The Templar Sword

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The first part to a tale about the struggle between good and evil. I changed the text structure to make it a little more easy to read.

Submitted: February 29, 2012

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Submitted: February 29, 2012



The mystical energy spewing forth from the blade was tremendous…I could feel it surging through my hands down to my feet. My entire body was pulsating with energy… that empowered me enhancing all of my physical characteristics and attributes. The templar sword was mine by birthright from a line of black Moorish descendants. Bypassing my father who shunned it’s apocalyptic destiny altogether…maybe he was right for doing so…this blade…forbade any chance of living a normal life….of finding true happiness, and settling down to a ripe old age in comfortable bliss. No my friends, to take up the templar sword meant a life of danger and adventure, of forces beyond man’s comprehension and of places dire and dangerous. This sword was the harbinger of doom for whoever touched it…and the solemn destruction of all who wielded it. Yet with me it gave a strange sense of excitement…of power, and dare I say it, I relished the status it gave. Me an ordinary man of flesh and blood was now relevant to beings of higher orders, raunchy powerful spirit beings and their mad games of conquest. To think by wielding this immortal blade a man would be caught up in the war between heaven and hell. Of angels and demons and all those things in between…that this cursed sword which would be the bane of my existence could also be the savior of it.

To think my poor wife…God… brings tears to my eyes to think how she must be suffering in the infernal realm by those…filthy monsters. Demons vile and base touching her, caressing her beautiful ebony skin…Oh how they must be tormenting her wondrous frame!! By Heaven by my Lord, King of all the hosts!! I swear on all things holy I will get her back and save her from eternal damnation. No....she was not the plaything of those caught up in this hellish war. She was my ….delicate flower…my wife and keeper of my heart. I was prepared to storm the gates of hell and the cliffs of heaven to retrieve her. I would confront the most high even if I had to…she was my soul mate and neither side had any right…no right at all…. to use her in such a way. The templar sword has the ability to kill mystical beings be they demon, angel or anything else, plus it can summon either and open pan-dimensional portals for a limited amount of time. The mortal wielder thus had power over the spirit beings, not only that but it also greatly enhanced it’s wielder’s fighting and physical abilities to a superhuman level making me the equal match of both cherubim and hell spawn. It was passed down through the men of my family and before me it was wielded by my grandfather. In modern times people were less apt to believe in all this supernatural mumbo jumbo so the Great War went on pretty much unnoticed to the general population. My father chose to break with tradition and renounced his claim to the sword, seeing it as a curse and useless in these modern times. So my grandfather taught me its secrets instead and made me take the oath unbeknownst to my father. For much of my adult life I forgot about the whole thing as the embellished ranting of a crazy old man.

That was until three weeks ago on the eve of my honeymoon…when the hideous demon invaded our home and snatched my beautiful wife away to hell. I can never forget the look on his hideous face as he snickered and laughed. Instinctively I opened the case which contained the sword, breaking the magical seals which had been placed upon it by my grandfather. Strangely enough it felt so comfortable in my hands…like I was born to wield it. I didn’t know what I was doing I just reacted in abject hatred and anger…I guess my emotions poured out into the blade because instantly I found myself wading through a river of blood in the fifth sphere of Hell. At first I was awestruck but my mind snapped out of it and my purpose was clear. I raised the sword up to the black clouds of mists which pervade the infernal realm and chanted the summoning words. The blade shown a bright blue and lightning rained down from the black clouds. There before stood a hideous demon, not the one which took my wife however. It introduced itself as Abgab purveyor of souls and steward of this region of hell. He towered over me but my sword granted me power in this realm…I was not afraid. “Where is she!!!?” I shouted, to which the fiend replied “What? mean your wife? Don’t worry she is not suffering…not yet anyway…let’s just say she is in a state of sleep” “You see technically she did not die and her soul has not been judged, therefore we demons have no authority to work our charms on her. Ha-Ha… much as we would absolutely love to….” “She is our bargaining chip you see…to ensure your cooperation.” As he said this I readied my blade to strike the fiend down but his words suddenly rang in my head…..”My…...My cooperation?!” to which he replied, “Yes…Yes….you see that which you wield is the deciding piece in this chess game we are playing…you have the ability to tip the scales in our favor…..we care nothing about the bitch flesh bag but her presence was needed to provide you with the right amount of motivation…” I grew enraged at his words, “watch your filthy tongue hell spawn or I’ll strike you down where you stand!!” “HAHAHA…do that and you may never see your lovely little wife again….for it is I who the masters entrusted with the knowledge of her whereabouts!” “You will take me to her at once then demon....nothing else to it!!” “Now….now…..let’s play nice little mortal man…you must first sign the contract and swear your allegiance!!” “What?!!....My allegiance… what?!! To Hell?!! Are you kidding me?!!...Never…Never….will I help you monstrosities!!” I leapt at him and caught him with the edge of my blade it erupted in a flash like lightning…he shrieked and his entire body became engulfed in a thick voluminous black flame…then he was gone….Initially I thought I killed him, but a demon of his rank could not so easily fall. He merely retreated and left me to my own device. In my anger I had acted rashly which was very stupid because now how would I know where my wife was being held? The fiend’s words rang true though; Hell could not harm her flesh or soul since she was still alive and not judged, instead merely just keeping her hostage in a state of suspended animation. This realization gave me some small comfort…it was short-lived however because I was now besieged by a pack of bloodthirsty imp demons…see technically once I took up the sword I was no longer merely human but also classified as a supernatural entity, and thus subject to the rules of the war. These were the regular run of the mill cannon fodder demons often than not they served as food or playthings for the higher ups, but presently they were on attack mode pretty fierce. My living flesh would be a choice delicacy for their gruesome palettes, and they relished in taking mortals to the depths of agony. Not tonight…not me.. I quickly dispatched them with a few strokes of my mystical blade, they literally evaporated upon contact. Now a few beasties wouldn’t be a problem, but in the back of my mind I knew that if I didn’t high tail it out of here. I’d have a whole army of slobbering, hungry demons on my ass which could be a serious problem sword or no sword. I said the magic words and the rift opened to the mortal plane of time and space.

I was back in my apartment in Manhattan across from Central Park like nothing happened. It felt good to be home, but on close examination of my calendar that hung in the kitchen. A whole three weeks had passed in those mere moments I spent in hell. I had completely forgot that time moved differently while on each plane. Not only that but me being a mortal man it also moved relevant to my perception of it. I checked my answering machine which was surprisingly full….It was Linda my coworker and direct supervisor over at the museum. Damn…I was supposed to meet with a group of researchers who were interested in expanding and possibly donating to the medieval relic’s exhibit. They had flown all the way from London, and the meeting was supposed to be two weeks ago. My working relationship with Linda was such that long periods of unexplained absence could easily be overlooked provided I could invent a story that sounded half way believable. I was too much of a valuable asset for the museum and its trustees to let go on account of suspect attendance. Within the last two years alone my work, research and contacts into the occult had led to the development of an entire new wing of the modern religion section sparking the public’s interest in pseudo-scientific occult symbolism and religious pagan belief systems. The museum made almost twenty five million in new ticket sales and merchandise alone. I decided that I’d call Linda after I’d had a shower and a hot cup of honey lemon tea. It’d give me time to invent and refine my story of course. The putrid smell of demon spawn and tortured souls were embedded in my jacket and jeans, Good luck explaining that shit to Ms. Kim at the dry cleaners, she’d probably have a nice fit. I rest the sword on the kitchen table for cleaning…it looked so plain now. No glowing, no pulsating with mystical energy just a plain old medieval 12th century sword and scabbard. As I sat there polishing the blade I thought about how many of my ancestors did the same thing throughout time. All of us cursed… with this thing deciding our lives and fortunes before we even knew it. How many lives had it ruined?, How many of my ancestors paid the price for one man’s attempt at heroism?

Oh I guess this is as good a time as any to explain the history of the blade and how it became entrusted to the men in my family. It happened a long ass time ago just about the time of the crusades in the holy lands during the 12th century when the templar organization was at the height of its power and prestige. There was this guy Francis De lettier a knight of the order’s French chapter, well he had just returned to France from the holy land to attend to his estate and matters of home, one of his servants or slaves if you will- a black man of Moorish descent Renalfo my direct ancestor. Was left in charge while he was away fighting the crusades, now Renalfo and De lettier had a relationship that was pretty much unheard of in medieval times due to the racial climate, but De lettier was something of a modernist in his thinking and approach to everyday life. Renalfo was like a brother to him and two men were so close that they entrusted each other with their lives. De lettier had come into possession of a certain book while in the holy lands, it was an old dirty torn thing full of strange writings and symbols which he didn’t understand. Yet he could not explain the feeling of power and peculiarity he felt while holding it and flipping through its pages. He carried this book on his person and upon returning to France made up his mind to understand the complete meaning of it. This marked the beginning of his descent into the occult and the complications which followed. De lettier involved himself with a man named Shetsin, a shadowy figure whom not much is known, save for the fact that he might have been a mage himself or a consort of mages. Shetsin deciphered some of the writings in the book to the bewilderment of De lettier, it turned out that the entire book was the first volume of an even larger work titled the Dominionasda or Dominion of Man. This book that no actual records have ever been found allegedly contained a full account of the war in Heaven when Lucifer first rebelled against God and fell from grace. It goes on to list all of the resulting players both good and evil, their true names and symbols, as well as ways to safely summon them. Furthermore the book also reportedly detailed the only known working method for a human being to achieve actual immortality. If it in fact ever truly existed it has since been lost through time, yet this did nothing to dissuade De lettier who was intrigued by its mysteries. He allocated most of his wealth to the pursuit and study of the occult, much to the dismay of Renalfo and his other servants.

This practice soon engulfed him and his duties for the Templars came into conflict. It seems Shetsin was part of a secret order or coven called the Black Dawn-which was really just a cabal of witches, warlocks, assassins and other malicious occult practitioners. Their attitudes and beliefs strongly conflicted with De lettier’s oaths sworn to the Templars. Matter of fact they viewed the Templars and other organizations like it as their sworn enemies, and for De lettier to become a part of their circle he would have to renounce all ties with them. This of course was a tremendous conflict of interest and De Lettier new this. He tried to negotiate with the Templars and relinquish his duties while still keeping the faith and his title which was tied to them. His superiors would not hear any of it; in fact they grew to suspect him of ulterior motives, Since around this time the Templar’s were coming into conflict with the French Monarchy. Spies were sent to shadow De lettier’s every move and they went even so far as to kidnap and torture some of his servants in order to gain information. However only Renalfo knew of De lettier descent into the occult and the Black Dawn, to which Renalfo begged and pleaded for his master and friend to discard such endeavors. De lettier was obsessed with the cult and had participated in a number of secret rituals some of which involved human sacrifice. He was too deep into the Black Dawn and had too much knowledge of the arcane, it eventually corrupted his mind, body, and soul.

The Templar’s were more and more distrustful of De lettier and decided to make an example out of him. He would have to relinquish his title and assets gained from the organization and surrender himself to their custody. Once De lettier realized their plans he approached Shetsin and the other members of the Black Dawn for assistance. They offered to help him for a sinister price however, he De Lettier would have to completely renounce the Templar’s and his belief in the holy trinity and swear eternal allegiance to the cult. This meant that forever he would be indebted to them and had to follow their every whim. Now De lettier who still considered himself to be a staunch Christian man knew that this act would completely damn his soul to hell. Yet he could see no other way out of his situation, desperately he turned to his only true friend for advice-my ancestor Renalfo. Together the two decided that the no win situation could only be remedied if De Lettier fled France altogether and destroying the book meant no traces could be made linking De lettier with the occult. Renalfo gathered a handful of De Lettier’s prized possessions which were worth a small fortune, harnessed two horses and a wagon and intended to smuggle De lettier out through the countryside under the moonlight. When the time came to destroy the book De Lettier hesitated and could not do it, instead a strange fixation came upon him. The dark forces it seemed were manipulating his mind and he could not go through with it. De Lettier placed the book in a satchel on his person intending to take it with him, however Renalfo upon realizing his master’s weakness seized the satchel from De lettier’s hands. Drawing De Lettier’s sword which he had used during the crusades he stabbed through the book and as the blade pierced the cover and bindings, a crackle of energy shot through it. Hurling Renalfo into the wall, De Lettier became furious and attempted to pull the sword free but Renalfo got to his feet and the two men wrestled uncontrollably. Renalfo realizing that his master’s mind was completely overtaken had no choice but to try and incapacitate him for the moment. As he resisted De Lettier pulled a dagger from his robe and tried to stab Renalfo through the heart. As they struggled Renalfo got the upper hand and as he tried to wrest the knife from De Lettier’s hands the blade accidentally slipped free and fell inwards impaling De Lettier in the abdomen to Renalfo’s horror. They both fell to their knees with the sword still plunged in the book absorbing all of its mystical energies. De Lettier was struck deeply and he began losing tremendous amounts of blood. Renalfo panicked and was about to go for help to which De Lettier responded “No my friend…tis better this way…I have been a doomed man for quite some time now. Besides they will only hang and quarter you for this….you are more than my loyal servant…you are my brother..I was a fool to not have listened to your advice…may God have mercy on my soul.” Tears welled up in Renalfo’s eyes as he watched his master’s dying moments he said “ I can still save you….we can flee together….let me summon a healer…” “No I feel my spirit leaving my body…it’s too late…my belongings my wealth…take it brother….they are yours…the book…the damned book…see it destroyed…hurry flee this place lest someone find you….”

As he said this he passed on to the next realm, where he ended up is not quite clear since he died in a fallen state…but he did renounce evil in the end. Renalfo didn’t have time even to bury his friend because he knew that both the Templar’s and the Black Dawn would be on them soon. He would fulfill his master’s dying wish however and destroy the book once and for all. As he pulled the sword free the book disintegrated instantly. It’s power completely imbued into the blade of De Lettier’s sword, Which came to be known as the Templar sword in honor of its original bearer. Renalfo gathered up the rest of De Lettier’s things along with the sword and fled France that very night. With the wealth he purchased a small hamlet near the English countryside and built himself a kind of small monastery where he studied and practiced with the sword in secret for years. Now you would think that a black man owning such things at that time would arise some suspicion, but the English it seemed were a little more level headed than the French. As long as he paid his taxes on time and perpetuated an image of a devout catholic man no one suspected otherwise. The Black Dawn however deduced the situation and sought out the book in earnest. They dispatched spies all over Europe to seek it out not knowing exactly what happened to it. Since Shetsin had only met Renalfo on one occasion he had no way of knowing that Renalfo had knowledge of everything he sought. In this instance Renalfo’s race and status provided him good cover across Europe. As he gained proficiency while practicing with the sword he realized that it greatly enhanced his natural ability. The blade was so powerful that he decided it could never be shared with the public. It had to be kept away in secret for all time; the only ones that could know about it were those that were trained to handle it properly. So in an effort to keep this purpose Renalfo wrote down everything he learned about the sword from its uses to it’s history. Thus serving as a reference guide or basic instruction on its use, further realizing that future generations may discover more than his present knowledge ocntained. Renalfo married and eventually sired a child which was a male, starting the tradition which is my birthright. Each male would learn about the blade and swear an oath to safeguard and protect it with their lives. Whatever new discoveries and abilities the wielder found, he would add it to the manual along with his name and birth year.

The manuscript exists today, I have them in my apartment under magical seal, and there are four volumes in all each over a thousand pages long. If only I could summon the spirit of my ancient ancestor… Renalfo could tell me a lot… probably how to handle this mess that I’m in now. It’s not possible though, the blade has no power over mortal souls which may be its only recognizable limitation. I decided that I needed to rest get some sleep maybe for a couple hours then call Linda first thing in the morning. I was feeling the pangs of sleep something serious, I guess excursions through hell tend to do that a person’s body. I started the shower and the warm hiss of the water was like music to my ears, I scrubbed harder than I had ever before. Trying to wash the filth of the infernal dimension off my being, suddenly I had a flashback to the blood river of souls, the howling and cries of the damned cursed forever to suffer punishments unimaginable. The hideous grin of the demon Abgab as the saliva dripped from his jaws when he spoke. The stench of burning sulfur and rotting flesh, the endless clouds of evil and blackness swirling around me in a massive haze. No mortal man should ever have to witness such horrors; it was enough to drive you insane. In truth I wondered why I was not already, perhaps it was another effect of the sword. Hell was nothing to sneeze at and since I glimpsed first hand it’s terrors I realized the importance of salvation and living a good life. To be honest with you, I was indeed lucky because most people just go about their daily lives giving religion lip service. They spend their existence mired in sin giving way to earthly pleasures and pursuits. Damn I thought to myself, If they only knew what awaited them!! As a boy I was told that the wages of sin equal death and I never fully understood what this meant until now. Our mortal lives don’t even amount to an instant when compared to eternity…in the grand scheme of things.

Well I guess now is as good a time as any to go into that as well… you see Heaven and Hell are at war with each other…they have been that way for eons now….even before mankind could recognize what time was. The powers of light and darkness both locked in an eternal struggle over the souls of mankind. Originally the creator intended for us to live forever without suffering or any kind of hardship whatsoever. At that time Only Heaven existed, God-the trinity and his servants- the spirit beings called angels. Now angels were genderless beings of pure energy, spirits blessed with physical form of perfect abject beauty. Each angel had a specific duty in relevance to the almighty, and this duty defined the angels’ very existence. Basically they existed to serve the creator unquestionably and unwaveringly. The realm of Heaven is completely powered by the Holy Trinity- which is the triumvirate manifestation of the creator and his true form. Angels since they are in direct contact and in the presence of the almighty at all times, are in essence divinely perfect and free of sin. Like I said before they exist to serve the creator and that purpose makes up the entirety of their existence. However since God-the trinity is a sentient being anything created from his manifestation gains sentience automatically which roughly translates to the ability to think, reason, and speak. Hence the angels being his very first creations could all think, reason, and speak autonomously. Now each angel was unique and special in the eyes of theLord, each had their own name, title, and specific duty as well as own rank. However some angels were more powerful and their duties were more prominent than others, primarily the first batch of angles created by God. These were known as “archangels” and they had seniority and command over all the others. There were twelve of them in all, and of the twelve the first two were the most powerful in all of Heaven next to the creator himself. These were Lucifer who was the first sentient being created by God and his younger brother Michael who was the second. Lucifer called the Morningstar because the beauty and light which emanated from his form lit up all of heaven itself and shown throughout the cosmos, was in charge of divine music or the singing of God’s praises throughout Heaven. A very important task because it was through music that the cosmos and life itself was formed from God’s consciousness. Lucifer excelled at this and no angel was closer or had more favor from the almighty than he. His esteem was so high that he could openly converse with God on a one to one basis and even question some of his decisions without fear of reproach. Michael on the other hand was in charge of keeping order in Heaven and keeping the younger angels in check ensuring that they did what they were supposed to. It was he who first organized them into their allotted ranks of Cherubim and Seraphim. Much of what we know about angels actually came from his designations.

Now things ran smoothly in Heaven for eons but eventually the creator felt the need for something more entirely. He decided in his infinite wisdom that he would create a whole new plane of existence and a whole new being to go with it. This new plane would be completely different from Heaven meaning that it would be made of physical matter and be governed by the laws of space-time. It was a radical new approach and completely different from any of his previous creations. So God envisioned the mortal plane into existence that was governed by the laws of finite time and physical matter with clear starting and stopping points. This seeded the building blocks of elements which make up all physical things, once they reacted violently it gave birth to our present universe which then expanded into an infinite number of galaxies including our own. God selected a suitable galaxy with a sun that wasn’t too harsh and then created a unique world or planet one that had the perfect combination of atmosphere to sustain life without any harsh extremes. See whatever God creates has the innate ability to perpetuate itself; hence the earth and the sun were set in motion along with the other planets to revolve around each other continuously. All the angels in Heaven were overjoyed and ecstatic upon witnessing the birth of the mortal plane and our planet; it was something new and exciting to them. All save for Lucifer who was a little apprehensive as well as puzzled by it. He didn’t really see a reason for it at all, in his thinking he asked himself what else could God need besides the unending devotion of he and the other angels? All plant life, vegetation, animal and insect species came into existence at this point then out of the dust and mud of the earth God fashioned a being that would be specifically designed to live and thrive in this new world of his. God created Man a creature wholly different from the ultimate perfection of an Angel in Heaven. Yep….we humans were born frail, weak, and susceptible to the elements. God implanted a part of his essence into man this became known as the mortal soul, and it characterized itself from man’s own unique sentience. God wasn’t satisfied however at this point; he designed a companion for man as a woman and made consummate the two sexes under the institute of marriage. This completely shocked and fascinated the angels since they were genderless but all in all they accepted it as it was. God gave man dominion over all the earth and all of the subsequent creatures, he appointed man caretaker of all that is and initially our only responsibility was to keep his planet clean. There was no sickness, no hardship, no labor or problems of any kind. We were sinless at that point and God-the trinity manifested himself to us all the time. As an afterthought God decided that he would culminate his new creation with a radical new approach. Instead of having mankind serve him and follow his orders unquestionably like the angels did. He would grant man the honor of having FREE WILL, that is the ability to choose whether or not they wanted to obey him.

Now this last boon sent shockwaves through Heaven, the concept of free will was completely unknown to the angels and they could not even understand it at first. It was only Lucifer who came to understand it for what it was, and this was do to the fact that God appointed him as a kind of “big brother” to man. God explicitly made it clear that the angels were to have limited direct contact with man due to his frightful nature, but serve as his protector and guardian because we were so fragile and weak. On this plane the angels could not appear in their true forms because they were spirit beings. Instead they would have to take the form of an earthly creature which man was more familiar with. God made it so where angels were unable to assume the form of man himself and it was forbidden to even attempt to do so. Thus humanity interacted with angels on a daily basis without even realizing it, this is why you have a lot of ancient stories about people encountering talking animals, trees, etc. It was funny because angels looked at us with an odd fascination… a child with his new pet…we were a constant source of amusement to them. They would play practical jokes on us all the time taking advantage of our scary inhibited nature. Eventually most grew to accept us for what we were but there was always a sense of superiority which was completely understandable, since they were his first creations and were designed to be absolutely perfect. This feeling was none more prominent than in Lucifer himself who came to hate us with every fabric of his being.

Like I said before, Lucifer was asked to come to earth and show man a lot of things necessary for our survival under instruction by God. Things like what plants and animals we could eat, how to cook them properly, fire, how to clean our bodies, sex, etc were all shown to us by him. He adamantly resented this task, feeling that it was completely beneath him and a great injustice to his status in Heaven. Going so far as to even argue with the Almighty about it, nevertheless he performed it and in doing so gained a complete understanding of our psyche. He grew to see us as completely undeserving of God’s grace and that we were a mistake to have even been created. Exposing our frailty to God time and time again, he petitioned the almighty to do away with us and the earth completely. Of course God would not do so and simply explained to him that we just needed time to grow and “mature” into our potentials. Lucifer became dissatisfied with God’s “experiments with the mortals” as he called it and soon began preaching his sentiments to some of the other angels. God really didn’t mind because he loved the angels as much a he loved us and encouraged open and free communication as long as it did not interfere with his orders and their allotted tasks. However slowly and surely more and more angels began listening to Lucifer, and joining in his contempt for humanity. He preached that the two things which set us apart from them our mortal soul and free will were an abomination against the sanctity of creation. He went so far as to say that God had made a terrible mistake by creating our reality and that the only way he could be shown the error of his ways was if he witnessed first hand how stupid, and disrespectful we mortals could be. Many of the other angels agreed with this idea and supported him. Michael however grew uneasy upon witnessing the malcontent of so many of his brethren. He challenged Lucifer in front of the other angels and the two debated back and forth. Michael however powerful as he was could not match the grasp of words and eloquent charisma of his older brother. Therefore his sensibilities did little to change the influence that Lucifer had on so many of the other angels. Instead he spoke to the Lord regarding the commotion that Lucifer was making and how it troubled him completely. To which God replied that Lucifer was always a head strong child but underneath it all still had love for he and his brethren. Michael warned God that Lucifer might try to subjugate or interfere with man in some way. Yet God did not take his concerns too seriously, he held Lucifer in too much esteem. Michael had little regard for humanity but he respected us as God’s creation and therefore gave us our proper due. He was a stern and solemn angel unwavering and uncompromising in the absoluteness of his creator’s wisdom. He performed his tasks without question the total opposite of Lucifer’s radical and opinionated disposition.

Lucifer realizing that he would have to resort to drastic means to show his creator the error of his ways thought up a cunning and malicious scheme. He knew that mankind at that point trusted him as a caretaker and he appeared on earth as two different forms. Sometimes as a goat and other times as a giant serpent. Man grew accustomed to these forms and in doing so learned not to fear him for what he was. Remember at this early time there was no sin of any kind on earth, everything was new and uncorrupted. Lucifer new all this, he understood us to the very core of our being. He realized that man was easily influenced by what he could see and touch most of all. If he could manipulate that in some way he could get us to ruin ourselves and arose anger in the almighty by breaking his laws. The idea came to him that he would manifest himself as closely as possible to his true form to man. Not only that but tell man the names of all of the angels in Heaven and of God’s true form. Furthermore he would teach man certain “mysteries” of the physical world around them and of the universe before creation, things in which he Lucifer would only know because he was the first of God’s creations. Now this was all expressly forbidden by God who did not intend for us to have knowledge of such things. In his infinite wisdom he realized the danger in revealing such secrets to beings as fragile as us. We were too physically, spiritually, and mentally weak to handle such knowledge. Nor were we equipped to properly make use of it, and any attempts to do so would surely lead to disaster. When the time came to implement his plan, he appeared before man and woman as they walked hand in hand alongside a beach. The form that Lucifer took was completely different from any he had before, in truth it was a parody of his true self in heaven. He stood before them a full eight feet tall with pinkish red skin, full of scales, two large out stretched wings resembling the wings of a bat, and large monstrous horns protruding from his head along with a tail that hung between his legs and feet which were furry and cloven like a goats. Man and Woman were completely horrified and fled in terror at the sight of him. To which Lucifer could not understand their reaction, until he saw his own reflection in the nearby water. He himself was taken back at his own appearance; never in his wildest dreams could he believe he could look this way on earth he who was the very light of Heaven in all his beauty and majesty. Never the less he was undeterred in his resolve to carry out his plan. He caught up with man and woman who were both almost petrified with fear trembling and shaking. He tried his best to calm them assuring that it was he whom they so trusted and adored. Man however was too caught up in physical appearance and forgot the comfort they had when in his presence. Lucifer spoke and relinquished some of Heaven and creation’s deepest secrets, telling them forbidden things about themselves and the world around them.

They listened almost in disbelief not saying a word, and as they did so the nature of mankind changed as well. Our very nature changed in that moment from innocence to self awareness. At once realized what we were and what life actually was, our mind’s reacted strangely because for all we learned we desired to know more and more. Greed and curiosity and a lust for knowledge and power were created in that moment, the very things which ultimately doomed mankind to be forever entrenched in sin. Lucifer followed up his words with actual demonstrations of the things he spoke about. He showed us how to draw and work signs and sigils, how to pronounce certain words of power, how to summon beings by learning their true name, how to harness sex energy and the significance of blood sacrifice, the importance of particular parts of the earth and times of day. He told us about our soul and how it was immortal and part of god’s essence. These things were the earliest understanding of what came to be known as arcane knowledge. As I stated before, whatever God creates has the ability to perpetuate itself, so once our minds started working we began pursuing, practicing and exploring the outcomes and possibilities of all Lucifer showed us. This eventually resulting in what we call the practice of Magic and the study of the occult-which is really just the manipulating of the inequities, forces, beings and energy of the physical and spiritual worlds. When God saw what Lucifer had done he was absolutely furious, yet he did not punish him at first. Instead he came to Man and Woman and seeing that their minds had changed and were now intent on possessing knowledge, He severely limited man’s physical existence on earth so that he could only accumulate a certain amount of knowledge in his lifetime. He outlawed the practice, study and use of magic as forbidden and against his will. This is why we stopped being immortal and why our physical lives are so short. Furthermore he created the agony of childbirth and turned the world into a harsh, violent and unforgiving place, ensuring that Man would be so preoccupied with simply just trying to stay alive that he would not have the time to pursue and obsess over arcane knowledge. After he finished dealing with man he confronted Lucifer and in his infinite love for the angel asked him why he did what he did. Lucifer responded that he only wanted to show God man’s true nature and that they really did not love him at all. God responded that he Lucifer had forgotten his place and that the only mistake was allowing him to have contact with mortal men in the first place. Still his love was so great that he offered Lucifer a chance to formally apologize in front of the entire Heavenly Host.

Lucifer being the prideful arrogant being that he was refused, seeing it as a shame and a sign of weakness to admit any wrongdoing in front of his younger brothers. Three times God gave him the chance to ask forgiveness for his actions, Michael his brother pleaded with him as well to do so, yet he refused each time. Stating that he did nothing wrong and that God was the one who was in error for putting men who were mortal above the favor of the angels who had served him so graciously for an eternity. Lucifer defended himself so eloquently and earnestly that a third of the Host, the ones who were already partial to his views, actually took his side and began arguing in his favor. Michael was terribly angered at this and demanded order from his brethren. God himself realizing that the seeds of dissent were now sown and Lucifer had formally disobeyed his commands to the witness of the entire host. Decided that he could not permit Lucifer to regain his title and duties as punishment, furthermore he would forever lose his esteem and favor in the eyes of God. He passed his sentence swiftly but still had love for the angel. Lucifer feeling disgraced did not take his sentence lightly he proclaimed in front of all the other angels loudly in song that God had become foolish and reckless in his decision making. This act was utter blasphemy and when Michael heard this he reacted instantaneously, he attacked Lucifer with the flaming sword. A weapon which proclaimed his authority over the Heavenly Host, Lucifer however being the first born was still very powerful and the two wrestled violently for some time. Finally Michael managed to gain an advantage and in a fit of rage was about to slay his brother, at that moment the third of the host or the angels who shared Lucifer’s views rushed to his aid attacking Michael. They almost succeeded in subduing him if not for the rest of the Host who came to Michael’s aid, soon it was all out war in Heaven with angel vs. angel. Many died in those moments and God wept at the sight of his beloved children fighting each other in such a manner. Yet he did not intervene acknowledging that this situation had to play itself out for the benefit of Heaven.

Finally when it was all over Michael and those angels loyal to him succeeded in quelling what was dubbed “the rebellion” started by Lucifer’s dissent. Even at this time with scores of angels obliterated back to the essence, Lucifer was still defiant and unapologetic. He cursed God, Michael, and the other Angels with all of his might. Stating that if had the opportunity he would build his own kingdom in Heaven to rival God’s. Michael moved to strike him down for his insolence, but God stayed his hand issuing a punishment that would be far worse. He cursed Lucifer to forever take the form that he had when he first corrupted man on earth, and changed his name from Lucifer to Satan which meant “Fallen One”, he totally barred his access to Heaven and completely withdrew his love for the angel. Making him hated and despised throughout the omniverse as an outcast. To his followers he did the same assigning them all new names and forms reflecting their fallen state, robbing them of their beauty and grace they shared while in Heaven. God then banished them to a dimension which was barren and desolated parallel to the mortal plane. This region he felt Satan would have little influence over man and could work no more mischief. However Satan in his defiance and anger remade the dimension as a gross parody of Heaven as an insult to God. It was as hideous as Heaven was beautiful and Satan set up a throne for himself so the others would worship him. He called this new kingdom of his Hell and no longer considered himself to be an angel, instead he came up with a new concept to classify he and his followers. They would forever now be known as Demons which ultimately means “those who have dominion” to signify their dominance over this realm. These first demons became the original lords of hell and Satan was their undeniable leader. In time Satan’s power in this realm grew so great that he was able to actually create other beings to serve him, hence the lesser demons and other progeny of Hell were first manifested. To all of his lords he assigned them specific regions and appointments in his kingdom further parodying God’s power in Heaven. Since the region existed in the absence of God’s love it became twisted and corrupted with evil, malice and hate. Satan was not satisfied however at this point, he still wanted to spit in the eyes of God and what better way to do that than to interfere with his beloved creation the mortals. As God sealed the realm off from physical contact with the mortal plane he devised a scheme that would allow he and his followers to exert influence over the earth. Since mortals were obsessed with power and knowledge he would communicate with them through thought and the use of magic rituals. Making use of the true names of he and the other demons mortals would summon them in an effort to gain knowledge or to grant them boons on this earth. Thus in a sense worshipping him instead of God, since magic was expressly forbidden. To his delight he found that mortal men were almost too eager to do this and in their folly mired themselves in sin. Soon the souls of some men became so stained in sin that God could not extend his love to such individuals. Not wanting to part with his creations however God decided that he would cleanse man only if he recognized the error of his ways and begged forgiveness. Yet men’s free will made them arrogant and full of pride and when they died their souls could not reunite with the creator. Instead they being so entrenched in sin Satan would lay claim to them in his own dimension. Torturing and abusing them forever to the amusement of him and his followers. Satan found that some men were so greedy and lustful that they willingly sold their souls to him for whatever price, and the more human souls he acquired the more powerful he became.

When God saw this he wept, yet he officially made it clear that any man who mired himself in sin and refused to repent under his grace would instead find his soul in Hell forever tormented. He made no attempt to thwart Satan’s efforts to lead men astray leaving it up to man’s free will instead. Thus the war between Heaven and Hell had begun and would continue for eternity. Of course that’s how it went down in a nutshell, it was a little bit more intricate and complicated than that but I don’t really feel like getting into it all right now. God…my body starts to drift off as soon as my head hits the pillow…I pull the sheet over me and utter a semi-silent prayer to God. I ask for him to provide me wit the strength necessary to find my wife and to grant the means to do it. Whatever challenges I face, I ask that he extend his loving grace and guide me through it. When I’m done, I wonder if he is even listening…then nothing….

Breeep!...Breep!..Breep!...Breep!....Gotdammit I really need to change the tune of that damned alarm!! I wake up suddenly with a face full of sunlight beaming onto me…It’s soothing in a harsh alarming kind of way. I check the time…8:30…great I’d have time to fix breakfast, put on a pot of coffee, and call Linda at the museum. In that order, I climb out of bed searching for my slippers. Through the fog and haziness of rejoining the living the events of yesterday or the last couple of weeks seem almost forgotten in this peaceful mundane tranquility. I take a deep breath; stretch my arms out until I feel that familiar pop, then do about forty push ups on my living room floor. That old exercise bike just sat there staring at me. I hadn’t used it in over a year, matter of fact my whole entire apartment was filled with exercise equipment that I never really use. My work at the museum keeps me so busy that I scarcely find the time to work out. However, when I do I go harder than you can imagine. Gloria-my wife jokingly called me “black panther” an obvious reference to the African superhero of the same name, because of the intensity at which I exert myself. Truthfully, If I could I would work out all day non-stop, I find it absolutely invigorating and it relieves me of so much stress. My favorite is the heavy bag, which I can attack for hours at a time non stop. My fighting skills naturally are nothing to sleep on, but with the mystical enhancements that the sword grants me they are almost nigh incomprehensible. Reflexes, Stamina, Agility, Strength, Dexterity, are all enhanced to a superhuman degree. So much so that if I were to get in a fight with any normal human, I could easily kill the person with a single blow. I swore to myself that I would never fight publicly because of this fact. Now anyone who has ever lived in New York City would know that such a vow is almost impossible to keep with so many assholes’ inhabiting the same space and all. Luckily enough I haven’t had any altercations happen so I guess I’m good for now. I take out the boiled ham that has been gestating in my fridge for like two months…It smells decent so I figure it’s safe to eat some of it. Slicing off a few chunks they go hissing into the frying pan. Then I crack two jumbo sized eggs and send their contents to the same place. Accompanying them will be two slightly burnt pieces of whole wheat toast and a slightly chilled grapefruit. Yeah…Yeah….I know, breakfast of champions and all that mess. Hey…I try to eat healthy; it’s just that all the best tasting things are juicy, fatty, and salty. I like my coffee with a little bit of condensed milk and two sugar cubes…but I only use a little bit of crystals. Don’t want it too strong then I’d be bouncing around all over the place at work.

Picking up my cell phone I speed dial Linda’s number…it rings…and rings…then rings some more until finally I’m treated to her sweet nasal sounding voicemail. “Hi….It’s Linda Suvario Senior Operations Manager at the museum of Modern History. I’m not able to answer my phone right now but if you leave your name, number and reason for calling I will get back to you at my earliest convenience. If this is an emergency please contact James Placard at 212-789-0098 or Donna Minstrati at 212-789-0067. Thank you and have a wonderful day.” I figure she’s not in her office yet so I just leave the most plausible sounding excuse I can imagine. “Hey Linda it’s me Adrian…sorry about the no show…it turns out honeymoon got a little crazier than expected…could you believe they cancelled our return flight and Gloria lost her damn passport(I cursed intentionally so it sounded more believable) being stuck in a blazing hot third world country for three weeks is not my idea of fun. Anyways hope all is well…call me back as soon as you get the time to talk. I’ll be in my office a little later like around one-ish” It sounded decent to my standards I mean it was a lot more solid than half of the bull shit I fed her in the past. Linda could be a major league bitch when she wanted to, but if you caught her off guard before she had the chance to think about it, she usually let you slide. It was a tactic that I had mastered time and time again.

You could describe our working relationship as grudgingly respectful at the least, since at first neither of us liked each other. I thought she was an uptight rude white chick without a clue and she thought I was an obnoxious, sneaky and irresponsible black dude. Throughout the course of time we both kind of tempered our views and gained a healthy appreciation for each other’s abilities. I mean Linda practically ran the museum single handedly, everything from the exhibits, to the profits, to daily maintenance she kept on top of. The other managers and supervisors were in awe of her ability to cover so much ground in the nine or so hours that she worked. The board of trustees and the hard line investors saw her as an anomaly of sorts. She was a woman who could out do the job of any man. She was instrumental in getting all kinds of funding and people interested in art who probably didn’t know what it was outside of Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa on a postage stamp. Yup the woman had a way with people and words all right…just five minutes in her presence and you could see under that slight skinny Caucasian exterior she possessed an iron will.

I deeply respected her for what she did on a day to day basis… I on the other hand took her by surprise at first. It was the way I think she says, “ your so abstract and eclectic but after you think about it, it turns out to be the right idea at the right time” Of course I wasn’t afraid of trying new things cause nobody wants to see the same exhibit over and over again. They want the information presented to them in a fun and exciting way, something that grabs the attention. Take for instance our cave man exhibit or “Ages of Man” as it’s now called. It was originally losing popularity since like the late eighties, Linda and the other managers were stumped on how to revitalize it and boost ticket sales. We all sat down long and hard putting our heads together with only a budget of $300,000 to work with. Finally I came up with an idea…..why not have live actors portraying the different periods of human development. Acting out the mannerisms and behavior patterns of each group, it would be something like a live show. Linda and the others rejected the idea at first saying it was too costly to hire real actors to portray cavemen. I had the supreme incite to hire an acting coach for like the first three weeks and use some of our regular staff. I mean this was New York City, half of the people that worked low paying jobs were almost certainly either struggling actors or musicians. The idea caught on like wildfire and Linda was shocked after seeing it implemented, the entire exhibit changed basically over night. Pretty soon we had to hire extra security to prevent over crowding in that part of the museum. The best thing about it was, my idea only cost like $150,000 half of what the projected budget was supposed to be. I grudgingly earned Linda’s respect with that one, and it was only the first of many new innovations and milestones my way of thinking brought the museum.

I had been there ten years my first real job out of college. I had grown from the fresh faced entry level kid into the seasoned and accomplished young professional, a transition that I relished wholeheartedly. Working at the museum gave me access to some of the baddest pussy in the city. I mean all kinds of wealthy, socialite and artsy type people find it fun to hang out at museums. Primarily thirty something professors and struggling artists who because of their abstractness weren’t satisfied with most men but were still sexually frustrated enough to give it up to someone who “met them on so many levels”. My reputation before I met Gloria was something of a slut, even Linda in her own clumsy frigid way would flirt occasionally. I couldn’t see myself fucking Linda…no sir…then things would really become awkward in the workplace. I was a dog with it….absolutely no shame…I had women on my office desk, on the floor…in the employee bathroom. Hell I even had this one chick in the back of the Ancient Egypt exhibit. I know the ins and outs of the museum so I could never ever get caught in the act. It’s just that my lust for women was so profound it was almost overwhelming. Gloria proved to be the only nut that I couldn’t crack, I remember when I first met her she was shy and inhibited. I sensed something powerful in her though and it intrigued me. She was director over at the children’s center where she worked and she had a Doctorate from Columbia. Born and raised in Harlem to Puerto Rican and Jamaican parents she was the kind of woman that captivated your attention because of her stark realness. She had a way of putting things plainly and directly completely catching you off guard. My best lines had no effect on her at all, and she saw through my bullshit almost instantly.

So instead I did something that I never tried before…..I was myself…open and candidly to her. Surprisingly it worked…we became casual acquaintances…to friends…then lovers…to finally a couple. The entire process took about four years, but those were probably the best four years of my life, I had found a woman that satisfied every fiber of my being and kept me wanting more. She was everything I wanted in a woman, charming, respectful, unabashed, funny, raunchy, freaky, poetic, educated, worldly, and most of all she lived life with a zest that I never knew existed. Every week she made it a point to try something new and different and it was this adventurous and exploratory nature which grabbed my heart. We visited many places every continent, on a whim she’d call me up and say “Hey…what about Morocco this weekend?” Like who does that?!!....seriously?!! The sex was amazing she was beyond my wildest dreams when it came to downright freakiness, and by no means a selfish lover. Gloria completed me on every level and the transition to marriage was not a choice but a natural evolution to our relationship. When I broke the news about my bloodline and the sword she listened attentively almost amusingly. She didn’t believe me at first until I showed it to her and the manuscripts, at which point she became a little apprehensive. That feeling lasted a week and she told me that whatever challenges I faced from it she couldn’t live with herself unless she faced it alongside me. Then she swore to keep the secret of its existence as long as she lived, followed by some of the greatest sex of my life to seal the agreement.

I was truly blessed to have met her and looked forward to having my heir growing in her body. I loved this woman with every fabric of my being and I would have given up my entire heritage sword and all if faced with the choice of being with her. I guess the servants of Hell knew this, which is why they used her to manipulate me to their side. The only comfort I took was that they could not physically harm her, still the thought of her entrenched with those monstrosities and their perversions made me sick inside with grief. Often I would break down crying for no reason, excusing myself while on the job. The endless chasms of despair crept through my soul with such fervor that it completely engulfed every fabric of my being. I tried to fight it but it was overwhelming…even Linda noticed it. She tried her best to cheer me up but her feeble attempts at jokes and spontaneity only worsened my mood. I became a shell of the man I used to be…I found myself walking the streets of lonely alleyways and isolated corners of pavement just to clear my head. I hated life at this point…and even questioned my faith in the almighty. How could he have let such evil take place? Had I and members of my clan throughout history only served to fight for the cause of righteousness? True I wasn’t the most avid church-goer but I’ve always considered myself to be a good Christian man. Even to a God that totally abandoned his servants and left the world to rot in the hands of Lucifer. That holier than thou attitude is what cost me my wife and the audacity of the demons actions. Is that all we were to him?...mere puppets to be used as canon fodder in this great war? Were we not his beloved children worthy of his compassionate ear and loving embrace?…How many more ages should man have to suffer for a folly which took place in ignorance? My wife was innocent yet she became caught up in this mess…this eternal conflict. I loved God with all my heart…he knew this…yet this did not move him to act on my behalf? Did not persuade him to destroy the demon that came for my wife, even though he could have sent a host of angels to do it. No…no…I wasn’t worth it….just another man of flesh and blood….mired in sin….and therefore unworthy of his attention. Truthfully I couldn’t blame some men from turning away from his grace and willfully into the arms of Satan. There was little to persuade them otherwise….especially in these modern times with so much evil in front of their eyes.

These thoughts pervaded my mind and left me questioning my faith…each day I grew less and less confident in the power of the holy trinity. I got so bad that I was even pondering renouncing God with my lips…an act which was utter blasphemy. I knew that this would only strengthen my wife’s captors and deadlock my position in the war so I checked my tongue. No I finally decided that drastic times would call for drastic measures…if the Good Lord would not address my concerns then I would take the matter up with the next best thing. I decided to summon an angel-one of the heavenly host and demand to know what course of action I could take to retrieve my wife. I mean come on….they owed me that at least right? Now the sword did have the power to do this but only through great physical exertion and concentration. It was wholly dependent on my will and the thought alone scared the shit out of me. The Realm of Heaven was powered by the trinity and completely off limits to men while they still had their mortal bodies intact. Only a few of my ancestors had even dared to attempt the feat with horrific outcomes resulting. One man was completely driven insane, while another had his entire body obliterated in the process. The only thing the sword could do for certain was to summon lower ranking angels and even this was very difficult. Angels were stronger than demons and therefore the mystical energy required to bind them to the physical world had to be much greater that is why their summoning required a strong will and left most of the energy within the blade depleted for a time. Few angels ever visited earth since the rebellion and like I said before their bodies could not manifest on our plane naturally. I had never tried this before and the results could be unpredictable…furthermore I could invoke the wrath of God something which quite frankly also scared the shit out of me. I was only looking for answers however, nothing more than that my actions could be forgiven I imagine given the circumstances. God had to understand my plight and frustration…..right?

I decided to call in sick from work a day before I did it, I shut the blinds unplugged all of my appliances and cleared my apartment of any clutter whatsoever. Like I said the results could be unpredictable and I wanted to be prepared for whatever. Granted the sword gave me enough protection I still proceeded to draw a dozen or so magic sigils on the floor and around the walls of my apartment. These were a protection just in case the being summoned was too powerful to control and I was unable to defeat him in single combat. The sigils would exert enough magic energy to send him back to heaven as well as keep him bound to the spot where summoned and to my apartment.

Finally it was go time….I raised the sword with my right hand and uttered the summoning spell…..”Beings of blood, bone, wind, and fire of earth and in the mists of time…I summon you owe devine one, here to this place in space and time. Answer my request …heed my call…for I mean you no harm….Eret Yugh Trey A Minoat tebes ro higram!!! The sword began to vibrate uncontrollably I had to hold it with both my hands, for the summoning to take place it had to be pointed due north and I could not avert my gaze or turn my head. There was a force like a sledgehammer which shot through my arms stinging me…it was so painful that I felt like crying. Yet I could not turn away or flinch in pain lest I break the channel….It was working the being was resisting but it was working….I uttered some more summoning words TEDRA YA WETR DE ABSALOM NOVINI DA!!...Fire engulfed the room…but not ordinary fire….mystical fire….the fire from Heaven!!

Finally the portal opened a flash of light which momentarily blinded me shot forth and crouched before stood a being draped pure gold and silver. He arose and his skin was like amber and his eyes burned like fire. I knew this was not his true form just his manifestation on the earthly plane…yet and still…he was beautiful, terrifying, and magnificent to behold. The sigils began to glow with energy binding him to this plane. He stood at least a full seven feet tall towering over me as if I were a child. I grasped the sword firmly in my right hand and kept it ready…he was none to happy about my choice of action. “Why have you summoned me? Do you not know that we are forbidden now to directly intervene in the affairs of your kind? You hold that accursed thing in your hand and dare to challenge forces which are greater than you!! Speak mortal!!!!” his voice was so thunderous it engulfed my entire apartment…It frightened me because if his voice could shake the walls imagine what his fists could do. I regained composure and tried my best not to show fear….”I just want some answers from you…nothing more…my summoning was no act of aggression or arrogance to the most high….I am at a loss for a choice of action…and I seek advice from the Heavenly Host.” “Advice?…you are foolish as so many of your kind are….what advice could I a servant of the Lord give to a mere mort

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