that if I’d fallen in love with you and I
treated you like a woman as I do when I fall in love then
you would fall in love with me too.
And that’s only problem number two.
Problem number one
is that I fell in love at all.
I’ve always known that relationships fade and fall.
And it’s better to be alone, my heart is the formation

of stone.  I know that stone is cold and raw
but stone is strong.  Stone is the old
building that stands for centuries back to the B.C eras of
Hippocrates and Aristotle.  Stone
last for eons without remodel. Pillars,
ascending to the skies, carry thrones
of kings and queens. Stone
never dies.  Stone is etched with history.

So when people ask me
“Jay, are you lonely?” I reply with a simple
And it’s the only way I’m going to live until someone
sails across my aqua iris seas and shows me
how to be taken away by waves of
my vulnerability. “
I’ll be waiting along the jagged jetty
feeling the temptation of mist against my skin.
Don’t be blind-sided when you find me
and I walk on by once again. 

Submitted: December 03, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Jay Allan Young. All rights reserved.

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