Anisa And The Boy King By Jairo Vargas

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
Teenage Anisa Simmons journeys into a world of her Own Imagination and learns Valuable life lessons about the meannig of Life Love her own and overcoming fear

Submitted: February 25, 2012

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Submitted: February 25, 2012



Anisa shy Girl who is misunderstood and is adopted also who ahas contracted HIv thru an blood transfution


2 Jagvi aka "The Boy king" A child raised by Animals who only exist in his homeland of Neart he was raised by Animals in the forest of Jaanjared in the center of Neart he is said to have the Strength of Bears the speed of Cheetahs and The brains of a genious rabbit he is the imaginary

campanion of Anisa who he whisk away at night to go on adventures he teaches her to face her fears including death and the death of her mother


3 Asmar the master of evil dreams and nightmares a deamon who haunts the dreams of Anisa and other children at night convincing them to be sad and depressed he was once a rich millionaire who made his fortune offf of oil even buying hes way into becoming president of the united states his rich Corporation devolped a device to control the minds of the public,  his plot was foiled when he died in an oil spill killing him and sending him off to the Land of Neart he vowed to return to earth everynight and conrtol the world once again by influncing the children


4 Martox a rabbit who is the mentor and father of Jagvi he is said to be 100001 yrs old and contains the key of immortality


5 Alexis the Winged queen the Sprit of Neart she sneezed to bring Neart into existance when Neart is in turmoil she cries and when all is well in Neart she laughs she has sent Jagvi to earth to save the minds and dreams of earths children starting with Anisa who she sees as the most in need of happyness she is also the estranged older sister of Anisa in the real world out side of Neart


minor Charecters

1 Roberta adopted mom of Anisa who often treats her mean and doesnt believe her when she talks of the creatures of Neart

2 the gossiping trees of of Jaanjared trees who are full of chatter


3Avenel the unicorn who travels with Jagvi and has the ability to talk he is playful and beautiful

Setting the Land of Neart a land of dreams and wonders that only children can see thru the eyes of imagination when they are asleep it has two halves one jouyus and happy the other sad and depressed it is ruled by Alexis the winged Queen

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