Three Days

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I wrote this for an assignment in my English class April 28, 2017 which was my sophomore year of high school If you want to judge it fine by me but she only gave of six pages to do it and it had to
be double spaced. Now fir the summary.

Joey, a jerk who can't take the friend zone. Kimiko the girl who's framed. When these two come together all they do is yell and argue. When dead bodies start rolling up on the beach, Kimiko decides
to do the dumbest thing ever and Joey isn't even there. Taken place in only three days, read how Kimiko kicks ass while Joey is never mentioned again...

Submitted: January 10, 2018

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Submitted: January 10, 2018




Day one: ‘Meet me by the beach, usual spot at six-ish pm. Important” That’s the single line of text I got from Joey this morning. No goodmorning texts or have a good day. A single line filled with urgency. I waited impatiently all day for the clock to strike six. I sat in my car by the ocean since after lunch, and now that it was finally time to meet him. I practically ran to our spot where Joey was skipping stones against the current.

“Joey, you wanted to speak with me?” I asked brushing my hair behind my ears.

“Kimiko, I cannot keep doing this anymore. This thing you call friendship is a lot harder

“Where are you coming from? We’ve been fine for years!” I demanded.

“No, you’ve been fine for years! I’ve been stuck here, not pursuing the one person I wanted to for the longest.” He said finally turning to face me.

“I told you when you asked me out, I wasn’t looking for a relationship. I’m still not, and you choose to leave when I have fully trusted you?”

“ I do not regret getting to know you. I just cannot keep waiting for you.” He agreed. “Goodbye.” He added impatiently.

I walked the way I came slowly. My entire day had been ruined by this single thirty second interaction. I tried not letting it get to me but I turned around going back to my spot by the beach. Technically, it was my spot. I had found it first, hidden to anybody unless you were specifically looking for the spot. I looked around briefly, noticing Joey was no longer there. So I took off my shoes and sat right by the edge, putting my feet into the water.  It was my fault for letting that boy in my life. Letting him get close to me, and fully trusting him. I should've known it was going to come back and bite me in the ass. I sat there stuck in my thoughts for the longest time possible. I only got up when I noticed the tide was getting closer to where I was sitting. So I stood up, and grabbed my shoes. I was going to walk away when I noticed something in the water. Not just one but multiple, I waited for a bit trying to make out what was coming closer to the shore. It wasn’t until they were rolling onto shore that I figured out what it was. Bodies, dead bodies. How and why are they here?

I got a closer look but immediately stopped when I heard the sirens of police cars rolling onto the beach. I dropped my shoes where they were. Scrambled to collect my belongings and hid them in between several rocks. Hidden from view and almost impossible to find unless you're looking for it. The only chance I had of not being framed for all these bodies is if I played along and faked my death. So that's what I did. I looked from behind the rocks and found them talking to the owner who made the phone call. He was pointing to some dead body that managed to miss its target and arrive over there. So I had a couple minutes until the cops traced it back to this area. I took my clothes off and put them with the rest of my stuff before dropping and placing myself in an awkward but comfortable position. My hair was all over my face, so I could keep my eyes open to know when to get up, and I was surrounded and dead people. I was terrified but sad so I made sure to keep it fully on my face. My eyes holding no life and horror in them.

I heard the sound of a deep male voice  and the scratchiness of a walkie talkie signaling to me that the police officer had found the location. I followed him around with my eyes, tracking his every move. The way that the badge in his left shoulder gleamed in the evening sun and how he was taking notes about the scene in front of him. I made sure to keep my breathing shallow so neither my chest of my stomach moved as I breathed. I didn’t know what he was writing and I was curious to know what. I soon found my answer when he bent down to my own body and put down his notebook. He was identifying bodies and now he was on mine. Carefully he moved my hair out of my face so I blinked as many times as I could without him noticing before I had to keep them open for gods know how long. I watched him carefully as I could with my eyes zooming out of focus. He stared at me for a long time before writing something in his notebook. Like he knew I was alive and only trying to fake my death but he didn’t say anything.

After about five minutes, he finished what he was doing, but up the caution tape and left. Hopefully he had identified me without a problem because the sky was getting darker and it was finally time for me to carefully remove my body from where it was. I walked back to my things and out on my clothes as best I could with the sand sticking in very unwelcoming places. Once I had my clothes on my body, I gathered up the rest of my things. I put my I.D Card on a body that was so mangled together you could barely tell it was female, just incase they still couldn't identify me. After that I left the beach and my car, deciding that could help them track me down and see that I was not actually dead. I, thankfully never trusted the bank so I had plenty of resources to continue this out. I went to the store and bought some clothes I would never really wear and some black hair dye to contrast to my blonde. I made sure to keep my face down from any security cameras. Once I was out the store, I went to my soon-to-be old house and packed a bag of my money, camera and battery charger. I wouldn’t need anything else.


Day 2: I avoided going to my house knowing they probably had it cautioned taped up already. Instead, I went back to the crime scene in dress clothes and a camera. Along with a press badge I stole from somebody. It took me two buses to get back to the little cove. Thankfully, no police were here yet. So I did what I do best, snooped around and tried looking for clues on who did this.

I lifted the bodies and flipped them over, trying not to vomit from the overpowering smell of rotting flesh. After about two minutes of looking for clues, I started finding things. Like from the ones that still had some flesh had a number on their wrists and what looked like a code or something on the back of their necks. I took very close and detailed pictures of everything, my photography classes in high school finally paid off. I ton a couple minutes to observe a little more also noticing that none of them really had on clothes and not just the bunch I hid with earlier. I finished quickly and then let left the beach altogether, not willing to risk getting caught by the police even if I looked like a total new person. When I finally left the beach, I headed to the library to use their computers to research the numbers n the bodies’ necks. I got to the library, I walked up t to one of the computers that were already signed in that you were supposed to quickly search up books on. I went to Google and typed in the numbers quickly typed in the numbers. When it popped up it gave me the name of an island that was unnamed and not open to the public. I closed the browser and left the library as soon as it popped up. Taking the quickest route to the beach, I got there faster than those two other trips from the beach.

When I got there, I found a boat rental and rented one of the smallest but fastest boats they had. They got it on the water for me and then I was off after they gave me a little map. While I was boating I made a dot on the map with my nail to mark where I needed to go. I ended up taking longer than I thought considering I managed to get off track a little bit. Once I got to the island, I parked it where I saw the largest pile and got off the boat. I turned back on my camera and started taking pictures. Some of the pile of bodies, the environment, and the map I used to get there. I was going to walk around the island and take a couple more photos, when I heard another boat pulling up directly towards the piles of bodies, a boat a lot bigger than mine. Quickly I ducked for cover, behind a bunch of trees and I watched as my ex-best friend came and started dumping even more bodies for the pile. So I aimed my camera at him and started with those pictures for my evidence. Then  I saw him taking some and putting them in the ocean. So I took some pictures of that too. After a couple minutes,. He got back on his boat for the final time and left. I waited a couple minutes before doing the same and leaving. Why is he doing this and how has he not got caught yet?than you think.” He yelled at me.


Day 3: I wanted to confront him, but the thing is how would I without giving away that I was exactly still alive. Right now I was in my motel room, watching the news and seeing that my fake death did work and that they were trying to figure out why I killed that many people then ended my life as well. Lucky for them I was already on the case and just about done, unlucky for me was that they thought I did it. Cops suck. Anyway, I left my hotel room feeling done with the cops-who-suck-at-their-jobs and walked the little over a mile to Joey’s house. He would probably figure out it was me but he always was a bit of an idiot so maybe he won’t. I was just outside his house and I made sure the sound on my clothes and fake glasses hidden camera were working so I had sound and audio to his confession I was going to wheeze out of him. I knocked on the door twice then waited patiently. He answered and I walked right past him and into his house before I turned around then and watched him close the door before he faced me as well.

“Why did you kill all those people to just put their bodies on an island then slowly put them in the ocean and let them pollute the ocean?” I asked, no demanded.

“Why would I tell a complete stranger? That’s unless you want to end up just like them.” He stated pulling out a gun and aiming at my head.

“Go ahead, doesn’t make a difference to me.” I said walking closer until the tip of the gun was aimed straight at my chest, touching it. “Just tell me why.”

“Kimiko was a complete idiot, like you at the moment, and rejected me. So I went and killed anyone and everybody that reminded me of her in the world because if I couldn’t get her no one could.” He simply stated.

“That’s just a very conceited and selfish reason and you deserve to rot in hell, Joey Martinez.” I said before I moved the gun before his index finger could even pull the trigger. “And I guess prison will have to do.” I took the gun out of his hand and hit him in the head with the butt, knocking him out. I walked outside his house and shut the door, exhaling slowly and smiling to myself. On my way to the Cops I go to clear my name and let Joey rot in his own personal Hell.

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