An Unexpected Occurence

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A Space Marine fights for his life against hordes of evil.

Submitted: March 04, 2012

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Submitted: March 04, 2012



Sweat pouring down my forehead stinging my eyes with salty protrusion. My heart was racing...I had to keep moving or else they would be on me. KA-Chunk!! I popped another shell into the chamber of my weapon, the fear and adrenaline almost taking complete control of my body. Cocking back the slide action mechanism, the gun was now ready to fire...the only thing standing between me and death. That and my will to survive I guess....maybe I was just lucky? How else could I have survived such unimaginable horror as this? How else could I have kept my sanity after witnessing men being torn limb from limb...their bodies tossed about like the cheapest of rag dolls. Or the sight of comrades rising from the dead, transformed into muttering, shambling corpses possessed by an unholy power too terrible to name. Maybe it Was God, but why would he act to save my life? I stopped believing in him years ago, the never ending tide of brutality and evil which pervaded my life stemmed the belief in anything higher.

No I had come to the conclusion that men's greed and ambition was all I had to look forward to and that my only comfort would be in my ability to defend myself. It's why I enlisted in the first place and the reason I became one of the best killers in my entire division. In any sane world they would have labeled me a murderer, psychopath, or even a sadist. Not in the military's eyes however...I was a war hero, a gifted individual with a talent for extinguishing life in violent and brutal ways. First they called me soldier, then commander, then finally special agent. My abilities took me all over the world, I was sent on missions and asked to commit atrocities against people who breathed the very same air as I. Killing was an art and I was a master at didn't matter what the instrument was...Gun, knife, stick, even my bare hands Life was meaningless because I could take it so easily.

So naturally my name was the first choice to lead a team of highly trained mercenaries in charge of keeping security on this experimental colony. I jumped at the opportunity...I had been all over the world but never in space. They ensured us we would have all we need and outfitted us in state of the art armor and weaponry. The suit I wore seemed to fit like a second skin, it was breathable, lightweight, and extremely durable. Being made of special interwoven polymers, it could withstand direct hits from many large caliber ballistic projectiles and most energy weapons. It was also flame resistant, impact resistant, the style of the weave made it puncture resistant as well. All that was just the bodysuit, on top of it I wore a heavier set of ceramic plate armor which consisted of helmet, boots, guantlets, knee guards, cuirass, and tasset. Central Command let us play with all kinds of awesome new weaponry because they were not sure of the kinds of threats we would face.

A few of my favorites were the g7 flamethrower, Accelerated Guass cannon, t-68 plasma discharger, oh yeah and this little puppy i'm presently holding in my sweat drenched hands. The Markov 88-z-close combat weapon, essentially a pump-action shotgun on steroids. Made by Russian confederate scientist Karl Markov, it fired an assortment of different rounds. It used a highly sophisticated internal thrust mechanism to propel the ammunition at a greatly enhanced rate. Making it extremely devastating in close quarters, also it could hold up to 20 rounds at a time, which was a drastic improvement over shotguns manufactured during the 21st century. The shells I used were the incendiary type, meaning the pellets exploded in a burst of flame upon impact with the target. They did their job, a few well placed shots were enough to drop the majority of hellish creatures I encountered. I can't help but crack a smile since this whole ordeal began...I mean here I was one of the baddest men on the planet...but literally pissing my pants in fear. Nothing...I mean all my varied combat experience could have prepared me for this. This was simply Hell...and I was smack dab in the middle of it, without two cents to know how I got here.

It had to be those fucking egghead scientist jerk offs and their weird ass the Omega Sector. The part of the colony which was built around that strange alien's where most of the scientists worked. Me and my men were stationed on the other side, that is the northeast wing or Alpha Sector, but once in a while I would have to deliver intel or meet with the department heads to discuss security parameters. I caught a few glimpses of the strange scared the fuck outta me I must say. Imagine a massive obsidian pyramid, as big as a house covered in strange alien glyphs emitting this awful almost sickening humming sound. The lab boys had attached all kinds of equipment to it in order to collect data. How they could stand it was beyond me, because I didn't even want to go anywhere near the fucking thing. From what those nerds told me nothing about it was like anything found on earth..from it's composition, to the way light emanated off of it's structure, was unlike anything they had ever seen before. It's origins and purpose was completely a mystery, I figured it was probably left overs from some long buried ancient alien civilization.

I was a warrior and not a scientist, so apart from those few visits to Omega Sector I put the memory of what those guys were doing out of my mind completely. I focused on the job at hand, what I was being paid to do, and that was keep security around the colony. My men numbered 20 in all, and I got to know them all personally. A few I had served with before, but most were completely new, young fresh faced kids in their mid to late twenties. They looked up to me with a kind of awe....they heard the stories I guess. I laughed to myself when I thought about that, some of them were true others a little embellished. I maintained the persona of this tough badass war hero guy for them, it was good for morale. These boys lives were entrusted to me I couldn't bear them knowing how insecure and afraid I was at that thought. They clung to my every word and followed all of my commands without fail, things on the colony ran smoothly for months.

Well until recently that is, I would say up until the past three days or so. It's hard to keep track of time ..when your fighting for your life. All I can remember was hearing that tremendous explosion like a bomb went off, then the security alarms sounding at code level 10 meaning a full scale parameter breach. At first I thought it was a mistake only the chief scientist Arnold Reyes and myself had access to the code to even sound that alarm. I ordered the men to take offensive and defensive positions, some of them were fast asleep when the incident occurred. Then I heard Reyes over the intercom system, his voice sounding frantic and hurried..."all security forces report to the Omega Sector at once!!! Repeat all security forces report to Omega Sector at once!!! We have a code 10!!! I Repeat we have a code 10!!!! AAAAAAGH!!!" then he was abruptly cut short and his transmission failed. Suddenly the lights flickered out and the slide door hatch failed to open. It appeared the colony's power grid had shut down, but I knew the auxiliary power system would kick in automatically. I waited for a moment then sure enough..the lights came back on and the door hatch to our barracks slid open.

What could possibly upset the power grid like that? I thought to myself...I didn't waste any time, ordering my men to equip flamethrowers, cannons, and all heavy weaponry. We would eradicate any threats with extreme prejudice. As my men rushed down the corridor to the transport module, I could clearly see some of them were scared shitless. I didn't blame them...quite frankly so was I. The transport module seemed to take an hour to arrive, but when we did we loaded up quickly and made our way to Omega Sector. On the way there, another explosion this time rocking the entire building structure and making the transport module vibrate uncontrollably. It ran on electro-magnetic guard rails so it was impossible for it to get thrown off track. I sensed that fear gripped most of my unit, "Well guys it looks like christmas has come a little early this year" I said pretending at confidence. As we approached Omega Sector, I saw through the heat treated glass observation port a sight that made me cringe. Scientists in their white lab coats fleeing through the corridor, some looked as white as snowflakes. a lot of them were screaming and shaking uncontrollably some had even forgot to put on oxygen generators as they exited onto the transport module docking platform. Idiots I thought...what good is all that knowledge if you can't even defend yourself?

Finally we departed onto the Omega Sector and made our way down the corridor only to be engulfed in the screams of wounded and dying men. Some lay eviscerated, blood and entrails splattered about everywhere. I gave the order for the med unit-to evacuate all the wounded and dying to Beta Sector which housed the medical facility. The rest of us made our way forward further down the corridor to confront whatever bastards did all this.

As we pushed our way past the bodies of mutilated men...I briefly stepped over one and he grabbed my ankle. "Monsters.....Fucking Monsters...." he said...I asked "What? Monsters? What happened down here...where is the parameter breach?!!...where is the threat?!!!" he replied.."DDd..don't go down activated the fucking was a gateway....a fuckin gateway all along." Then he spit out a pool of blood and vomit and died right there on the spot. Hordes of scared scientists rushed past us just then...some were covered in their own blood screaming...."we've got to get out of here?!!! They're killing everyone..shut down the sector completely?!!! I tried to grab one but the bastard punched me square in the mouth then scrambled back down the corridor. Then I heard a large bellowing a gorilla's but much more throaty, followed by a thick musty slowly made it's way toward us from the corridor where we were heading. "Defensive positions!!! Hold here!!! Whatever comes down that corridor if it don't look like an egghead waste it!!!" another thunderous roar and slowly almost methodically a monstrous figure emerged.

It was huge about 8 feet tall, with pinkish red skin...horns protruded out all over it's body. A long thick whip like tail hung between it's legs as it apporached us. It walked upright like a man, and it's massive horned head housed two bulging eyes as red as hot coals. I studied the creature and realized that it clutched the half-eaten body of a scientist in it's left arm. The mangled body of the man looked more like raw meat than human flesh. It let out another thunderous roar which was all we needed to commence firing upon it. Superheated plasma material and .50 caliber armor piercing rounds penetrated the beast's frame, spilling out a nasty greenish pukish looking liquid which I assumed was it's blood. It roared again in pain and tried to advance but fell to it's knees, finally keeling over and dying. I walked up to it and put another couple rounds in it's tremendous head..just to make sure. Suddenly I was greeted with another roar..only this one sounding a lot more shriekish.

Emerging from the corridor were several brown quadripedal monstrosities. Some had bits of flesh dripping from their jaws...they moved so fast that had not my men warned me I would have been their next prey. Instinctively I jumped back and did I dive-roll getting a safe distance from the creatures. My men opened fire without hesitating, some of them were caught but only momentarily... they were too fuckin fast!! Frantically I gave out the order "Fall Back!!! Spread out and encircle them!!!" My men listened and opened a wide path for the creatures to cut through then we formed a loose open ended parameter around the creatures...the strategy worked each one attacked now on it's own. They had rows upon rows of razor like teeth, and dagger like claws on each limb. If I could compare them to any creature on earth I would say they moved most like arachnids. I saw one hit my second lieutenant Moses Calderon square in the shoulders and seperate his torso from the rest of his body. Another private Alex Grable got decapitated..his head rolled and landed by my feet. Scarcely Had I time to think when one lunged towards me...I barely avoided it's death I landed on my back and fired into it's center of mass. The incendiary rounds did a number on it's soft brown landed face up like a cockroach, it's terrible limbs writhing in agony. Their inner torso or belly was scaly and segmented like a centipede. What the hell were these things?!! Were they native to this planet? My thoughts quickly turned to the obsidian pyramid thing and the dying scientist's last words..."The fuckin thing was a gateway". Dammit the bastards must've opened some sort of portal and let these things through!!!

Finally the last of the creatures had been killed and I assesed the wounded and dead. I had lost four of my men, so eleven of us remained including myself. Not counting the six medics I ordered to evacuate the survivors we encountered at the loading dock. I collected dog tags of my fallen soldiers and piled their bodies up in a corner..we would come back for them once we had neutralized the threat. "Flamethrowers on...form up..wall of fire defensive position!!!" The six men who carried flamethrowers would split into two groups of three. Each on a side of the corridor, allowing for a recognizable gap in the middle. They would douse the enemy in flames while the remaining five of us would shoot throught he gap in btween the formation...this maneuver was known as the "Wall of fire" and we had practiced it hundreds of times.

Slowly we made our way toward the main level of Controlled Research...the stench of death lingered heavily in the air. We didn't hear anymore screams....I guess this meant everyone was dead...What about Reyes? Where was he?....had he not activated code 9?...this would have probably gave the bastards enough time to escape or at the very least retreat to a safe area of the Sector. Code 9 was the security protocol in place before Central Command came up with the idea of armed personnel safe guarding the scientists and their work. Basically it was a highly sophisticated system of attack drones, robots, and machine turrets operating under a common A.I. that would completely secure the sector in case a threat occured. I had no access to it at all..only Reyes new how to activate it and it ran on it's own power system seperate from the rest of the colony....

We were attacked by another group of spider thingies this time..but fortunatly the flame throwers roasted them where they stood. It seems napalm was more efecctive than conventional weaponry. All about us lay the bodies of dead scientists, I felt sorry for them..they didn't even have a chance to fight back. As we got closer to the Experimental Chambers I could hear that awful familiar turned my stomach and I had to vomit. Some of my men looked at me in shock...I quickly recovered and kept moving...the humming grew more intense, we heard hurrying footsteps and terrible bellowing noises. Emerging from a chamber was a tall gaunt like figure, it was humanoid in appearance but much thinner and tall. It's skin was a sickly pale color and it's limbs seemed over sized for it's frame. It looked at us briefly then howled like nothing we had ever heard before. It picked up it's right hand and energy crackled from it's fist. Then it charged it came forward I saw three more emerge from the same chamber with more energy crackling from their frames......

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