The Next Galaxy (Original)

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Welcome to my very first story! It was something I wrote in 7th Grade, and even though I've had time, I've been lazy so you might find some grammatical errors. ':D

Anyways, thanks for reading!

13 Years Ago. (2004)


This story starts with a boy named Jamie. He lives in a small city called Omaha, located in Nebraska. He is highly intelligent and is into flight technology. He loves building mini rockets, chemical-based rockets, or just any rocket smaller that takes more than 20 minutes to build. He built his first rocket at the age of 7, which was considered both success and failure. The bottle of Xtra-Diet Kola and K&M’s Strong Mints were poured and mixed into a small, crude missile, which it flew into his 9-year-old, childhood friend’s yard. Her name is Marlicia (Mar-lei-see-uh). The rocket was extremely fragile, as it literally exploded right into Marlicia’s back. As Marlicia got off the ground from the impact, she was dazed before she got up. She wiped some of the soda off of herself before she realized how it hit her.


"JAMMMIIIIIIEEEEE!!!” she yelled. Jamie was startled and he knew he was in trouble, so he ran. Marlicia dashed to the fence, but no one was there. The only trace was the dog door swinging quickly.


 Three years later, Jamie built another rocket, and this time it was the classic Distilled White Vinegar and Baking Soda. He also redesigned his rocket to make it propel the fuel faster, but also made it unstable. He preps up his rocket and pours in the baking soda. Next, he pours in the vinegar, then puts the cap back on. The rocket starts to shake immensely and violently. It flew directly above with no showing actions of it malfunctioning, but it stopped in midair and shook again, then it went completely berserk. Jamie’s dog Kade came out at the time. 


“Look out!” Jamie shouted as he lunged after his dog. The rocket had almost hit Jamie as he tackled his dog. The rocket had flown into the next yard. “Are you okay Kade?” Kade wines then he goes to urinate in the fence corner.


Meanwhile, the rocket flies in Mr. Gato’s yard. He is quietly reading the comics on the Sunday World-Herald with earplugs and sunglasses. The rocket swooshed right in front of Mr. Gato and the newspaper, but he didn’t seem to notice. He was too into Hagar the Horrible.

While Kade was chasing his own tail, Jamie was wondering where his rocket went. He shrugged, thinking it already landed, but it came back, aimed at Jamie, and it was moving fast! Jamie quickly decided to run to the house, but he tripped on a wire while he was running, and he skidded hard across the ground. 


CRASH! Jamie was launched directly into the fence. The wind blew, and the rocket changed direction. It flew into Marlicia’s yard AGAIN. About 10 seconds later, a scream bellowed. But Jamie didn’t hear it, he was out cold. Marlicia swung open the fence door. She was soaking wet.


“Jamie's gonna get it now,” she mumbled between gritted teeth. She hadn’t even noticed the ripped up grass and Jamie's ripped clothes. She had lifted up the helpless boy swiftly. “Alright Jamie, stop playing asleep! Explain this to me, or you’re gonna get hurt!” she yelled. She held Jamie up higher and was about to attack him, but she saw blood.


"Jamie, are you okay?" He didn’t say a word. Marlicia examined the area of blood and Jamie had a pole stuck in his leg. It was very skinny and long, so it was deep.


“OHMYGOSH!!! Jamie’s injured!” she exclaimed. “I don’t know what to do! Should I get help, an ambulance?!.” She stammered. Marlicia was worried. She called for help, but nobody came. Ms. Kieyere, the other next-door neighbor, was too busy playing


Super Mario Bros 3, while Mr. Gato was reading Fort Knox. Marlicia ran straight Jamie’s house with him. She put a towel on the couch and laid Jamie down. She was about to use the medical supplies when Jamie’s mom came downstairs.


“OH MY GOD,” she shrieked. “What happened to my son?!” Marlicia told the short version of the story.  


“...and I found him there with a small metal pole run through his leg,” Marlicia explained. By then her mom gave her a towel and already had patched up his leg. Jamie’s mom left outback to assess the damage that was done. It was horrible. The grass was torn, the fence was broken, and Kade was defecating on the outside TV. Jamie’s mom came back in by then. She was sad and frustrated.


“Well Jamie’s going to be fine,” she told glumly. “He just needs about a month’s healing, then he'll be good as new. But it’s time for you to leave, you can come to check on him tomorrow.”

Marlicia nodded. She kissed Jamie on the head, then left.


Present Day


Jamie is currently 21 years old, in a medium size, modest house. He is living with his 23-year-old girlfriend, Marlicia. Jamie is down at Gravity Co. building the rocket called Galaxy Jet while getting constantly praised for his new and exciting fuel: Burst 2.0. It is a combination of Gasoline, Rocket Fuel, Diet Coke, Mentos, Baking Soda, and Vinegar. The fuel reforms so that it almost never runs out. It is also the predecessor to Jamie's semi-successful Burst Beta. Marlicia is in the lower level of the station with their cat, Shadow, getting the Zero Gravity Suits and the weapons. Shadow glomps Marlicia’s shoulder and purrs, making her arm vibrate.


“So Jamie,” Jamie’s friend Luis started, “what will you do in space?”


“You already know the mission. I’m going to Explore outside the Milky Way.” Jamie replied. Marlicia came back with the suits by then.


“Jamie, come to try this on,” Marlicia told. Jamie climbed down, took the suit, and went to get changed. Whilst he was changing, he saw the scar on his leg and remembered the memories he had as a child. He was snapped out of it by a knock on the door. Marlicia was waiting. 


A few moments later, Jamie came out. He was ready for space exploration. But the mission wasn’t ready for five more days, so they waited, getting as used to the suits as possible, relaxing, and training with their weapons.


Five days later, the Space Jet was prepared for launch as it was aired on T.V.


“5...4...3...2...1…and we have liftoff.” Jamie and Marlicia flew off into space. A few moments after they are out of sight. Jamie and Marlicia are tinkering with the gadgets on their suits. The gadgets can heighten gravity and lower gravity for 1 minute. It can add a mini weather bubble, (sun, rain, clouds, etc.), composed of artificial material above the head. They are floating, and soon drift off to sleep.


A day later, they are already out of Milky Way and are into the next galaxy. They are taking pictures of their many planets, moons, and suns while transmitting data to Gravity Co. and NASA. But after 1 and 1/2 weeks, they are done.


“Guess we can turn back now,” Jamie said. "This has been one heck of a trip, and it was totally worth it.” Marlicia shook her in agreement, focused on something coming toward the ship.


“Uh, Jamie,” Marlicia started in a panicking voice. "There’s something coming towards the ship!” Before Jamie could look, the ship’s thrusters were hit by the object. They were completely annihilated. Jamie turned back and shouted.


They both went outside the ship to check the problem. They saw that part of the thrusters were gone. As they were about to turn around, they were hit by debris. They were unharmed, but both of their oxygen tanks were hit, and it was getting harder to breathe. Soon after they were deprived of air, and they suffered asphyxia. Before the couple passed out, they gripped each other's hands as they knew it would be their final seconds.


1 Day & ½ Later...


Jamie wakes up in a weird shaped, but also a comfortable bed. He is thinking he is either dead or dreaming until 3 light blue humanoid aliens walk in. They try to talk to Jamie, but he doesn’t understand them. They are about to put something on Jamie, but he thought it was something bad, so he took out his Zeno Weapon X(Gun).


“Stay back, or I will shoot!” Jamie shouted in fear. The aliens back up and give signs to lower the weapon. Jamie slowly lowers his weapon. The aliens walk cautiously and slowly to Jamie. They put a crescent moon shaped item on his arm and he raised his weapon again. The aliens stepped back and spoke.


“The translator should be working by now. Greetings human, and welcome to our planet, Kihoez. We are the Xins. We apologize for any confusion that was made.” (Key-Hose)


“Wait, you speak English?” Jamie inquired. He lowered his weapon and concealed it.“And how did you find us?”


“We all have translators on our arm that can translate one language to another desired language. We found you guys floating in space after the explosion, and we rescued you. Your ship is in repair right now. It will take 30 Earth minutes or 11 Kihoez minutes." The Xins replied.


“You have my thanks and appreciation, but do you know where the female is?” Jamie questioned. The Xins started to reply, but there was a loud explosion outside. Jamie and the aliens rushed outside, and the couple met up with each other. The went to each other and embraced each other in the happiness of both of them surviving.


“It’s the Hakiern Bandits, and there back to destroy the village!” exclaimed one of the Xin.


“Someone help us!!!” The bandits rushed out and started to slaughter any Xin in sight, and annihilate any building in the village. Jamie and Marlicia grab their weapons. Jamie counted the aliens with his visor. There were about 400.


“Well, this is what we trained for.” Jamie said with both excitement and fear, “Let’s go!” Jamie and Marlicia pressed the lower gravity button, dashed forward, then jumped into the air. They shot down clusters of aliens in single shots because of the gun’s destructive power. The pressed a button on the gun to transform it into Zeno Form Y(Sonic Explosive Boomerang). They synchronized their shots into the aircraft, which blew it up, and out came a horrible, gruesome alien from the rubble. The rest of the aliens tasted the power of sonic boom, as their bones were shattered by the power.


The only one left standing was the leader. It clapped as if it was surprised. Then it dashed forward with unbelievable speed. It headbutted Jamie hard enough for him to crash into a building. Marlicia jumped back and pressed a button on the weapon. This time it morphed into

Zeno Z(Katana that cuts air into invisible wind blades.)


Jamie then jumped out the ruins of the building went after the boss alien. He tried to hit it, but he couldn’t touch it. The leader is now on a full assault. Jamie tries to keep up with the strong and speedy alien, but it is too quick. Jamie got cut many times before he got in a stalemate with the alien. When Marlicia sees that Jamie is having trouble, she devised a plan. Marlicia shouts for Jamie to watch out, and she slices a wind blade. Jamie moves in the nick of time but also gets scarred on his right cheek. After the alien gets sliced, it stands there, motionless. The moment his blade breaks shows a crack, he explodes. Moments after, Jamie and Marlicia are congratulated. They are getting praised repeatedly by the Xins.  The three Leaders come to Jamie and Marlicia. 


“Thank you for saving our village. We would have been extinct if it wasn’t for your help.” Marlicia is worried.


“How will you get rid of the bodies, and most importantly, how will you fix the damage?” The aliens point right then northwest where the bodies are.


“We already have our fastest Repairxins on it. And the other Xins are throwing the bodies of the Hakiern into the river of corrosive acid, and our dead people are being laid to rest.” Jamie is starting to show signs of fainting.


“Do you have anything that can heal Jamie?” Marlicia inquires.


“Yes, we have a healing pod in the recovery room. It will take 15 earth minutes, which at that

time, your ship will be repaired.” The aliens replied. Marlicia helps Jamie walk over to the recovery room, and puts him in the pod. Then she takes a little nap.


15-3/4 Minutes later…


Marlicia wakes up to the sound of Jamie being loud about how happy his wounds were fixed. Though the only two things that stayed were his leg and cheek scars. Marlicia got up and confronted Jamie.


“Are you feeling well Jamie?” Marlicia asks. Jamie just noticed her.


“Yeah, I'm feeling fine, great actually!” 3 Xins walk in the room.


“Your ship is fully repaired. And we added a modification. We found a Kizen Thruster in the rubble and added it to your ship.  The thrusters are now much faster and more protected than your last ship.”


“Thank you,” Jamie said. “Marlicia will you come with me?”


“Yeah, but what for?” Marlicia replied.


"It's a surprise," Jamie said with a smile. They walked outside, and to a mountain filled with alien grass.  Jamie gets on one knee and takes out a box. It has a ring on it. Marlicia knows what is happening and is filled with happiness. The Kiheoz moonlight shined bright.


“Marlicia,” Jamie starts. “Will you marry me?” Marlicia drops a tear.


“Yes!” Marlicia exclaimed in pure happiness. Jamie gets off the ground quick and kisses her. He puts the ring on her finger. Jamie and Marlicia hug, as they both knew they would live out the rest of their lives together, through sickness and health. They hold hands as they walk down the mountain. Then they get in the door of the Space Jet.


“Thank you for everything!” Jamie yells. “It was nice meeting you guys!”


“Come to visit again sometime. We’ll build a special structure for you two.” One of the Xins says.


“Goodbye!” Jamie and Marlicia yelled simultaneously. The started up the aircraft and them left.


7 Years Later...


Jamie and Marlicia are now a proud married couple with 3 kids. Jamie is outside playing with his 3 children, Kyle, Shena, and Jamie Jr. Marlicia is grilling a variety of meat. Kyle runs up to his dad, along with the other two. He examines the scar on his cheek.

“Dad, can you tell us how you got that scar on your face. Please?” The three beg.


“Okay kids, settle down. I’ll tell you. Are you guys comfortable?”


“Yeah!” they exclaimed.


“Well, it all started off like this, in the next galaxy...”



Submitted: May 11, 2017

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