You Vs. Yourself

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Our eyes can distinguish a lot of right from wrong. However, our brains pull us towards to the wrong things a lot from negative exposure.

Submitted: September 28, 2017

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Submitted: July 18, 2017



How much longer will you be? Will you keep stepping the same paths as the others on their journey to pointless "accomplishments"? Or will you meditate today for your own sake. When will you stop to notice the person you see in the mirror isn't really you? When you're on that job site or even sitting in those classrooms? The person you truly are is the one I seek to find common ground with daily through the calm tone in my voice as I ask you how you really feel today? The peaceful feeling we can create when our eyes focus on each other leaving our background, and judgmental views faded from our reality. Reality in the moment, being you and I actually expressing who we truly are on a respectable plain without any cares in the world as to who disagrees with either of our views. In the heat of the night you will probably feel confused upon questions of if those moments even happened that day, or was it just your imagination. No need to worry as there is comforting information you should've left with at the end of our conversation earlier which is no matter your distance, no matter how quiet your cries, or even how much you think about beginning to panick I will more than likely always approach you with the much needed support you need. As many will take this as a sign that I am only speaking to women. They are wrong for I am speaking to all people born in this world we share and call home. Some people lie as they say they love everyone, yet they push hate on their neighbors who just may happen to be gay. No need to feel any way other than comfortable, and willing to open up when around me as I would love to connect.

Though I would like you close. You remain distant trailing behind is your mind on the past. I want to show you a side of life that makes the world seem complete, but you wander about flinging with others until you get it right. The answer to your prayer lies beyond your current thinking. Like a crystal is neither a solid or a liquid, baby you resemble such beauty as you a precious part of our universe that is always a blessing to have around. The soles of your feet are just as important as your heart. However, it takes a down to earth man to see that in you. You cried and mourned for months about what the others did to you, but that doesn't bother me when you do as I would do the same too thinking about the ignorance. A wise woman once told me that the darkest part of the night is right before the sunrise. With that being said I want you to look in the mirror with your thoughts surrounding the subject of a dark feeling overclouding your mind, making you feel as though this is your lowest in life. Now look at me seeing how such a giant teddy bear like being with such a heartwarming impression will show you that you actually do matter to not only my life, but the world in general as you have a lot of offer. Don't feel like there aren't many out there that share the same compassion for it all starts with you.. The mindset you display towards your expectations will attract beautiful results as you do nothing more than enjoy this life time with someone that understands your important needs throughout everyday and night passing through us like sunlight through clouds.

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