Which Hurts Most: Saying Something & Wishing You Hadn't or Saying Nothing & Wishing You Had?

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Just a poem about how i lost something before i could even discover it.

I cant say that these words are untrue, all I wanted was the truth to be told by you...

I bought you a gift for a valentine, a day I would hope you knew your were all mine.

But you and I, both know that is a lie.

I hold your hands, but all they carry is rage, I know our love will disintergrate.

I cry but I shed no tear, I'm forever indebted to that fear.

Now I see how you feel, to be in this relationship was never real.

I laugh how this is ending, how I cried cause I thought you were my new begginning.

All I wanted was to be lost in love, didnt realize till' now that our love is lost.

I told you I didnt want to be played a fool, instead, I was played like a dummy with all those strings you pulled.

I invested more into this relationship, then you thought of \"Us\" as a game in your playpen.

I spoke what needed to be said, and you acted as you've done, now its all said n' done.

You say you love me, but in my heart it is all dis-trusting.

If you think or say, what 'I' say is untrue, then why would my heart be feeling this strong about you?

Love does not second guess who it longs for, it is a key that opens only one door.

If only you stood by me, and were in my shoes as to what im feeling, I bet this love would have been a better fitting...

Yours Truly, *Jaime*

Submitted: January 27, 2012

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