Sister Song

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To my big sis...

Submitted: September 14, 2008

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Submitted: September 14, 2008



On this night, so far away from there,
From the peaceful house we used to share—
On the day I left, I swore and I vowed
That I’d make my brothers and sisters proud

Hey there, Alicia, I wrote this to you,
A body of words for you to construe
So here tonight I’ll sit and I'll write
And won’t leave this room until it’s just right

I still can’t believe that I found so much—
I found friends, lovers, enemies, and such
I’ve searched down roads where nothing is real
And all that you have is the pain you feel

Dear sister, tell me where did you go?
And how did you find all that you know?
Wherever you go, may your heart stay true,
Cause not many people compare to you

So don’t forget these words from your brother,
That I wrote down for my niece’s mother—
To the blonde-haired girl that I used to annoy,
Your still looked up to by this blue-eyed boy

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