A Quest Most Urgent

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A band of heroes try to defeat a necromancer's threat..Part 1

Submitted: March 04, 2012

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Submitted: March 04, 2012




Onwards my friends the sorcerer's lair lies ahead just over that bridge and up that chasm....we have come so far now...turning back would be fruitless. Think of your homes my friends your villages...those who have entrusted you with their lives...we must end this evil for all of their sakes. As I spoke the words seemed hollow and empty...I wonder if they could sense the fear behind my words. For it was I D'artonin Goodspring who first proposed we storm the necromancer's mountain lair and put an end to his corruption magicks. It was I who sent the word out to the surrounding counties for strong hardy warriors of all kinds.


Now we were at the doorsteps of hell...staring death in the face..but we were much acquainted already. The quest had taken us about two weeks journey to make it here...there had been many battles and some casualties....unfortunately. We buried the dead took trinkets from their bodies and uttered silent prayers to Gods for their souls. It was all we could do...for the evil sorcerer sensed our presence and our intentions from the very beginning. No doubt through the use of the many spies he had in the neighboring villages.


He sent all sorts of opposition..trolls..goblins...wraiths...the undead...even the very elements seemed to oppose our path. Nevertheless we still prevailed...ever onward....we started out as 12...now our party dwindled down to 9. In this lair..this black gloomy lair of smoke, shadows, and death...we heard the screams of the tortured...the chuckling of dark shadow things full of malice. Glimpsed images of horrors so terrible they would drive lesser men insane. If not for Garoneth's spells and talisman's we would have been doomed already. For none can stare such evil in the face and emerge unscathed. No to resist such deadly influences one must use powerful magic to counter, as well as be purified enough to negate evil.


Still fear's icy fingertips crept down my spine...sweating profusely...I did not know what to expect. We were approaching the sorcerer's inner chamber...his personal sanctum. No telling what evil lurked inside....whatever we faced however..we would not flee...no we had come too far to give up. The hopes of our loved ones depended on it...depended on our success. We would quell this evil and end the corruption once and for all. Since 3 years now our villages have faced madness and despair...the dead rising to consume the living...people driven mad into murderous rages by evil spirits...all manners of beasts and unclean birds devouring our crops and killing our livestock. The necromancer sought to raise his army to go against the great kingdom of the north and our villages stood in his way.


He reasoned that if we were harassed enough, everyone would abandon all and flee for safety. Leaving the land to him in order to raise his undead army...he didn't bet on the spirit of hardworking God fearing people. Individuals who had conviction and were willing to lay down their lives in defense of their homes and families. I myself can't see anything but my wife and children's faces....


Oh how I longed for them in my heart. I had no idea if I would return from this quest. Grpping my ancestral sword in my hand I took the lead and urged my party forward.... Baraeus stood to my right...he was a descendant of the great Norsemen of old...tall, broad, fearless warriors who gave no quarter in battle. His lineage was apparent in his fiery red hair and swarthy features. He gripped a huge oaken shield in one hand and a mighty broadsword in the other. To my left was Katina the half-elven sorceress....who was also a highly skilled warrior in her own right. The dagger and short-sword she wielded proved to be a deadly combination indeed. At first she was branded a witch by the village leaders but her healing abilities and knowledge of herbs and pontices earned her the trust and a very vital role in the community. She was just married to a close friend of mine, right before we embarked on this quest.


We had the dwarf Meggi and his awe-inspiring battleaxe named Sekor..it was rumored to be enchanted by a fire spirit named Septi. Inexplicably flames would burst from the blade in the midst of combat. Dax the mage...an old man who was a village elder and skilled in light magic or healing magic. He wielded a broadsword and an enchanted dagger...he could also communicate with most creatures and was instrumental in a lot of our victories with the help of bears, eagles, etc.


The twin brothers Obar and Ebbar, I knew them both from their birth and watched them grow in to fine strong young men of character. The cleric Oslo with his mighty hammer..he was a great asset because it was he who blessed all of our souls..which offered some resistance against the necromancer's dark magick.


Finally Seka the warrior woman...she had no man and no children...she lived for one thing... battle...and hired herself out for whatever quest proved worthy of her skills. She was the most skilled sword fighter I had ever seen...she also seemed to possess strength not seen in any normal woman. I personally saw her lift two male goblins above her head crushing their skulls in her hands with ease. Honestly I found myself staring at her frequently...she intrigued me...furthermore..she aroused me sexually...she had a wildness yet an inner dominating presence that I found irresistible. Not to mention her thighs, buttocks, and hips were broad enough to crush melon fruits within them.

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