The Knowing Part 1

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A story about aliens

Submitted: January 14, 2013

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Submitted: January 14, 2013



I was headed out  for a moonlight stroll, I had just moved to these parts recently from the city and relished the chance to explore the open wilderness. Being born and raised in the big city you take for granted the quiet serenity of the rustic wild. How the rich, earthy, colors intersected each other and gently draped the trees as if signaling the coming of winter. The air was cool and dry, with a quaint almost stubborn briskness that harkened to old country delights and earnest exuberance. Gently streaming across my face, i zipped my blazer up and slackened my pace. Why rush? I thought to myself...I needed to enjoy this for what it freedom. Here I was a man alone at night in the open land...the feeling gave me a kind of rush of adrenalin. I took a deep breath a sif to inhale all the country air I could....then let out a breath of the sweetest most scrumptious oxygen i have ever tasted. This wa slife i thought to myself...the money I spent on the small cabin was worth it's wait in gold. I mean all those years being cooked up in a concrete jungle amidst human and animal vermin I think I deserved it. I grew to hated the city in every way possible, the snarling congestion, the endless rat race, the tumultuous cycle of up's and down's, the filth, the grime, the hatred, and the hideousness all rolled up into one nasty, stinking, dripping, bitter ball of putrid filth. That was surely not how GOD intended us to live...surely not. I wanted to live off the grid and avoid big business running my life. I didn't want to be another worker bee, ensared in the web of mediocrity,or  just another capitalistic cannabalistic human predator. AAAAAhhh...another breath of that crisp mountain air, cooling my lungs like the sweetest nectar....This had to be heaven.


I had to walk for at least two smartphone was down to the last bar and I had forgotten my charger in the cabin. smartphone along with my laptop, my hdtv, stereo and game console were the cherished few bits of modern technology I allowed myself to have in my wilderness retreat. Yeah I know it sounds hypocritical and all...but before you write me off, know that they all run on a generator which I have to manually crank. Too busy listening to some old school reggae tunes for me to realize just how far i had gone. It was really dark now and I could barely even see my shadow on the faint mountain road. Owls echoed their throaty cries , while the children of the night danced and frolicked in the distance. It was markedly colder and I could feel it through the thin orange blazer I wore. Now was time to be heading home, I looked at my watch and it read 1:37am....damn.  If I had my running shoes I would have jogged back...but the heavy clumbering hiking boots felt like I stuck my feet in a  knee deep puddle of mud.  It's funny the walk back is never as good as the walk to...It seemed like a good idea two hours ago.


Something caught my eye, I couldn't quite glimpse it at first. Then it hit me again...A flicker, then a flash...then a faint luminescent glow. Far off into the distance amongst the trees. It seemed to pulsate as I paid more attention to it. It caught my eye but for me to find out what it was I would have to betray the open road and venture into the forest. Something which I was not completely keen on attempting...I love the wilderness and all....but at a distance...not up close...and not at 2:30 in the morning. It could be another hermit wanderer like myself lighting a cigarette, or a group of hikers settling down for a campfire cookout. It could've been a million and one different things that produced that faint, pulsating glow in between the trees. My curiosity was peaked however and I had to find out what it was...

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