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A dark urban superhero with a weird gift.

Submitted: March 04, 2012

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Submitted: March 04, 2012




I've never experienced fatigue such as this, my entire body is on fire. My limbs feel all heavy if they were dead weight. The pain in my thighs and ass is astounding. If I make it home I'm going to take a 3-day long nap, just to rejuvenate my body. Damn I can sense one more....creeping..approaching... it's foul smell staining my nostrils like burning fungus. I thought I had killed all of them...and routed their nests. It was a textbook case if I ever seen one. The kind that I liked complications, just quick and easy kills with little to know fuss. I didn't even bother to put my hunting gear on...nope like an idiot I decided I'd hit this one straight from the pub...Really I thought, what could a few drinks hurt?


So my dumb ass sat and drank away forgetting completely, a little side effect to these “abilities” of mine. See when I consumed liquor it had the strange affect of inducing premature fatigue within my body. Not to the point where I couldn't fight or anything, but just so that I'd get worn out a lot faster than normal. Which is what I'm feeling right now....I think it has something to do with my metabolism and it operates on a level twice that of the fittest normal human. Which means anything I consume burns much quicker..hence alcohol and it's pertinent effects on my body. Finally it shows up...a young-ling......nasty creepy little pink demon....likes to feast on infants and newborns.



They are essentially canon fodder in the bowels of more a threat than your average sewer rat or raccoon. Even still enough of these little critters in one spot can make for some pretty hairy situations. There were about 15 of them or so when I came upon the nest. Not much of a challenge at all...but I guess this bugger must have made it's way from the rest of the pack in order to find food. It jumped at me with that typical hell-spawn know that inhuman cannibalistic gait...that keeps you up at night.



For me though it very well could've been moving in slow really didn't matter at all. This creature could do me no harm save for the slightest scratch or occasional bite. I grabbed it by it's neck and smashed it's skull into the sewer wall. Again and again...until it's head split open and demon brains splattered down my sleeve. God I'm tired...all I can think about is sleep right now. Sweet blissful sleep...the sleep of the innocent...or in my case the sleep of a warrior returning from battle. That's what I considered myself these days, in my romanticized born of too many action flicks, comic books, and video games. How else could I classify myself? I tried superhero...but for some reason I hated the idea of being a costumed crime-fighter. It didn't fit I had no spandex costume and the work I did was so less glamorous and more grimy. Then it was vigilante but that only conjured up images of a heavy body count and long bloody battles with authority figures. In my line of work I never ever..only on the rarest of occasions caused civilian casualties or encountered police or law enforcement.



Nope I operated usually while most decent people were fast asleep and in the most remote grungiest places where you probably wouldn't wanna be. Hence my present foray into the city's sewer hunt a nest of pinko demons.



What I am a kind of spiritual warrior...a force for good in a world of evil. I likened myself to the cleric character found in so many fantasy games. My powers or “abilities” rather came from a much higher source...THE source.....for a specific purpose. This has led me to see myself as a kind of avenging warrior...fighting a battle against the forces of evil. How else could I describe myself? Blessed with strength enough to crush bones like twigs or hurl objects the size of small cars. Speed and Reflexes which make me almost unbeatable in hand-to-hand combat, a preternatural knowledge of all things mystical and occult as well as an “awareness” of supernatural beings and otherworldly events. Marked resistance to bodily injury and a hyper metabolism which grants immunity to the effects of most poisons, toxins and etc.



Like I said before folks this creature posed absolutely no threat to me whatsoever. When I close my eyes I could feel it's evil aura even before it appeared. Killing it was simple but the fun part is the finishing touch. See the abilities which I have described above are only the icing on the most powerful and pronounced to put it simply....the fire. Yup a weird black ethereal flame that erupts from within my core, which I can manipulate in a variety of ways. It is my main weapon against the forces of evil, and my most effective.



Throughout the years I have learned to control and master it, erupting with volcanic force or firing concentrated streams. The flames are harmless to any normal human or animal they only burn creatures of pure evil or those possessing evil energy. This has led me to christian myself as SOULFIRE....which sounds like some crappy mid 70's blaxploitation movie.



Since their bodies cannot sustain in this dimension without a conduit, Demon carcasses naturally disintegrate about 30 minutes after death. I take no chances and burn the bodies right after...don't want some rat feasting on it...then i'd have to deal with a full scale zombie outbreak. Yup I said it...Humans who are bitten and killed by these types of demons reanimate as zombies usually within 24 hours. The sad part about that is...unlike vampirism and lycanthropism.....zombification has no cure. The person is a walking corpse that must be eradicated as quickly as possible.

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