The Knowing Part 2

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The knowing part 2

Submitted: March 18, 2013

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Submitted: March 18, 2013



Slowly...cautiously..I approached what seemed to be the source location of that ominous glow. I could feel the hair on the back of my neck stand and an icy chill creep down my spine. Yet I could not convince myself to abandon curiosity's matter how hard I tried. I just had to find the source, the reason behind the glow. As I walked closer into the thick darkness of the forest all manner of woodland creatures scampered about...owls proclaiming their dominance while they sat high above casting a watchful gaze...raccoons with their shiny shimmering eyes peering from within the bush. I could not blame them however, I was the intruder and this was their territory perfect in it's splendor and unspoilt by the throngs of men. The pale emerald light grew slightly more intense every few minutes or did my fear and uneasiness with the situation. The closer I came the more I realized how helpless I truly was in this vast one knew I was out here and I had nothing on me that could be used significantly as a weapon. A fallen branch about the size of a baseball bat immediately rectified that was an old dry, brittle piece of wood but it would have to do under these makeshift of circumstances. Hell the damn thing would probably break upon impact but that would at least provide me with ample time to run away I thought.  Stick in hand I approached ever closer..closer...through the endless folds of bush, trees, and dirt. My legs began to ache from all the walking, and my digestive system voiced it's disapproval with my current whereabouts rather loudly. It seemed to break the sudden stillness that had come over the place...not even the leaves seemed to rustle from the approaching wind. The only thing I could see was that eerie ominous green glow...which flickered now and was so pervasive at this point that my eyes began to water.


Still i pressed onwards curiosity's fingers clutching at the very fabric of my being. Finally I got to a clearing..a grove...sort of a forest within a forest....the tress were so densely packed at this point...but I could tell that the source of the light came from within it. Calming my nerves I pressed onwards...but my movements now were more purposeful..less leisurely...peering from behind one of the trees my eyes fixed upon the center of the clearing. A large craggy looking object imbedded itself into the ground. What looked like "veins" of pulsating green material were all through it and seemed to channel off into the ground. If I had to describe the object..I would say it closely resembled a meteorite of some sort, except for the fact that pulsating "veins" made it seem alive. I observed that the portion of it was submerged in the ground and the other half was visible, this led me to assume that a forcible impact must have caused it's current orientation. It may have indeed been a meteorite which crashed in this meadow upon arriving in earth's atmosphere. I took out my phone and decided to take a video of it...damn foolishly realized that my phone had died. I now was faced with the realization that this "discovery" would be left up to my memory and how well i could recall it later. Pondering this...I heard a noise which sounded like a child's speech. A sharp pang of fear shot though me..and I hid completely behind the tree. Then the voice spoke again but this time it was longer and louder. The voice was screechy and childlike...and the words I could not understand..they sounded like gibberish.


 Whatever it was it kept speaking...uttering the same garbled gibberish over and over....I was absolutely terrified and felt my bowels loosen in a warm wet kind of way. Gathering myself I peered from behind the tree to examine the culprit...was it the strange meteor thing which spoke?...My  assumption proved wrong when the perpetrator revealed itself to me in opportunistic fashion. What appeared before me was a thin creature about the size of a twelve year old with a large rotund head and massive black eyes devoid of retinas. It wore a shiny metallic looking suit and I observed that it had three digits on each hand. The body looked disproportionate to the head but I briefly observed that it blinked when it stared at me. The skin was pale and glossy with little spots like a reptile's. "Fuck ME" I thought to myself...Aliens DO exist!!!


Again it uttered it's shrill words in a defiant tone but this time it jumped up and down as it spoke. I sensed hostility in it's sound and mannerisms...but If I hadn't been so afraid the display would have been very comical. I came out from behind the tree completely with stick in hand and walked towards the creature. Raising my hands in the air as a sign of non-aggression, I positioned myself about 20 feet from it then stopped and placed my stick on the ground slowly. Arms still raised I shouted with all my strength " Who are you and why have you come here?!!!" "I mean you no harm, tell me what this is and where you come from!!"  The creature looked at me for a few moments then uttered another cry..this time it pulled something from it's side. Almost instantly it fired some kind of directed energy weapon at me..but I dodged by jumping out of the way. Had I not the blast would probably have done some serious tissue damage, because it seared a tree off into the distance. Now Fear's terrible but familiar face reared it's head once again...not only was it an alien who probably crash landed on earth..but it was a HOSTILE alien at that. Fortunately the "ray gun" thingie it fired was kind of slow and the blasts very easy to dodge. Taking position a little ways off into the bushes, I scrounged around for anything to use against it. This was now life and death...another ill fated shot pierced through the dense shrubbery and barely missed my left leg. Seering my jeans a little I felt a sensation of intense but unfamiliar pain. Like a thousand tiny fire ants creeping on my skin at one time. The weapon the creature fired must operate on some thermodynamic system and focus heat energy onto a target. Luckily for me the little extraterrestrial bastard was a poor shot...I decided to keep repositioning myself,  knowing that it's harder to hit a moving target than a stationary one, dodging another couple of bursts from his "death ray" . I picked up a rock about the size of a baseball.... steadied myself behind the tree and took aim at the fucker's huge oversized head...

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