The Old Mine

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When young Timmy decides to go in search of an old mine in the forest, he finds out the hard way that you should always listen to your parents. And warning signs.

Submitted: April 28, 2013

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Submitted: April 28, 2013



 The old mineBy Justin Gilroy

Timmy was walking home from school on sunny spring day. When he was half way home, he saw the same sign that he had
seen a hundred times before. The sign read: DO NOT ENTER! Timmy had always wondered why the sign was there. A dirt road
led passed the sign into the woods towards nearby mount Montana. Timmy had heard tales of an old mine that set at the foot
of the mountain, but his mother had always warned him not to go anywhere near it. Ever! But today Timmy was overcome
with curiousity, and so he started down the old dirt road. As he passed the sign, it flashed it's warning one last time.
It seemed to be crying out to him, saying, "Stop! Turn around now! Remember your parents warnings! Go home! Run home!
But Timmy did not turn back. He was determined to find out what lay beyond the sign, in the forest, and finally in the mine.
As timmy walked, the trees grew closer and closer together, until they hit the sun light from him. He kept walking for
what seemed to him like a day, then he realized how cold and dark it was. He was alone, just with his back pack and clothes
on his back. He stopped to take a rest, and sat on a moss covered stump. He pulled open his backpack and fished through it
until he found the last bit of his lunch. A big red apple. He bit into it and chewed hungrily. He quickly devoured it and
through the core to the ground. Then he kept walking, on towards the mine.
Within the next few minutes, he stumbled upon a clearing with several old, rusty looking tools laying about. He saw a
few two man saws, some hammers, some chissles and an axe pick. He didn't think much about them at the time, and started to
walk on his way. He stopped suddenly and turned back. He walked over to one of the large hammers and reached for it. It was
heavier than it looked. Timmy put it into his backpack and slung it over his shoulder. Onward he went, shaking away his
fear and growing weariness. He wished he had brought a flashlight. He stumbled onwards, just hoping to find some kind of
shelter. He began to shiver, and he realized his teeth were chattering.
"Hello?" he shouted. "Can anyone hear me?" No answer. He stopped and looked around. In the dim moonlight, he saw some-
thing move! He froze. Could it be a wild animal? A panther? Or, heaven forbid, even a bear? Timmy took a deep breath and
shook his head. "No," he sighed. "Let's not go there." Still, just to be safe, Timmy unzipped his backpack and pulled out
the hammer. If anything came at him, he would be ready. He took a step, and then another. Then, he brushed passed something
that felt cold and metalic. He turned and reached out his hand, to feel what he had touched. It felt, A SIGN!
Timmy squinted and tried to see what the sign said. In the dim moonlight, he managed to read: Montana Mine. Ten yards ahead.
The excitment of finding the mine was re ignited in him. He looked beyond of the sign and through the trees. He thought he
saw a rough rock wall several yards ahead of him. Was that it? The old Mine? "Yes," Timmy cried. He ran forward and right into
a rock wall. He fell to the ground, clutching himself. His head hurt, and his left knee was throbbing like crazy. He staggered
to his feet and tried to shake off the embarrising incident. Suddenly, moonlight shown down on him, and Timmy saw a faint hole
in the rocky wall. Not a hole, but more like a doorway. A doorway to....the mine? "Yes," he cried. "I've made it." He clutched
the hammer tightly in his fist and entered the old mine.

Timmy had only been walking for a few minutes, when he heard a snarl. "Oh no," he yelled. "Not another animal." He stood
silently, listening. Then there was silence. "Stay away!" Timmy said aloud. "I have a weapon!" Then there was silence again.
He realized that he should not be yelling, or making loud noises. He tiptoed forward down the tunnel, holding tightly to the
hammer. His hammer. Suddenly, up ahead, he thought he saw light! He began to walk faster towards it. After about ten minutes,
he came to a section of the tunnel that had a make shift light hooked to the top of the cave. Finally, he had light. He noticed
the mine track on the ground. It was rusted and broken, seeming to be one hundred years old. He sat down on the ground to rest.
He was hungry again, but had no more food. "Rats," he thought, rubbing his stomache. It ached. He lay the hammer down beside
him and closed his eyes. The next thing he knew, he was waking up. The light had gone out! He sat up suddenly and felt for his
hammer. It wasn't where he had left it. He felt around some more, but was nowhere to be found. It was simply gone! Fear gripped
him like an icy steak through the heart. He still had his backpack over his shoulders, which gave his some wierd kind of comfort.
He stood to his feet and sighed. "What should I do?" he thought sadly. He wondered if he should stay where he was or keep explor-
ing the mine. He finally decided to keep going. That what he had come for anyways. Right? At that moment, he remembered his par-
ents warnings to stay away from the mine. Now he wished he had listened to them.
He was about to turn back, when he noticed something far off in the distance. Was it another light? Timothy had to find out.
He squinted at the tiny dim light. It seemed to be a thousand miles away. Again, curiousity over took the boy, and he went on.
He walked until his feet hurt and he was about to pass out from exhaustion. Still, he pressed on. Finally, he came to the light.
But this one was different than the last one. In fact, it looked totally alien to him. It was round, and the light that came from
it was not white, but a mysrerious shade of green. Timothy was afraid. Then came the growls and howls. Timothy turned towards the
sound. There in front of him was a dark passage way, small and narrow. The light from the ball thing did not penetrate the passage
way at all. It was pitch black beyond. Then, Timothy heard, "YYYEEEOOOUUUUU!" The sound made him jump. It was coming from the dark
passage way. Then he heard growling coming from behind him. He spun to see a large creature of some kind, with a head that resembled
a lions, and an ape like body. Timothy screamed and ran for the passage way. He managed to squeaze through, but ran right into
something large and furry. He fell to the ground screaming. There in front of him were two large glowing red eyes. Something reached
out and clawed at him. A seering pain went through his chest, and he put his hand over it. Something warm and wet was oozing out
of him. "Blood!" he cried. "I'm bleeding!"
With all the strength he could muster, Timothy scrambled out of the passageway and back into the light. He found two more lion
creatures towering over him. He turned to run, but tripped and fell. He looked up just in time to see another lion creature come
out of the dark passage. It snarled at him, then the others snarled. Timothy realized he was surrounded, and shouted, "Go away!
Leave me alone, you brutes!" The creatures all made a strange laughing sound. Were they playing with him? They moved in closer to him.
Timothy suddenly passed out, but came to again when he felt a horrible pain seering through his whole body. He was that one of the
creatures was chewing on his right leg. It hurt tremendously. He tried to kick the creature away with his other leg, then realized
it was gone! Both his legs were gone! He tried to grab a rock to fling at the creature, but realized he had no hands or even arms.
He screamed at the top of his lungs in agony. He was drenched in blood and sweat. "Please..." he whispered. "Please...stop." He was
He blacked out again, only to wake up in more agonizing pain. He looked and saw that the creatures were gone. It was dark and
silent all around him. He felt his innards spilling out from his mid section. He knew he was dying. A slow, painful death. He found
it hard to breathe. With his last breath, he managed to whisper, "I'm...sorry...mother....I'" Then everything
went black.  

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