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When George is told to take his little sister with him for trick-or-treating, he comes up with a plan to abandon her and go with his friends instead. But when he is in turn abandoned by his friends after getting trapped in a run down mansion, things take a turn for the worst.

Submitted: April 28, 2013

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Submitted: April 28, 2013






It was halloween! George was going to be a pirate. It was almost time for trick or treating, and George could hardly wait. It was candy time! The only problem was his mother was making him take his little sister with him. She was dressed up like a princess, in a pink gown and tall pointed hat of the same color.

"Do I have to bring her along?" he said to his mom. She shook her head. "Yes, George!" she commanded. "Your bringing her whether you like it or not! Now get your coat. I don't want you coming home with a bad cold. " George was depressed. He didn't want his sister taging along. But he had a plan. He would meet up with his friends and ditch his sister. She could get her candy on her own, and he was sure she could make it home okay. George grabbed his coat and pillow case for his candy and ran out the front door. "Hey, George!" his mother shouted. "Wait for Cindy. And keep a close watch on her. Make sure to hold her hand. And watch for cars when you cross the street. Be safe and have fun."

George turned and grabbed his sisters hand. "Happy now, mom?" he said sarcasticly. She gave him a look and closed the door. "Come on, Cindy," he said begrudgingly. When they were out of their mothers sight, George let go of his sisters hand. "I'm gonna go over to baker street," he said to her. "You can come if you want, or go somewhere else. Just don't pester me, got it?" Cindy looked like she might cry. She nodded and slowly followed after her big brother.

It was a gloomy night, with dark clouds forming in the sky. It had begun to sprinkle, and George was glad he was wearing his leather pirate hat. He slipped his coat on over his costume and headed for Baker street. That was where all the rich people lived. He and Cindy walked up to the first house. It was adorned with many scary halloween decorations. There was a plastic skeleton laying in the grass, a scarecrow in a tree, and several jack-o-lanterns lit brightly. George shuttered, but managed to walk up to the front door and ring the bell. A moment later, the front door creaked open and a tall man with small round glasses appeared in the doorway. He was holding a big bowl overflowing with mini candy bars. The man smiled and lowered the bowl.

"My, what unique costumes," he said, winking. "Arrgghh!" George shouted. "Trick or treat, matey. I be wishing for some treats. If you don't hand yer booty over, i'll be playing a trick on thee." The man grinned and lowered the bowl of treats so the two children could take some. "What a cute little princess you are, honey," said the man. George and Cindy quickly took all they wanted and then thanked the man for the candy. "Have fun," said the man. "Happy Halloween." The kids ran off without thanking the man, and he shut the door with a huff. "Kids these days," he muttered. "No respect."

George and cindy went from house to house collecting candy from friendly neighbors. It was still sprinkling lightly, and had grown cold and dark. Still, the two of them continued on their way. They received candied apples, carmels, candy corn, fruit lether and tooth paste. When they came to the last house on Baker street, Billy came running out the door dressed like the frankenstein monster. Billy was George's best friend. The two friends slapped hands and ran towards the curb to cross the street, with Cindy waddling behind. The three continued to accumulate candy, until their pillow cases were heavy with treats.

Later on, George and Billy met up with Todd and Derek, two other friends from school. Todd was dressed up as Buzz lightyear, and Derek was a werewolf. "What's she doing here, Georgie?" Derek asked, sounding annoyed. "I thought this was a guys night only." George sighed. "My mom made me take her with me," he said, looking embarresed. "Well, what a momma's boy you turned out to be." said Derek, stepping towards George. "Do you always listen to your mother?" George shook his head. "No!" he shouted, then turned to face his little sister. "Um..." he muttered. "Cindy...go home...you're not one of us. Go on, get." Cindy's face flushed, and George could have sworn that she was about to burst into tears.

"Please," he said. "Don't make this harder than it has to be, Cindy." She shook her head. "But I want trick-or-treats, George. I want to go with you." George was torn. He didn't want to send her home alone. He knew his mother would kill him if he did. But, it was boys night out, and he didn't want Cindy tagging along. "Well?" Derek asked. "What's it gonna be? us or her?" Derek pointed towards the pathetic girl. "Okay," said George. "I pick you guys. My friends." But in the back of his mind, he knew he had made the wrong choice. The four boys walked off, leaving Cindy alone, crying.

"I dare you to go up to the run down mansion, Georgie," said Derek. They were now on the far side of town, the run down area. The four boys stood staring at the mansion, which towered above them. There was no sign of any halloween decorations any around the mansion. It looked so dark and dreary, like a haunted house decades old. George swallowed nervously. "Why don't we all go up to it?" he said. "I doubt that anyone even likes there anymore," said Billy, looking through a broken window from the sidewalk. "I'll take it a step further," said Derek slyly. "Dare you to go inside, that is if no one answers the door."

It suddenly started pouring down rain, and the four boys ran for the mansions front porch. Once there, they shook the rain off their coats and huddled together to keep warm. "Well," said Todd. "Here we are. Since were here, why don't we just knock on the door." At that moment, lightning flashed across the sky, lighting up their faces a blueish white glow. Thunder rolled in the distance. George shuttered. "Maybe we should just go," he said. "We have all the candy we need." Derek glared at George. "Are you chicken?" he asked. "Look guys, we have a chicken here. B-bawk." George shook his head. "I'm no chicken," he said, in a quivering voice. "Just watch me march up to the door and knock."

True to his word, George marched up to the front door and knocked three times on it. The gray paint  on the door was chipping off, showing the red beneath it. The hinges looked rusted. There was no answer. George knocked again, this time twice. Still no answer. Not a sound. Slowly, George reached for the rusted door knob. He grasped it and tried to turn it. It was hard to turn, but door slowly opened with a creak. Just a crack. "Go in, chicken," said Derek. The larger boy gave George a shove, and George fell through the door way. The door swung open with an eerie creak. George found himself lying on a dusty wooden floor. It was dark inside, and George scrambled to his feet. He searched the room for any sign of life, his heart pounding wildly. "Hel-hello?" he muttered. "Anyone home?" Only silence. George turned around to leave, but found that the door tightly closed. "Hey, guys!" he shouted. "Let me out, now!" He thought he heard footsteps running away from the house. He was trapped! Alone in the spooky old mansion!

"Help!" he cried, pounding on the door from the inside. "Stop that!" came a voice from behind him. George spun around and found himself staring up at a tall dark figure. There was not enough light to see clearly, but the figure seemed to have a freakishly large head. "What do you want? Who are you?" asked George, trembling fiercly. The figure reached for something, and brought up a lantern to it's face. George screamed. What he saw before him was horrible. It was a large, bent person, with a humungous pumpkin on his head. The hand that held the lantern had only three fingers on it. It's mid section was fat and lumpy, like that of Hippopautimus. The persons skin looked rough like that of a lizard. It's other arm was nothing more than a tallon on the end of stump.

"What are you?!" George shouted. The figure, whatever it was, laughed wickedly. "Come and take a look, Goergie," it said in a raspy voice. "Come see what's under the pumpkin." George was now getting angry. His fear was subsidding. "Alright!" he shouted. He rushed at the creature and pushed it to the ground. He was shocked to find how easily the creature fell. George began clawing at the pumpkin on the creatures head. Pieces began to fly off. It was a real pumpkin alright. The creature chuckled as George pulled the rest of the broken pumpkin head away from it's head. It heald up the lantern to it's face and snarled. As the pumpkin pieces fell away, a hideuosly deformed face appeared. Again, George screamed. The thing grabbed George with it's good arm, squeezing his shoulder. It pulled the boy close to his face and said, "Like what you see, boy?"

George was about to pass out, but the creature shook him awake. "You shouidn't have left your sister out in the rain," he snapped. "Now your gonna stay with me, here. You'll be my slave. Har har, you old pirate, you. You'll love it here. Now, you can start by bringing me my meal. You see, I have trouble eating on my own. Now I have a helper. I'm so happy." The thing squeaked with glee. "Now go to the kitchen and fetch me some food." George had no choice. He could not run. He could not escape. He knew he would be stuck here forever. He walked through a doorway and found himself in a dimly lit kitchen. It smelled horrible. Then he saw the table in the middle of the room. He began to gag. On the table were pots and pans filled with animal guts, or so he thought.

"Come along, Georgie," said the creature. "I'm hungry." George almost threw up as he lifted up a pot filled with bloody endtrails. "Hurry up. It's dinner time, Georgie." George ran through the door back into the living room. "Come over here, son," it said. "feed me, i'm starving. Go on, dip your hand in and put it to my mouth." George gagged and gagged until he vomited on the floor. "Yummy," said the creature. George scouped up a handful of guts and put it to the creatures mouth. As it began to eat, sharp teeth shown in it's mouth. The creature grinned . "Happy Halloween," it said, chewing hungrily.

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