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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

LOG-LINE: SINCLAIR wants to be the next Hue Hefner, appointed C.E.O. of Bay Side Modeling, where he’s making sure models aren’t just modeling anymore, ending tragically.

Submitted: April 12, 2016

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Submitted: April 12, 2016



INT. LUXURY APARTMENT-DAY Dean enters the room from the apartment bathroom where Sinclair is putting on his tie. DEAN (calmly) Do you plan on paying your half of the rent this month Sinclair? SINCLAIR (holding his crotch) When I get it you fucking herb, and if you ask me again I will take another month to pay. DEAN (slamming bathroom door) I’ve had about enough of your shit Sinclair. Grinning to himself Dean likes to agitate Sinclair about his share of bills, just to get that exact response. For some reason Dean finds his frustration comical, besides Dean Pays all the bills anyway regardless of Sinclair help. SINCLAIR I know you got a new girlfriend and all, but don’t let me tell her how you spend more time making love to the palm of your hand then to her. DEAN Seriously though Sin you been buying fancy cloth, your car cost more than the place we live in, however I can’t get you to pay your bills on time for nothing. SINCLAIR (with a quirky look) That’s because I know my brother Dean knows I’m always working on a plan. DEAN Well start planning to pay your share of $6,000 or we both will be living in our cars. SINCLAIR I don’t have a problem with that homie, Mercedes Benz assure absolute comfort. 2. You're and ass. SINCLAIR Bye the way I need to borrow some cash. DEAN (sarcastically) Rob a bank. SINCLAIR (faking a laugh) Ahhhhhhh! You funny as fuck, but seriously I’m going out of town for a few days and I will give that back plus my share of the bills OK? DEAN How much? 5 grand. SINCLAIR DEAN (laughing hard) Motherfucker that’s how much you owe. Now tell me where you going to get 10 racks to pay me back huh? SINCLAIR Well remeber I told you about my plans? DEAN Ah yeah! I remember your plan. SINCLAIR Well I’ve come to the conclusion that since we both have the gift of gab and that we both love and adore beautiful womenDEAN Ah yeah, so where you going with this? SINCLAIR And you know those women love and adore as well DEAN Yeah maybe me.

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