A Quest Most Urgent Part 2

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Part 2 in a battle vs. evil

Submitted: April 01, 2013

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Submitted: April 01, 2013



Slowly...we crept down the spire of the mountain cliff...it's grim, grey, craggy arches gave way to a hidden almost unrecognizable stairway which we assumed led down to the necromancer's chamber. A howling whistling wind stung our faces...even stalwart Baraeus, let out a gruff snarl as it smite his cheeks even under his massive two-horned helmet.  We made our way slowly careful save one of us lose their balance and go tumbling over the side of mountain. Suddenly I heard a furious whistling and then a dense thud....searching around for the source I spotted a black shaft ashen arrow buried just above my head....then another came whizzing by, just barely missing my left knee....by the looks of them they were poisoned by foul magic and fired from one of the undead skeleton warrior's bows. A quick glimpse across the precipice confirmed my suspicions...as a crew of ghastly skeleton warriors opposed our descent with their recurve bows held high in grim defiance. Their evil was apparent because no normal archer could fire with such precision amidst these types of winds." KATINA!!!"...I shouted..."YOUR ASSISTANCE would be greatly appreciated!!" A sarcastic smile crept across my face as I said this...knowing full well of her elven heritage...and that the bow was as natural to an elf as breathing. She smiled back just before another black arrow shot past her face...and in one fluid motion readied her golden enchanted bow by perching a magnificent shaft across it's hilt. With one eye squinting at our assailants, she steadied herself and before I could even blink, let the arrow fly. I saw one of the skeleton warriors clutch it's helmet then fall headfirst down the mountain side into the mists.


All of us stood there in amazement as she picked them all off one by one....six in total. "By the gods sister!!!....I have never seen such skill!!" Seka shouted, "Well I am half-elven you know...what did you expect?" Katina replied placing the golden bow back firmly across her shoulder. "Ha!! Not your better half as far as I can see...ha hahhahhahah!!" Meggi blurted out in a fit of uncontrollable laughter. Katina shot him a glance that could have melted through solid steel.."Mind your tongue little man...lest I carve it out!" she cried. I knew full well the enmity that existed between dwarves and elves, so I intervened for the sake of peace. "let us keep moving people...there might be more skeleton archers about!!!"....onward...downward..we sank...


After what seemed like hours we came upon a pathway which led to a massive stone entrance. Strange glyphs were carved all over it echoing some long dead language or religion. "Dax" I said,"Do you recognize any of these markings? What could they mean?"He replied.."Hmmmm...they are strange indeed but vaguely familiar...give me a second...." He pulled an old decrepit book from his pack and quickly rummaged through the pages.."Ah yes!! Here it is...the language is Sacrilegious!! It is called Sidoni...the language of demons...but this is a very old archaic form of it...not seen since the third millennium when their worship was at it's greatest. Foul curses, blasphemous utterings, disgusting remarks...but see these?...these here? They tell the tale of Ogogamax the demon-lord who ruled in ancient times, his corruptive influence spread across the realm and his armies almost succeeded in plunging the world into utter darkness!!!" Katina remarked, "Yes I am well familiar with that tale..it is past down through my people from those old enough to remember..which are few indeed. If I am correct  Ogogamax was defeated by a band of heroes who led a suicide mission to his citadel..there they plunged the sword of ice into his fiery demon heart and killed him..ending his corruption."


Dax stated,"You are correct my lady, except if one knows a thing or two about demons...they cannot actually die..they are made of ethereal energy and to exist on this plane they must have a finite physical form which can be destroyed. Yet their essence returns back to the nether from whence it came, regaining it's composure and strength. This process may take several thousand years.... maybe even longer. This passage here reads We AWAIT the Return of our Lord OGOGOMAX ruler of the pits of despair and scourger of flesh...Let all who read this cower in fear at our dark lord's return. That's it!! The bastard plans to awaken the beast and bring back the reign of terror upon the earth!!!" I asked, "Is that possible...can the necromancer pull that off?" Dax replied," Well...he would have to posses incalculable mystical power..and the demon would demand his soul and eternal servitude, along with a steady supply of fresh souls to regain his strength." "Well that explains the dead reanimating back to life to devour the living" I said, "At least we know his plan...so now we have to figure out a way to stop him!"  Dax walked a little ahead of us and took off his backpack, unloading some magic potions and a little bag of what looked like white stones. Then he approached the gigantic stone columns affixed like a door and uttered some magic words. The columns began to tremble and all of us in the party quaked with fear. I gripped my sword tighter readying myself for anything that might happen. I could see beads of sweat fall from Baraeus red hair beneath his helmet. Finally Dax poured out the potions on the ground and the liquids merged together forming some sort of magic sigil.He uttered some more magic words then tossed the white stones into the sigil, which erupted into an ominous purple glow. The columns shook once more...then to our horror and awe...slowly...parted. Revealing an entrance into this place of abject evil...I uttered another silent prayer to the Gods of my ancestors...then led my party into the bleak blackness. May the Gods have mercy on our souls.. for we knew not what new horrors awaited us in the bowels of hell......

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