This Generation of guys

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This poem is about the social construction and image of how guys should be treating girls and how demoralising the image is. This poem explains what the image is about and what guys do an how it effects females. It also encourages guys to change there ways from bad to good.

Submitted: January 15, 2012

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Submitted: January 15, 2012




This generation


Was at church the other day reading about the ascension, so I thought I should write you something that will grab your attention.

Was just thinking about the modern social construction, and how the morals of this world have been fired up and twisted under high combustion.

As its seen today it’s cool to be playing around with girls hearts, it’s all right to compare them and put them on Charts

When the truth is it’s become a game, which only brings upon shame, guys not taking no for an Answer feeling all up them girls tushi, all in this demoralizing game trying to tame her pussy.

Were the truth is you may have that temporary pleasure, but for her it’s going to be a negative emotional Endeavour, just as you broke her hopes that you two would be together.

Guys don’t promise these girls any commitments, but part of you is left with her in sediments, after sexual intercourse with her both your body’s react identical. They both release the oxytocin chemical although it is not intentional; this is part of the human anatomy’s credentials.

Not only physical confusion will you bring upon thus female, the soul deep down inside may begin to derail. And it wont grow back like a lizards tail, it will melt like hail, become moldy and stale , it will give them indigestion and self rejection.  The unexplainable thoughts and words that’s come from our conscience and soul, it should be good as gold but through this one act it turns cold.

Girls have higher estrogen levels , which also give them higher voice trebles, their emotions are trigger happy and can go off at any time , just like a land mine.

It is important us guys understand that our female population are fragile but yet precious, so this is why we must be conscientious, they are a delicacy a treat , and if you treat them right they will be sweet.

I am not condemning us guys, saying we are all filled with lies, but we do need to learn to be more truthful and learn not to despise, we have to learn to characterize,  get more woman wise.

We should be given applause for detecting our own flaws.

I myself I admit , im not perfect or complete, under the microscope taken apart I am quite and discrete,

I have fallen into temptation, involving getting into her location , thinking to myself sex is way better than masturbation. Were in that situation I should have been in a strong state of mind in pre meditation.

Tryna be the man, the so called skux asking any girl for her digits’, knowing well Im not fridget .

Made so many mistakes in the past following the stereotypical cool image of a male,  following the breadcrumbs on the trail.

Il tell you this now trying be the so called skux or male slut … you will only stay a male you will never become a man.

Sure a male can fight but only a man will put up with strife.

Only a man can captivate the a lady, there aint no need to be shady, only a true guy will resist the temptation, and turn his sexuality around for moral correction.

If you think you’re not on the right track is never too late for resurrection, just when the time comes make the right selection.

I hoped you have learnt something from these words

If your think your too cool to do the right thing your just a hater.. anyways ima catch you later.


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