The Cabbie

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An average Joe is granted with extraordinary abilities.

Submitted: February 28, 2012

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Submitted: February 28, 2012




They all feared me…..feared the very footsteps I took on this hollowed earth. It was my power….my strength that did it to them. I was more than a man… much more you see… I was a champion one of those heroes of old whom you read about in ancient mythology; demigod’s who walked the earth when men’s minds were still full of wonder and excitement. We slew monsters unspeakable horrors conjured from the very pits of hell itself, we gave birth to entire civilizations, and bedded Queens and Goddesses who were enthralled by our power…our might. Men sang about our deeds and wrote poems honoring our achievements….we were the first kings and rulers to tame raging burning lands…the first chiefs who united warring clans and set aflame the light of peace for all to see. Yes the blood which coursed through my veins was of those fabled champions who in time long forgotten were the protectors of the weak, the banishers of evil. It was Urdu the all seeing one…who first gave me this power. He was an elder god one of the eight elemental beings who existed before creation. I was chosen because of the qualities they perceived within me. My occupation was a simple one me being a taxi driver in New York City. One night as I was making my way home I drove past what seemed to be a vicious mugging, a group of street punks were savagely beating a man and his family. My first instinct was to just simply drive past and call the cops, but then I realized they would never make it in time. These people could be killed if someone didn’t intervene….the fear took hold of me for a minute. The attackers could have weapons on them knives or guns, by trying to help these poor people I risked my own life in the process. I debated in my head what I should do as I watched the thugs beat the man relentlessly while his wife and son lay screaming. Abandoning all fear and rationale I jumped out of my taxicab and rushed towards the scene….HEY!! Stop!! I shouted….GET AWAY FROM them!!! As I said this they immediately turned towards me….there were about eight of them in all. As I looked I realized that they were just kids probably no more than eighteen, they focused their attention on me at the moment. My first instinct was to run but something inside me pushed me forward unyielding. “You picked the wrong time to play hero old man!!” One of them shouted, “Yup it’s time for you to get some of this!!” He pulled a long knife from the vest that he wore…the others who were with him did the same. Still I wasn’t afraid at all....I looked beyond them and I could see that the man had staggered to his feet and he and his family were now making their way down the street. I figured I would buy them enough time to escape….like I said….there wasn’t any fear inside of me at all…though I stared death right in the face. As they surrounded me with knives drawn I readied myself in a fighting stance. In my younger days I had been a golden gloves contender…now as good a time as any to put my former skills to use. I closed my eyes for a second then I cocked my arm back and swung with all of my might…when I opened my eyes one of the kids stumbled with his hand clasped tightly over his face. I had just broken his nose with that first punch. This gave me a little confidence and the other thugs hesitated for a moment. Then that’s when I felt it…like a sharp needle in the back of my neck…then another to my side…and another in my thigh….it happened so fast that I don’t even remember who struck first. Just that they were on me now puncturing my body like a morbid pin cushion, I fell to my knees and my lips uttered a silent prayer for the safety of my soul. They kept stabbing me over and over…I looked down and my pants were soaked a sickening reddish orange…I saw the familiar blue and red lights of the police as my head hit the pavement. The next thing I knew I was laying in a hospital bed with all sorts of tubes sticking out of me. It was weird it was like I was there but I wasn’t…like my body didn’t belong to me anymore. I just remember feeling really tired and then suddenly…finally….falling asleep. When I awoke I was drifting through the cosmos…..I could see the stars, the earth and the infinite blackness of space. It was beautiful, serene and wonderful all at the same time. A voice spoke to me….I almost didn’t recognize it at first…It softly called my name…Lionel…Lionel…..awake….when I realize what it was saying I suddenly stopped moving and everything seemed to stand still. Then a huge face materialized before me….Not of a man or of any animal I had ever seen…It was something alien entirely….I was not afraid. “Who are you?” I asked, “I am Urdu the all seeing one…I know you Lionel Wilford….we all know you. We have seen your actions on earth….your mortal life was ended tragically because you chose to belay fear and do what you thought was right. You acted swiftly to protect the lives of those you felt were innocent in doing so you have earned the comfort of eternal peace and a place in the afterlife. However, we who sit above all offer you another chance at life….another chance to fulfill your destiny and do what is in your heart already.” To this I replied, “W….what do you mean another chance?  Is this heaven am I already dead? Urdu spoke again…Heed my words carefully for the world which you have left is possessed by evil…it surrounds everything like a pervasive black cloud. Men’s hearts are now corrupted and the many agents of evil….the many servants of chaos now roam about freely unchallenged. They would lay claim to the earth and the very lives of mankind if they are not stopped….Know this Lionel Wilford we present you with a choice…be our champion….our avatar on earth…protect the lives of the innocent…rid the world of the servants of chaos…or you can proceed on to the eternal realm of peace and beauty like you so rightfully deserve.” I didn’t fully understand his words….but I didn’t want to be dead I felt I had so much unfinished business on earth….so I responded” Yes I accept your offer…I want to go back to earth” to which he replied “Then it is done…Lionel Wilford I grant you the power to combat evil in all it’s forms!” As he said this I was engulfed by a blinding flash of light like a million exploding suns….then nothing. I awoke in the hospital room with the tubes still sticking out of me....the nurses and doctors were working frantically…but when they saw me open my eyes they stopped in shock. He’s back…his vital signs are back!!!....the patient is ok!!! “Wow…you gave us a scare there Mr. Wilford…glad to see you’ve got a fighting spirit!” the doctor said…holding my hand. “Your vital signs are starting to normalize and it appears that you’ve regained full brain activity” this is nothing short of a miracle Mr…a patient in your state I mean someone with so many multiple stab wounds rarely survive the night. We had to do an emergency transfusion and trauma unit worked twenty four hours. Your heart stopped twice…!” As he said this my mind drifted off the words of Urdu still rang in my consciousness…”I grant you the power to combat evil in all it’s forms” what did he mean? I was just a taxi driver brought back from the brink of death…maybe I was just lucky that’s all. I sat there watching the nurses adjusting some of the machines hooked up to my body…then I fell asleep again.


Three weeks passed since that horrible night…the doctors said I made a full recovery and that it was nothing short of a miracle. My body was completely healed in fact I felt stronger now than I had ever before. Something about me was different….completely different…I mean I felt it. As I walked the streets of the city the smells, the voices, the sounds hit me like a tidal wave. It seemed everything was super heightened or that somebody had changed the frequency of life and failed to mention it to me. Things which I generally didn’t notice before now grabbed my attention. Little things like the bumps on somebody’s hand or the slight tincture of garlic in someone’s clothes. The more I focused the stronger it got, oddly enough I could hear people’s conversations quite plainly. I mean it was as if they were right in front of me the whole time. I felt more energetic as well, you know like the surge of power after an intense workout. Except this lasted indefinitely at any moment I felt as if I could scale a building or outrun a city bus. Stronger somehow like I had gone through some kind of weird transformation, the words of the elder god still echoed in my mind. However the whole entire experience seemed like a dream unreal and fantastic, I figured that it was all just a bizarre hallucination on the brink of death. I mean things like that just didn’t and couldn’t happen…RIGHT? The months following the attack things seemed to normalize and I returned to work as usual. Churning out the long dreary days of an NYC cabbie and the pleasantries it entailed. I was used to them by now however, I had driven a cab for about ten years straight and nothing managed to surprise me anymore. Prostitutes and Pimp fights, drunken revelers, Homeless bums vomiting, public displays of sex and violence were all common place in the Night time city. I was their harbinger… their one unfaltering constant in the messy tumultuous shamble which passed as their lives and no matter how vile or corrupt my passengers were, I still performed a service which was vital to their very survival. This profession offered the most unapologetic and closest glimpse of the city in its rawest truest form. I got to understand the very nature of human beings to the very core. On this particular night things happened a little differently. I stopped on 24th and Madison and picked up this young Caucasian kid he had to be no more than 32. Instinctively I classified him as another yuppie on his way to the latest shindig or dinner party. Or even perhaps a wild night on the town with a couple of his buddies from either college or work, maybe even a dinner date or Broadway venue with his girlfriend or fiancé. Anyway whatever the case may have been I didn’t think much of this kid at all…he blurted out his destination a spot on the lower east side but in a seedier part. I found it strange but it was against my principles to mind my customer’s business….so I kept my head and eyes strictly on the road. It took about 20 minutes to reach the destination and the meter ran to 23.75, He gave me $40 and told me to keep the change. He drew his smart phone from his coat pocket and blurted out something to the person on the other end. “Hey I’m finally here….have you guys got everything prepared? We have to do it right this time…” As I reached over and grabbed the cash a chill crept down my spine. My fingers briefly touched his and in that instant I felt the coldest clammiest skin ever. It was like a corpse but even colder like the flesh had been encased in ice or something. The sensation made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up to surprising effect. “Thanks a lot buddy…be safe” He said this, then turned and walked down the street towards what looked like an old warehouse or abandoned building. I knew this neighborhood well it was the backdrop to one of the biggest club venues in the city. Except nobody lived around here save for degenerates surviving on trust funds and rich drug addicted burnouts. Hence many downtown dealers frequented the area peddling their wares to wealthy but self-destructive customers. This kid didn’t look like the run of the mill cocaine and pills addicted kind of guy that you find in this neighborhood. He was much too clean cut for that his expensive suit, designer shoes, and solid gold wristwatch solidified the fact that he had money or at the least a very good job. My eyes followed him as he walked down the street swiftly with sort of a stalking almost animalistic quality. I didn’t even fully notice it at first but then it hit me like a ton of bricks. Something about him wasn’t quite right….maybe not even human. He pulled the phone from his pocket again and muttered something then walked up to the building. After waiting a few minutes he drew it again and this time he spoke but his mannerisms gave away the feeling of excitement and frustration. He then walked over to the side of the building and into the alleyway out of my sight. Slowly and turned my vehicle around and crept quietly up towards the building hoping to catch a glimpse of this mysterious person. As I drove past the alleyway I was just in time to see him hop up onto a trash bin then up onto the railing that led to a window into the building’s side where another even paler figure let him in. I caught a glimpse of this one’s face and it looked white as snow with what appeared to be blood red eyes which kind of sparkled in the distance. The way that this kid scaled the premises was astonishing his agility was so sudden and animal like that had I been a second to late I would have missed the whole thing. That proved it to me that this passenger was something other than human entirely. Something in me seemed to fortify this notion like an almost sixth sense. I had half a mind to just drive off in search of other fares, but then another feeling came over me. It was a tingling sensation throughout my body like electricity and every moment it grew more intense. My interest was peaked at this time this mysterious person and his clandestine nocturnal appointment now seemed to be more important than making money. I parked my vehicle further down the street then took off my tan leather jacket and put on a jet black hoodie I had in the space under my seat. For some reason I figured that this attire would be more appropriate in the night. I got out of my car then walked up the street towards the building. The closer I got the “electric tingling” got worse to the point where it encased my entire body. My heart began to beat excitedly and I started sweating uncontrollably. I walked up to the front door and heard music coming from the inside…..Death Metal. They must be having a party or get together of some sorts which is why they would be playing music. Curiosity got the best of me and I strolled over to the side of the building. Exactly to the spot where I saw the guy jump up to the railings…Damn I thought… from the ground up to the window platform had to be at least a full 15 feet!! To jump up to it like he did was no small feat…in fact it was practically impossible. Even when I stood on the dumpster there was no way for me to reach the stair way which led up to the window. In my dismay I got down and searched around the alleyway for items I could stack up on top of each other to get some kind of leverage. A few buckets and trashcans I thought one on top of the other might give me enough height…but then I saw something lying under a heap of old newspapers and garbage bags. It was an old wooden ladder!!! About 12 feet in length!! Okay…now things were getting interesting….I got on top of the dumpster then placed the ladder firmly against the side of the building. I made sure it was steady then I began to climb. I reached the top and was just able with some degree of effort place my hand s on the bottom of the staircase railing. With two hands it took almost every fiber of my being to hoist myself up onto the stairway. Briefly my arms went numb from the strain....when I regained the feeling in them The tingling reached an unprecedented level and I started to feel nauseous. The curious feeling pushed me forward however and I made my way up to the window. The music they were playing was very apparent now and I searched the annals of my brain to remember the name of the band. Grind something or the other….. I think they were from Germany or Iceland or one of the Scandinavian countries. The music was fast paced, brutal, and horrific…whoever the lead singer was he belted out obscenities and blasphemies with almost total abandon. How could anyone find this sort of music entertaining? I crept up to the window and my senses were overloaded with another challenge… unholy stench…like something rotting and dying….a thick musty odor but sour and foul like a graveyard or cemetery. They had the blinds down but if you looked to the side you could still see into the room because they had the lights on. As I peered in trying to be as quiet as possible I beheld a sight which filled me with unyielding terror and dread. So much so I was thrown back and wanted to flee this place immediately. In the room on a mattress lay a naked man his body spread eagled each limb tied to a bed post. He was half eviscerated with blood, flesh, and organs strewn about everywhere completely soaking the mattress. All about the walls of the room there were demonic signs and symbols written in splattered blood…which I’m assuming was the man’s own. He lay there with a blindfold and ball gag writhing in agony…which meant he was still alive. I saw the same figure I had before a woman in a bra and panties at the foot of the bed. Her skin looked pale and sickly and she was so thin I could clearly see her spinal column protruding through her almost translucent flesh. She was hunched over moving her hands back and forth towards her mouth. She turned around briefly and I saw that her mouth and face were covered in blood and filth. Then another realization hit me like a baseball bat to the head…She was eating the man…..literally feasting on his flesh. Right then and there I threw up a little in my mouth but managed to swallow back the rest of it. I had to regain my composure and choke back the fear now that completely gripped my body. My head was ringing and the electricity surged crazily. A mixture of fear and excitement took over and I came to the conclusion that I had to call the police as quickly as possible. What if there were other victims in the building? Of course there were because the passenger in my cab alluded to it like they were having some sort of party. My heart was racing, sweat trickling down my cheek I was so scared but I had to get down from this balcony and back to my car. As I turned to walk down the balcony I felt some unseen force like a barrier stop me in my tracks. Then everything went quiet and I couldn’t move…I was completely stiff. I then felt a cold and clammy hand grab my arm and I looked back and the same creature I had seen in the room gorging on that poor man….now stared me square in the face. Her face was more animalistic than human and her eyes were red and flaming set afire by some unholy force. I could not move…and the creature smiled revealing a hideous set of sharp shark like teeth. “Where do you think you’re going? Why don’t you come and join us…HaHAHA” As it said this bits of flesh dripped from it’s mouth and the voice was thin nasally and hideous like crushed glass. With one motion it pulled me into the room sending me crashing to the floor…wet with blood and bits of flesh. It crawled on top of me with a weight that betrayed it’s small frame. Looking deep into it’s eyes I shuddered and closed my mind…my first instinct was to begin praying. Suddenly I felt a long whip like tongue caress my face and neck….It was cold and slimy and it went down my hoodie to my chest where it played with my nipples. “MMMMMM…..I love an older man” It said and chuckled to itself…at that moment I saw two more of them enter the room. One was my passenger he was naked save for the boxer briefs he wore. His body was also partly spattered with blood which meant that he had himself just enjoyed a similar feast. Accompanying him was a taller and even more gaunt bald-headed figure this one was not pale however it’s skin gave off a golden brown appearance like gleaming gold. It wore a black robe and tiny black pair of Speedo’s. “Well…well…what do we have hear a visitor of some kind?” It said, I detected a slight Middle Eastern accent from it. “Hey….that’s the cabbie that drove me here!! The bastard must have followed me….!!” As he said this he walked over and kicked me right in my teeth....the force was sufficient enough to knock the back of my head into the floor. I blacked out for a moment then regained consciousness to the sight of the “woman” dragging me by my legs down a staircase. “Take him to the cellar and perform the ritual….you know we can’t just feast like that....our meat has to be properly prepared first!” The robed one said this….so naturally I assumed he was their leader…


As my head bumped along the steps the woman was holding me tightly that my legs began to go numb for lack of circulation. Her touch was like icicles….cold and disgusting. I looked around and briefly glimpsed “other” members of this little click some stared at me in amusement and surprise….while others were too busy enjoying their “food” to pay attention. They had to be vampires I thought to myself…But come on vampires didn’t really exist right? Besides I didn’t know they ate flesh as well as drink blood…whatever they were….they were not human that’s for sure and I was about to be next on the menu. What did the leader mean by “I had to be prepared?” would they torture me as a way of tenderizing the meat…or perhaps pour some weird kind of vampiric seasoning on me for flavor? These thoughts clouded my brain...along with the impending fear that I was soon to be cannibalized. Finally we got to the cellar…the she-creature opened the door with one push, showcasing her superhuman strength the door was a heavy metallic one which had to way at least 200-300lbs. The way she pushed it open so effortlessly made me even more afraid, the cellar was even colder than upstairs like a freezer where you kept meat. In fact that is exactly what it was…Writhing bodies of the freshly “prepared” were impaled on meat hooks, while on tables lay butchered human remains…missing the most tender....most choice bits of flesh. I saw one obese man clearly with his throat cut gurgling on a table. He was completely naked and they had stuck a butcher knife into his right thigh. He was just laying there slowly dying…suffering in agony. If I could get free I would have ended the bastards plight in an instant…nobody should have to suffer like that….nobody. My captor dragged me further still into a back room part of the cellar. Surprisingly it was warm because of a sequence of lit candles that encircled the room. They were arranged around a circular pattern of some sort…like a pentagram. In the middle lay a tiny obsidian statue of a kind of demonic figure….like a demon with outstretched wings. The creature must have noticed my curiosity because it said, “That is our lord Mamon…our revered Patron!!....It is he who first gave the children of the night the gift of the bloodlust…those who walk forever in the shadow under the kiss of the moon!!” It flashed a hideous grin and chuckled to itself as it said this “Before we dine….we must offer up the souls of our meat to him and receive his blessing…for it is he who sustains us…he who nurtures us…consider yourself lucky flesh bag…you have the honor and privilege of providing nourishment and entertainment to beings far greater than you!!!” HA!” I said, feigning machismo…” yeah I feel lucky that I’m going to be eaten by a group of ugly disgusting degenerate cannibals who worship some stupid idiotic loser of an elder god!!...I hope you choke bitch!!” She smacked me across the face and the blow sent me hurtling into the wall…then she produced a rope and hog tied me hands to feet and dragged me into the middle of the circle right next to the statue. As I lay there trying to regain my senses she closed the door then took her index finger and carved a bloody symbol into my forehead….when the blood began to run….she rubbed some onto the statue then licked her lips with the rest. “HAHA… You eat far too much spicy food human…Your blood is sweet and tangy….I won’t butcher you raw…no…no…I think I will enjoy watching you roast alive hah hhahahah!!”  She then stood before me outside the circle and began chanting in words I could not understand…her voice got louder and louder as she did this, and I noticed the statue began to glow faintly. Suddenly I felt the electricity feeling surge down my back down to my toes…It was different now…like tremendous. I couldn’t even think…it felt like I was going to explode…The creature kept chanting not noticing my discomfort and the statue started vibrating. I screamed and then suddenly I felt a surge of power like nothing I’ve ever felt before, the ropes that my captor tied me with broke as easily as if they were made of silly string, then there was this huge explosion like a grenade had went off in the room. I closed my eyes for a second then opened them…my flesh had turned a whitish grey…I looked at my hands they were massive and craggy….almost rocklike…I looked down and my entire body was the same way. In an instant I felt like I could do anything…I literally exploded with power. It felt exhilarating…an adrenaline rush like nothing I could even describe!! I stood to my feet and realized that my new found mass and size had caused most of my clothes to burst at the seams and rip away!! Furthermore I now towered over my captor like she was a child…she sat there cowering in fear not knowing exactly what happened. Her arrogance and belligerence now turned to horror and panic. “Still hungry…now bitch?” I asked, my voice was monstrous… like thunder. Now it came clear to me…this was what Erdu had bestowed on me….this power…the power to destroy evil things. It would only activate in the presence of supernatural terror and I was their instrument …their weapon against the undead. I crushed the statue beneath the soles of my feet, dissolving whatever power dwelt within it. Blew out some of the candles then turned my attention to the she creature, she huddled into a corner with one arm held over her head as if to deny my very existence. Now I started to laugh uncontrollably…HAHA…”I don’t think I can fit in your oven anymore!” I picked her up with one hand by the throat….she weighed almost nothing to me. My gigantic hand clasping around her neck, she writhed and beat at me with her filthy cold fists…kicking and squirming she tried to scream but I held her vocal cords so tightly that she could scarcely let out a murmur. “This is for the innocents you have murdered this night…there will be no peace for you monster….in hell!!” then I felt her miserable neck snap like a twig and her body go limp in my hand. I dropped the corpse on the floor then did something almost instinctively, I took a deep breath and then blew on the creature’s lifeless body. A strange black flame shot out and engulfed the body and it dissolved completely. As I did this the door swung open and three more “Vampires” burst into the room!! “What the hell!!...who are you?!! They stood there in total shock and awe at the sight of me…I had to be almost 7 feet tall!! A huge grey hulkish  rocky monstrosity. I moved so fast that I even surprised myself, grasping two of them by the neck, they squealed like pigs in a pen. With the minimum amount of force their necks snapped also like toothpicks and their bodies went limp. I tossed them aside as if they were rag dolls and turned my attention to the third one…who by now had bolted out of the room and down the cellar to the staircase. This one had long hair like a girl so I grabbed it from the back and the jerking motion caused his neck to snap as well… the black flame from my lungs took care of the bodies. I looked around for survivors and sure enough in a corner there lay 4 kids two men and two women huddled together crying desperately. I approached them but they seemed more scared of me than the fucking vampires!! “Hey….Look….I’m here to rescue you guys…I’ll get you out of here ok!!” I said this…and it didn’t really have much effect in calming their nerves. They were petrified….I untied them and took off their gags…one of them threw up on my arm…”Are there anymore alive down here?”…no answer…so I asked again this time louder…my thunder voice…knocking them into attention….”Y..Y..YES…I think there are l…l….like three more people in that room over there!! The thing took them in there a little while earlier” “OK..I said….you guys just chill right here….no pun intended…I’m gonna get them out then go upstairs and deal with the others…when I’m done I’ll call down to you…and you guys come upstairs and leave ok?” He nodded shitting himself in fear….I walked over and ripped the door from it’s hinges with no effort…sure enough three more people lay huddled inside the room. One of them a woman screamed when she saw me and fainted….the other two became petrified. I picked up all three and placed them beside the rest. “Stay here for now….when it’s safe you can come upstairs ok” again the kid nodded…and I made my way up the staircase. I was greeted by the leader vampire and his golden bronze body….As soon as he saw me he froze with fear…his bloodshot eyes wide like saucers…..”What’s the matter buddy? look like you’ve seen a ghost…HAHAHA.” I punched him…or should I say punched right through him…because my fist went clean through his chest cavity out the other side. I lifted him up then flung him up the staircase. He was dead before his body hit the wall…When I emerged the entire flock was on me…there were like 8 of them in all….”Well….I said?” with a devilish grin…in this moment I realized that my power was so much greater than theirs…It was like the stomping out of cockroaches. I karate chopped one decapitating it on impact, then I kicked the head at another with enough force to knock it down. Then one rushed me and tried to jump on my back I backed up into the wall and crushed it completely…it’s blood splattered the wall. Their blood was more like a slimy ooze than a liquid, it had purplish color. One decided to get tough and stand in front of me so I gripped both of it’s arms and ripped them off. It dropped to the floor where I stomped on it’s head smashing it into pieces. The eyeballs popped out of the skull and landed on the bed in the adjacent room. I used the arms like Escrima sticks and made short work of the rest….One ran and tried to make it’s way to the window in an attempt to escape. It was my passenger…..the one who kicked me in the teeth…he looked so puny now in my monstrous form. “Hey guy…had fun tonight?”…He looked at me and replied…”W..what the hell are you man?...where the fuck did you come from? Just stay the fuck away from me!!!” I laughed and replied, “You see what happens when you don’t tip your cabbie!!” I was on him faster than he could react…he looked me dead in the eyes almost helplessly….”p…please man just make it quick…” As he said this I looked over the room and saw the mangled body of the poor man who was outstretched tied to the bed….I lifted him up over my head and grabbing his leg with one arm and his torso with another I pulled. His body ripped in half and his sludgy, oozy entrails spilled onto my face. Some dripped into my mouth and it had a bitter fishy taste…disgusting. I blew the flame breath on all of the bodies then did my best to clean up all the victim’s remains caring to give them the proper respect due a corpse. Finally I called down the stairs for the survivors to come forth…at first there was no answer…then slowly I saw white pale scared faces peering up at me from the bottom of the stairway. I did my best to comfort them…”Don’t worry folks your ordeal is over…make your piece with the others who weren’t so lucky then get the hell away from this place as soon as possible!!...Oh yeah somebody call the police and tell them what’s happened!!” I stood there for a little while until all of them had left making sure they were safe…like I said they were more afraid of me than the vampires…I couldn’t blame them though I had transformed into a fucking monster!!  Strangely enough my body didn’t revert back as soon as the last vampire was killed…nope It took about an hour or so for that shit to happen. So I figured I’d have a little fun scaling the rooftops of the lower east side. Oh man…you should have seen me the way I could jump was something straight out of a comic book…from one building to the next I leapt again and again working out these magnificent craggy leg muscles of mine. It was absolutely exhilarating beyond belief….finally when my body reverted back to normal form I looked around and realized that I was almost naked in forty degree weather…..which wasn’t good at all. I jumped down to the street and sprinted headfirst to my cab, starting the engine and heading home as quickly as possible. I was hungry now….ridiculously hungry…ravenous even…after fixing myself the hugest pastrami and swiss cheese sandwich ever seen on earth…..I sat back on my recliner and recollected the nights events. It was surreal now…the bodies…the vampires….my alternate form….I knew that this was only the beginning….the thought frightened me…but at the same time enchanted me as well….after all…it was kind of fun the sheer power and excitement of it all….I was something much more than human….much more. Then after pondering all these things…I finally drifted off to sleep…..

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