The Templar Sword part 2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Part 2 to a tale between the battle of good vs. evil


The angel looked at me menacingly but I didn't care...endless longing for my wife's embrace filled me with steely resolve. My purpose was clear and I would have answers tonight even if it meant my death. “Well...fool...state your purpose for summoning me to this filthy place!!! Has it not occurred to your feeble mortal mind that we are thus forbidden to traverse this plane and directly speak to your kind?!!! You would have me lose my rank and stature in the eyes of the Lord for this?!!!” His disrespectful and condescending tone was analogous to the contempt most angels now held for humanity. “Easy...First born...I summoned you hear not as a disrespect or act of defiance...I merely wish to ask you questions!!” He replied “Questions...what possible answers could I give you mortal? My business is not with the affairs of men but in Heaven with the Lord of Hosts!!!...your transgression offends me I am a servant of the one true GOD and I shall not be trifled with as such!!!” As he said this his voice became even more thunderous...I sensed an immediate threat, so I held the sword even more firmly in my hands.


After taking a deep breath...I answered calmly....directly trying my hardest not to show fear “Calm yourself I said before I meant no disrespect!!! I need some answers about a situation that has occurred and I have seen no other viable option save for summoning one of the host. My lawful wedded wife has been lost to me....stolen away by demons to the foulest pits of hell. I want to know how I can get her back and if I could get some assistance with the matter” To which he replied “Taken? You say by the enemy?....was she still alive?” “Yes” I answered, “ They cannot harm her but are holding her against her will!! Just a few weeks ago I entered the infernal realm but my attempt was thwarted I do not know where she is being held!!” He looked at me for a moment then spoke, “Foolish it not evident? Why ask me such when in your heart you already know the answer you seek? When you were married her soul and yours were united as is set in law by the most high. Therefore the same rules which govern you and your accursed lineage...apply to her as well!!! Do not expect us to assist you in the matter because we cannot!! Your progeny wield that cursed blade and dabble with forces you do not fully comprehend!!! Once you picked up that sword you ceased to be an ordinary man. Therefore ceasing the jurisdiction and laws of the War....your wife's fate now lies in your own hands!!” He paused for a moment then cracked a sly smile, “Do you have the fortitude to rescue her?” As he said this he laughed mockingly, I grew enraged “What?!!! Is that it?!! Your kind would not help me?!!!..b..but why? Are we not brothers in a sense do you people have any love left for us?!! What about all the good my generations and I have done with the sword?!!” He laughed again then spoke, “you are no better than the ghouls you hunt down!!! We have watched your progeny with great amusement...walking a line between mortal and presume to serve a higher purpose...that the Lord of Hosts favors your actions...yet he does not...Such things are forbidden amongst mortals...your power comes from an unholy source..born of an aberrant mistake of nature!! What's more you consort with the enemy...already their stench defiles you!!! I can not give you what you seek...I have no rank or capability to do so. Would that I could I still would mortals are too foolish for your own good...Your very existence is a blessing from the almighty yet you choose to spit in his face at every whim. No little man....your wife is lost to you forever....unless you muster the courage to storm the enemy and retrieve her. That little plaything should provide you the means to do it.” He laughed again, the weight of his words and the sound of his amusement were too much for me to bear...I uttered the summoning spell.....”ETA VA MINATA RA EPSILOM!!!” and with a blinding flash of light he was gone.


Leaving me to my fate and melancholy that moment in that dark solemn ...quiet apartment..I felt my heart sink to my spirit and any possible hope I had were crushed in that moment, as the candles slowly burned out and the magic sigils dimmed into nothingness...I curled up into a fetal position...crying, whimpering...sobbing...I fell asleep.....




Lord Dasideius Vordstrom lumbered from his bed...the black robe that barely covered him fell to his feet as he rose. What was revealed was a horribly obese liver spotted body which seemed rather ghastly under the dim glow of the moonlight.... the two whores he had picked up earlier in the evening lay fast asleep...his perverse appetites leaving both their bodies and minds utterly spent with exhaustion. It was Friday and therefore a special occasion...tonight was the weekly ritual. The demanded tribute from demonic benefactors in order for members of the order to keep their status, powers, and privileges. Vordstrom hated the ceremony but since he was now head of the east coast chapter and New York City grand chancellor he had to not only attend but also conduct it. Since the Black Dawn's inception, possibly sometime around Egypt's 5th dynasty, a grand chancellor had to be selected from the most loyal and senior membership. Quite simply you had to be a member for a period of no less than thirty years, gaining mastery and proficiency in the black arts. Indeed membership was made up of wealthy and influential people from all walks of life. By day these individuals ran stock exchanges, or brokered multimillion dollar deals. At night however they were members of a coven which practiced the utmost in evil and perversion. There were chapters all around the globe in every developed country and in every major city. Each chapter had its own grand chancellor and New york City or the east coast was the largest by far boasting a total of 3200 members. A hierarchy system was in place as members pledged their lives to the study and practice of Magic. A person's rank in the order would go from prospect to initiate to inductee...then after several years they became a fledgling and then an apprentice.... from apprentice you became a novice..... then from novice you became an ardent..... from ardent you became a master..... then finally after many years of lingering at this level you were finally granted the title of senior member. This status allowed full access to the resources and knowledge base of the order as well as the right to attend and participate in ritual ceremonies. Senior members could also at will command lesser ranks to do their bidding...within reasonable context of course. It was from senior membership the grand chancellor was chosen...and the individual had to demonstrate his proficiency in the black arts to a council of his peers. The Grand chancellor had almost total control over the chapter's resources and was held as the master of ceremonies. They however were not the supreme ruling body of the order as a whole...that privilege belonged to the mysterious“ council of elders” a group which made up the oldest living members. Sorcerers so old and powerful that there existed no more than eleven at any given time. No one knew the exact location of their headquarters or whom they physically resembled...only that their correspondence came from appointed messengers at any given time via psychic link.


How would one go about joining the ranks of the Black Dawn you ask? Well the process was simple you did not apply for it...instead you were chosen and then given the opportunity to accept or decline the offer. The prospect would be carefully observed for months even years on end. Every aspect of their life would be meticulously studied and he/she would have to demonstrate an avid interest in all things occult. Finally when the time was right the offer would be made, usually by somebody of acquaintance to the individual. Upon accepting the offer the individual would then have to renounce whatever religion he/she had and sign their name in their own blood upon a parchment. Several weeks would pass then the initiate would be contacted to appear at a certain location at a certain time without any forms of communication or identification on their person. They could also not tell anyone about the meeting not even family. Once arrived they would be blindfolded, searched, and ushered into a waiting black limousine. The Black Dawn maintain an entire office building for the sole purpose of indoctrinating new initiates, and this is where the person would be taken usually the very top floor. Inside the blindfold would be taken off and the initiate led into a room painted red, completely adorned with candles, a pentagram and various other magical symbols. Again they would be made to renounce all religion but added to this would be the bonds of family and friendship and every thing they held dear. Then made to recite the first part of the oath


“We who forever walk in shadow and desire knowledge of the dark things pledge our allegiance to the order and forever hold it sacred. My life belongs to the order and so do my family and all those I hold dear. This bond is sacred..I swear upon my death and those of my kin that I shall never break this oath:


After this first part was recited a small box containing the Magada inferna would be presented. The Magada was a ceremonial black dagger passed down throughout the ages for the indoctrination ceremony. It had a black ebony blade which pulsated with dark energy. None save the initiate could touch it during the ritual. After this a naked bound individual would be led into the room. Then the second part of the oath would have to be recited;


“For If I break this oath in any way, I betray the trust and loyalty of my brothers...our eyes are facing the dawn and we look towards the firmament. Curse those our enemies fore we desire knowledge above all else. If I betray my oath in any way...let mine and my families blood flow in this way...Ya Rtaga Kutumba TA eretu...”


The initiate would then take up the Magada and then proceed to cut the victim's throat...the order would purposely not gag the victim in order to test the initiates resolve amidst cries and pleas for mercy. As the blood began to flow a golden cup would also be produced and used to catch some of it. The initiate would then be made to drink the blood of the victim..then finally the victim's heart would be cut out and shared amongst attendees. If at all the initiate hesitated during this entire process he/she would immediately be killed and the death covered up by the order's influential members.



“Lord Vordstrom!!!...My lord...I have a message for you from the council!!!”



“Yes idiot!!!...bring it here...I told you never disturb me within my personal chambers!!”


Shadrax hobbled along his small impish frame betrayed his many long years on this earth. He was a half human half pig construct, the botched experiment of a long dead sorcerer with a twisted sense of humor. The merging of his body with a putrid pig carcass severely degenerated his intelligence, which is why the only real magic he was capable of ….was the occasional conjuration spell. What he lacked in intelligence he made up for in guile and boot licking, he would ride the coattails of any grand chancellor gaining favor and cementing his place within the order. Presently however..he was only a source of annoyance to vordstrom who enjoyed humiliating him at will.



“Here it is master...I wrote it down for you...”


“yes..yes...give it idiot...your presence angers me...”


He snatched the note out of shadrax's hands then gave him a sharp kick to the abdomen...shadrax cowered in fear then slowly shuffled off...


"What is this? The fools once again place upon me  the task of finding that miserable moor and his accursed blade!! ..Bah!! Such trivials are beneath me yet I cannot disobey a direct command. Curse those ingrates and their unyielding demands!! What do they know of true magic? They are too old to partake in the delights of this world and therefore out of touch with reality!"


" I have stared true power in it's face and returned from the edges of madness....Heaven and Hell are but bit players in something far greater.."


As these thoughts pervaded his mind shadrax returned with another message..


"My lord...all members have gathered, the ceremony is set to begin. We await your prescense at the head of the table."


Vordstrom walked to his wardrobe and put on the ceremonial robes, he hated the weekly ritual and even began to despise the other members. Yet he knew it was far too soon to show his true hand. In spite of himself he had managed to tap into something much greater....


Submitted: April 23, 2012

© Copyright 2022 jay1ne. All rights reserved.

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