Cold Wind upon Me

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Observations from afar...

Submitted: October 21, 2008

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Submitted: October 21, 2008



I felt the wind upon me as the day turned into night
Sounds of the city sat with me and my flickering light
Too tired to talk—with not much to say
My weariness waited patiently for where my head would lay

The silent streets before me lead to nowhere
And the only map around me was starting to tear
The journey before me would never do me good
But I never found much in doing what I should

I saw a man riding a bike stopped by a car
I watched as he was searched and questioned from afar
And couldn’t help but wonder if he was stopped for his skin
He was just making sure that the losers never win

It won’t be soon before things begin to change
As a whole a new army stands at the rifle range
There guns are pointing at you and at me
And we sit just blindly, unable to see

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