A Thought In My Head

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I woke up and realized that my days were so boring and very routine. I wrote this poem about my every day life that started junior year and ended after that school year. Because I decided that I was tired of being bored with high school.

Submitted: September 13, 2012

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Submitted: September 13, 2012



-A Thought In My Head-

Today is like any other day. I wake up at four in the morning and get ready for school. I go to the bus stop, sit on the bus and wait till the bell rings to go to first period.

----> A Thought In My Head: "Why does this routine have to be the same everyday? Why cant I wake up late enough to not even go to school? Why does everyone I look not seem full of life?

I go through all my classes and hear about drama and tell about drama. Get annoyed with those stupid jokes that only get laughed at because they are really dumb. Hear about new drama that hasn't started yet.

----> A Thought In My Head: Why is drama the only thing talked about in school? Why do boys tell jokes that aren't even funny? Is it stupid to start a rumor and start drama all in its self?

The day ends finally. I get on the bus just to find that the same freshmen have taken my seat AGAIN. A change for once, I sit with Richard (BIG MISTAKE). Get a missed call from my home girl. More drama...

----> A Thought In My Head: Why does the day feel soooo long? Why do these freshmen girls have to sit right in my spot besides the point that they don't like me? Why is Richard soooo touchy? If I call my girl back, what drama is going to occur?

I get home. Sit on the couch. Relax. I can breathe. Boom------ I'm out like a light.

----> A Thought In My Head: Do I have homework? Idk? Should I take a nap? Ugh...should I sleep here or go to my bed?

Wide awake. 11:53. I have to get up at 4 in the morning.

----> A Thought In My Head: Why why why why why do I have to get up sooo early???!!!!


----> A Thought In My Head: Did I do my homework?


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A Thought In My Head

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