The Templar Sword Part 3

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Part 3

Submitted: July 19, 2014

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Submitted: July 19, 2014



The wizard in all his beguiled cunning happened upon a chance encounter with a fiendish entity...far older than our galaxy. It was completely by accident that it occured Vordstrom was testing out a matter transmutation spell and it's potency. He reasoned that if he increased the amount of ethereal plasma and included a wider array of gnostic text he could prolong the effects as well as increase the distance. Who better than to test this out than on himself...he would teleport to the planet Mars and back. It was a successful experiment but he declined to introduce the exact corresponding words to the anti-spell and within minutes he found himself gasping for air. his lungs slowly collapsing under the intense pressure of the red planet's atmosphere. In his sheer panic and terror...Vordstrom searched his well laden mind for a spell that would safely transport him home...or at the least allow him to breathe. Desperately...Frantically....Pathetically...his words became feeble...his consciousness that exact moment...a voice spoke to him,

It was a sweet voice..almost an old ffriend or familiar....the kind of voice you swore you heard before amidst half-remembered delights. Softly it called his name..."Vordstrom"...."Vordstrom"...."look at the mess you've made"....Vordtsrom had himself already faded from this reality all that was left was a small amount of sentient essence he kept in a vial around his neck. The majority of senior level sorcerer's practiced this was a way of ensuring their survival in the event of a disaster to their physical bodies. The Sentient Life essence was the sorcerer's own consciousness and could be implanted in another host body or suitable container. In this instance was all that was left of Vordstrom..."who calls my name"" I am Lord Vordstrom of the Black Order..the flayer of men's souls!!!"...the voice laughed mockingly..."Oh how I do love you mortal conjurer's striking notion of self importance!!!" There are things which exist that were ancient before your kind could even speak"...."yet you all prance about dreaming grand dreams of power and glory" It is not surprising..... the being which spawned you likes to heap glories upon his wonder his progeny does the same"

Vordstrom answered, "Who...are you? How do you come to know me?" there was a silence at first but then the thing decided to answer him frankly,

"Your primitive feeble mind cannot fully grasp the concept of my nature or what it is I am, my communication with you in this manner is a direct result of your human perception of speech and language. Your pathetic life essence is all that remains of you have overjudged the true scope of your talents and thus sealed your own fate. Laughingly similar to many of the old fleshbag fools which have come before you. It is such a pity yours is a race with almost unlimited natural potential yet you subject yourselves to the whims of base spirits and elementals. Playthings for their ridiculous War of Egos which has little to no significance in the cosmos. There are things greater than your creator, he is but a minor elemental young and wreckless in his power."

"What....What? How do you know these things?

"Allow me to show you mortal" Vordstrom's essence now seemed to float through space and time....faster than anything he could imagine. The being that he managed to communicate with now had complete control. "I would show you wonders mortal man...wonders that your kind have never dreamed of"

"Look Here!! This planet it is known as Pthax if it's true name were converted into human tongue. See it's inhabitants? When mankind dwelled in rivers and caves they built a civilization which was a cornerstone of the galaxy.

Vordstrom gazed and witnessed magnificent golden spires, twisting walkways and towering monotliths. Alien faces which shown of wonder and enchantment the people looked humanoid save for their massive heads and towering height. The intricacies and complexities of their architecture filled him with the utmost sense of amazement. No man made design on earth could ever compare to works such as this. "Look foolish mortal...these beings capacity for genius even dwarfs your kind....they created a society which was completely free of strife. For a long long time....1000 years if converted to earth numbers, they existed as the cornerstone of the galaxy. Their technology reached to unimaginable levels and they knew nothing save for peace and prosperity. Vordstrom remarked, "'s utterly amazing....w...what world is this?...are they related to us?....they look so human in appearance." "Fool!!! If your pathetic earth mind must have some form of association, then consider them if you must as distant cousins....the order and standard which they set exemplified the very galaxy and it was by chance that their civilization came to an see they above anything else valued knowledge...but some things are better left in secret...look there." Vordstrom gazed and saw one of the beings some sort of official communicate with a dark power, and with the knowledge he gained it corrupted his being. Thus introducing evil, greed, and jealousy into the society, suddenly the peaceful culture changed into an evil, cesspool, of crime, greed, and lawlessness...all of their knowledge

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