Beyond closed doors

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Isabel has lived in her home all her life for 9 years without a breather outside because she is forbidden to even touch foot outside. Isabel decides to sneak out
but many things can happen in the dark

Submitted: March 06, 2012

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Submitted: March 06, 2012




Isabel watched as the little kids ran past her windows running to school their book bags flying behind them, their Mums yelling at them to stop running but the kids ignoring them free as birds. Isabel wished she was free, wish that she could break the invisible ropes that bound her to this cramped hot stuffy room. “Darling what’s wrong?” I turned around to face my Mum she was wearing her favourite dress and she had her hair out for once in her life. “Mum, you look really pretty!” Mum blushed slightly then frowned when she saw me looking out the window “what you doing Izzie?” I could hear her voice rising slightly “um... nothing Mum” Mum walked over to me to me stroked my hair “was you looking out the window?” I sighed and pulled away from her touch “Mum, I can look out the window you know” Mum could see that I was getting frustrated “Izzie I’m not saying that you can’t...” I ran my hands through my hair and sighed louder “yes you are Mum I can just tell by voice Mum you don’t want me looking out the window because you’re scared...” Mum stood stiff, she hated when it when she said she was scared of things... before my mum became scared of the outside she was a very active person always out and about with her friends always checking out the latest designs in the shops. That all stopped when her sister Aunty Rachel was shot in a park, my Mum shut down completely shutting me out.. I offered her everything meals, drinks and even help but she ignored me and stayed in bed and stared into space. I had to deal with everything the police, the press and the bills. Until one day my Mum jumped out of bed and pretended that nothing had happened until she opened the front door she stood there for ages not moving just staring I ran up to her and asked what was wrong and she said she said she didn’t know and started to cry. I pulled her into the house and she sat on the chair. She tried the next day but just couldn’t do it crying the whole time. I called the doctor and he said that he couldn’t do anything about until she felt comfortable again. It was now 9 years later and she still wasn’t comfortable. It had become worse when Mum had stopped me going out, family members said that this wasn’t normal and that I needed to be out. My Mum said that she could give me all love that she would ever need without going outside. But I was fed up of being stuck here all day, watching kids run around dirty from their day at school, normal teenagers living their teen life with friends, girlfriends and boyfriends. Almost every night I prayed to God that maybe I would be able just to open the front door but I never had the guts, didn’t have the will to tell Mum that her love just wasn’t enough for me anymore.


“Dinner’s ready!” Mum yelled from downstairs, I put my book down annoyed that I was being disturbed and I wasn’t really that hungry. I walked to the staircase and yelled to Mum from the stairs “Mum! Not hungry!” I heard plates clashing against the counter top “Lizzie it is dinner time. You haven’t eaten all day. Come down now.” Mum’s voice grew sharp and impatient and I knew better than to back talk my Mum. I took each stairs slowly wishing I could just go back to my bedroom and finish reading my book. Mum was at the door hands on her hips “young lady eat.” Mum rushed me to a seat and with a little smile I saw that she had cooked my favourite meal but it didn’t cheer me right up. Mum cleared up the counter and sat down across from me, her hair was all over the place now her plump cheeks red from being in the kitchen so long. I started eating, it was an awkward silence and I needed to fill it up “Mum… you see the front garden as you can see it looks like an utter mess… maybe I should clean it up…” Mum dropped her fork and it dropped to the floor “beg your pardon?” the colour had left Mum’s face and I could see the sweat beading on her forehead. This was getting way out of hand. I put my fork down “what? All I want to do is help…” “NO!” Mum yelled wincing at her own voice “you’re going to hurt. My little girl” Anger tears rolled down my eyes “Mum! Please...” but Mum wasn’t listening anymore because she had left the room and walked up the stairs. I lifted up my plate and smashed it against the wall, my tears splashed to the floor and as I reached up to wipe them away I saw blood sprayed across my hand there was a huge cut on my hand it looked so big… slightly cool, I pushed the cut and more blood oozed out then it started stinging really badly. I walked to the tap and ran it under watching the blood run from my skin.


Mum knocked on my door early in the morning. She apologized and asked me to forgive her and I looked into her eyes and said “no, I can’t forgive you Mum” Mum’s eyes flashed with anger and she got up and slammed my bedroom door. This time I wasn’t backing down, Mum was ruining her life staying cooped up in here, but not me I want to be an famous author, I write about being cooped up in the house but I hide them from my Mum, I didn’t want to hurt her feelings. I washed my hair got changed and walked downstairs, my Mum was angry washing up “we need to talk” Mum turned around soap flying everywhere “about what exactly?” I walked to the chair and sat but then got up “I can’t stay here! Every second I spend in this house makes me want to kill myself” Mum took a sharp intake of breath and whirled around and hit my face “don’t you ever speak like that, I protect you!” Mum was breathing heavily and she sank down into the seat next me  “see what this has come to, now even if I mutter the words “outside” you have a near heart attack and I get hit” I rubbed the space where Mum had hit hoping that she hadn’t put a red mark on my face. “Let me walk up the park down the road, you can come” Mum’s face twisted up like she was in pain “that park was the where... Where… Rachel” Mum started wheezing. I slapped my head in frustration how could I forget “Mum… I’m s-““GET OUT OF MY FACE YOU STUPID CHILD!” Mum pushed me towards the door “get out” she spat.


My face was sticky and hot, I knew it was puffy. I had been crying for hours and I could hear Mum crying too. I wanted her to come up here. I wanted to hear her soothing voice telling me she was sorry and we could forget all of this happened, but this time I think I had pushed it too far, I had forgotten about Aunty Rachel. But how could I? She was in a big framed picture smiling down at me. She had Mum’s fair hair and rosy cheeks. Whereas Mum was a plump lady Aunty Rachel had been a slim lady who always told me that I needed to lose weight. Maybe that’s why I forgot her? Maybe because I didn’t like Aunty Rachel. I felt bad for even thinking this when Mum was still crying about it. Why couldn’t she just get over it?! Everybody else had, I mean I know that Mum and Aunty Rachel had almost been inseparable however it’s been 9 years!

I looked into the mirror that hung on the door. Ididn’t get Mum’s or Aunty Rachel’s fair locks I got curly brown hair, guess I got it from Dad, who from this day I have no idea about. Anytime I ask about my Dad my Mum hands clenched and quickly changes the subject, which you would think would be unfair seeing as I’m her only daughter and she has kept me in here for 9 years she would’ve at least told me who my Dad was.


The house was silent the clock ticked 8 o’clock; Isabel’s Mother Sarah so tired from all the crying had fallen asleep on the chair the remote still in her hand. Her daughter Isabel had her coat on and her boots on she had her face set in determination. She watched her Mother’s chest rising up and down. She quickly scribbled a note explaining where she was and that she was sorry it had to be this way. Without as much as pin dropping on the floor Isabel slipped through the front door her face surprised. Sorry Mum she whispered.


It was dark, wet, cold. The breeze swished across Isabel’s cheeks. Isabel was walking towards the park down the road pausing a couple of minutes at a time gaping at her surroundings. People rushed past Isabel giving her strange looks wondering why a teenage girl eyes were sparkly at a couple of swings. Isabel rushed towards the swings, she had remembered reading about one of them, and she knew that if you pushed your legs up you went higher increasing your speed. Isabel sat down and pushed her feet off the ground. Her smile widening as she got higher and higher. This is the happiest moment of my life thought Isabel.


Isabel’s Mum Sarah stirred away. She had a bad dream. Sarah raised her head up and saw a note staring up at her. She read it then re-read it, she couldn’t believe it. Sarah ran to her house phone, knocking the vase down and saw it smashing to pieces. She didn’t care. 999 was hurriedly tapped into the phone “my daughter’s ran away!” cried Sarah as she watched the front door wishing Isabel would just walk through it.


Isabel felt dizzy with excitement. She missed living a life so very much and this was only the park. But her time was up; Mum was probably up, and in a state of panic. Isabel laughed cruelly. “How strange, I’m beyond the closed doors but now I’m going back” A woman hurried along past her, giving her a strange look. She probably thinks I’m a weirdo, she thought. She better be careful the roads are very dark tonight. Isabel felt comforted by the cool night air so she continued talking to herself. “Why can’t Mum just see how beautiful it is outside… It’s not dang-“ Lights flashed all over Isabel and she felt something hard crashed into her hip “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” screamed Isabel in pain. Then the sharp object knocked Isabel sending her flying across the sky. The lady that had hurried along turned around from the noise and saw a car flying around the next corner and a dark figure on the floor. The lady rushed towards the figure and gasped. It was the strange girl who had been talking to herself. She had been knocked over. The lady started shaking Isabel “come on! Breathe” The lady knew she was dead just by the feel of her “lord” The lady called the ambulance. “I’m sorry” the Lady cried.


Sarah had been pacing the room for over half an hour waiting for Isabel to return. The police said they would call her if they had a lead. But there was no news so far. Sarah felt shaky but knew that Izzie wouldn’t do this to her with any malice. Sarah sank down to the floor. Why did Izzie have to find the outside? She didn’t need it, she has me. The house phone rang defiantly and Sarah grabbed it “hello? Hello?” where’s my daughter?!” Sarah’s voice cracked on the last word “please… where is she?” Sarah’s voice was breaking down. “Your daughter Isabel was involved in a hit and run and I’m so sorry but your daughter died immediately” the phone dropped from Sarah’s hand and a gut wrenching scream exploded from her chest.






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