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Leo is a ladies man. He is also a socialite. On the eve of his trip to the states, he meets a tall blonde beauty. But she is not what she appears to be.

Submitted: April 29, 2013

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Submitted: April 29, 2013





He was the life of the party. His name, not important, but i'll share it with you anyway. His name was Leo Petrov. He was of eastern russian descendents. But let's get back to Leo himself. Leo was a socialite, who loved him some women. The prettier the better. He went for tall thin blonds, the kind with money. You could call him a gold digger of the male persuasion. He himself was well off, better than most in moscow. He lived in a 100,000 ruble studio appartment in a skyscraper near the top. He also loved to drink. Vodka was his drink of choice. Leo would get drop dead drunk in his appartment, or any where else he could get a drink. He loved bars, the fancier the better. Life was good for Leo. He had everything he wanted, including the top model of car. He rarely drove, hiring chauffeurs to take him where he wanted to go.

On this very night, he was at another private party of the oil tycoon Boris Brezhnikoff. Leo loved rubbing elbows with the rich and famous. He stood at the center of the room with many others gathered about listening to him go on and on about nothing. In one hand he was holding a champeign glass filled to the top, and in his other hand he held a cigar. He wore a three piece suite with a bright red tie. He loved the color red. It was the color of his country.

Tonight was the night. After the festivities, he would be flying from the Moscow airport to Reagan international airport in Washington. Though his wife Anna had warned him not to go, he insisted. He wouldn't listen to her. So, like always, he got his way. He had never been to america before, and was indeed looking forward to going. He wanted to see the Washington momumemt and the Lincoln Memorial. He took a sip of his champeign and continued talking.

"And then," he said, "I shook hands with Mr. Putin. It was such a thrill." His accent was thick, but he spoke fluent American. The people listening to him broke out into applause. Leo set his champeign glass down on a table and made a bowing motion. "Thank you, ladies and Gentlemen. Thank you for listening." Then he turned to face Brezhnikoff. "Another grear party, Boris," he exclaimed. "Thank you for one last night in Moscow. One last night before I travel to the land of the free and the home of the...." He trailed off suddenly, when he saw a tall beautiful blonde woman wearing a long red gown. "Excuse me, Boris," he said. "Another one is calling to me. See you."

Leo strolled quickly over to the woman and smiled at her. "Madam," he said politely. "Who do I have the pleasure of addressing, if I may ask?" The woman looked Leo up and down. She did not smile back. "I'm not interested," she said calmly. "Excuse me." She started to walk off, but Leo grabbed her arm. "Please," he said. "Don't be like that." The woman tried to pull away, saying, "Please let go of me!" But he did not. "You don't know who I am!" Leo finally let go of her, but continued his pleadings. "You are very beautiful, madam. Won't you give me a chance?" The woman started to head for the exit. Leo followed her outside. Night had fallen, and in the dim light from the lamp post, he could see that the woman was in tears.

"Now, now," said Leo. "Don't you cry. I am here for you." The woman looked startled to see him. "Why won't you leave me alone, mister," she whispered. "You could have any woman you want. Why me?" He smiled, taking a step towards her. "Because, I love you," he said soothingly. She shook her head. "You don't know who I am?" she said a second time. Leo wondered why she had repeated herself. "I know exactly who you are," he said. "You are a lonely woman who needs a man to....um, how shall I put this, to comfort her. The woman sighed. "You don't even know my name," she said, wiping tears from her eyes. "It doesn't matter," said Leo. "Names matter not. What matters is what is on the inside." He smirked at the thought. "Inside her dress," he pondered. "Won't you come home with me? I am a lonely man."

She looked surprised, then almost smiled. "Are you sure you want that?" she said. "Oh, yes!" he said enthusiastically. "Yes, yes, yes!" He grinned at her and she finally smiled back at him. "Yes," she whispered. "I will go home with you. I am very hungry, and would very much like to dine with you." Leo's eyes lit up. "I would love to have you," he said. "My limo is right over there." He pointed across the street at a long black limousine parked along side many average looking cars. "Please," he said, "Won't you take my hand? I'll usher you across the street." She smiled again, and leaned in for a kiss on his right cheek. He returned the favor. They crossed the street, hand in hand. When they got to the limo, a tall balding man with a mustache greeted them. "Hello, Loni," he said. "Please take us home."

The chauffeur nodded and opened the passenger door for the man and woman. Then he got in the drivers seat and drove off. Inside the limo, Leo and the woman were busy kissing. At first, she was gentle. Leo liked that. He couldn't wait to get her to his appartment and tear her clothes off. "Mmmm," said the woman. "You're so delicious, hon." Leo laughed at that one. Not only was she beautiful, but she was funny as well. Suddenly, something caught him off guard. A low growl seemed to be coming from within the limo. He pulled away from the woman. "What was that?" he asked, looking about. "Nothing honey," she replied. "I just want to kiss you again." Leo shook his head. It must have been from outside. He turned his attention back to the woman and put his lips to hers.

She suddenly began chewing on his lips. "Whoa!" he cried. "Not so rough. I want you but not that bad." She pushed him down on the seat and glared at him. "I thought you wanted me, Leo," she said in a strangly gruff voice. As Leo struggled to pull free from her, he noticed her eyes. They were...they were turning red! She opened her mouth wide, and fangs appeared. She licked his mouth. "Like I said, I am very hungry. I would very much like to dine on you." She growled fiercly and laughed wickedly. Then she bit into his bottom lip. He screamed and began shaking wildly. "Stop! Stop!" But she didn't stop. She kept biting. Blood was smeared about his face. She smiled down at him. "Now you know who I am," she hissed. "Aren't you glad we came out tonight? I am. It's time to eat, Leo. Bon appatit." Leo screamed and screamed as the vampire woman bit into his neck.

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