Questions that cannot be answered

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They ask me questions which I cannot provide answers for.
“You killed your sister… but why?”
Rachel had a good life, everybody liked Rachel but everybody ignored Rosie her twin sister. Rosie gets involved in a bad group but she doesn’t care, until they tell Rosie to stab Rachel.

Submitted: March 10, 2012

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Submitted: March 10, 2012




My face feels pinched. I could feel the dried tears on my face. I could feel my eyes stinging. “Rosie! You still haven’t answered my question” I looked into the police officers face “I thought we were done” I replied, twiddling with my cut fingers. The police officer sighed and turned towards her partner “this isn’t working, she isn’t talking. I know she had a reason to do this…” the partner looked into my eyes and I responded with a bored expression “I killed my sister, end of story” I said, I had already told them this. The partner sighed “but why...”

Rosie looked up from the book she was reading from in the library. Nobody in school ever came to the library and that was why Rosie liked it here. The library door had opened and a rowdy group of people bustled in to the drab library. “Please be quiet” yelled the greying librarian contradicting her own sentence. “Rosie! Rosie!” somebody yelled from the crowd “great” muttered Rosie as her twin sister tottered over to her corner her hair put into stupid pigtails which made even more cuter than possible. “Oh what now?” I hissed annoyed that Rachel had ruined her lunch time. Rachel sat down in the sit next to her and looked at her with big brown eyes “Why do you spend your lunch times in here, when you can hang out with me?” Rachel’s friends were coming closer and closer and Rosie wanted to move further and further away. “Rachel, I need space please just go away!” Rosie felt hot and frustrated and she felt like she wanted to sink into a black hole. But it was too late Rachel’s friends had arrived at my table Luke following behind “shoot” Rosie muttered under her breath and she gathered up her stuff. “Rachel, can we like go?” one of Rachel’s whiney friends moaned, she was chewing gum very loudly while she twisted her hair along a very pink fingernail. “If you’re freak of a sister doesn’t want to hang out with us, I’m not stopping her” a voice from the crowd said. Rachel glared towards the group “she’s not a freak!” Rosie was shuffling towards the door but bumped into Luke “hey, Rosie. Can we talk” but Rosie had already ran out of the library doors. Luke ran after Rosie.

Rosie ran around the corner, she slid onto the corridor floor and sighed. Rosie could tell she had been run after and right on cue Luke skidded around the corner “Rosie, can we talk” Rosie looked down at her black painted nails “you just did, bye Luke” Luke gave a little snort and moved a bit closer to her, she moved away. “I’m sorry, we ended that way…” muttered Luke looking down at the floor. Rosie looked up from her nails “I thought us breaking that way was so fun! Like seeing you kiss my twin sister when it was my birthday… that was great” Luke shook his head and sank down to the floor and groaned. “Man! Rosie I’m so sorry! I really thought she was you” Rosie’s eyes flashed and she rose up from the corridor floor “we’ve been dating for almost a year, how you could not know it was…” Rosie burst into tears but she wiped the tears quickly. Luke saw the tears though, and he grabbed Rosie’s hand “I love you Rosie, you love me too, don’t deny it” Luke was leaning towards me and before I knew it he had put his lips on mine. I pulled away, “No, Luke. I can’t do this. If you couldn’t tell me and my sister apart then that just shows you don’t really know me at all” Luke was shaking his head fast “but Rose, I do know you, it’s hard to keep track, you and you’re sister looked almost identical that evening” Luke tried to hold my hand but I pulled away “No Luke!” I ran as fast as I could.

Prison isn’t a bad place. Weird sentence that is, seeing as in prison it’s meant to be a place of death however I actually like it better than home. I had my own room with a bed, chairs and even a TV! But I guess you wouldn’t call this a prison… It’s actually a mental home for troubled teens. But I guess killing your sister meant you was slightly off your head. Not me though. I had a perfect reason for killing my sister. The endangered species was the reason why.

A typical weekday morning, Mum comes staggering in from her last night’s antics, while Rachel applied her makeup in the bathroom and I watched TV. “Where were you Mum?” I asked again when Mum came staggering in with her hair all in straggles and mud all over her shoes “what’s it to you?” Mum grunted from the kitchen drinking a glass of water “you were with Rob again” I said looking at Mum “Leave it will ya!” shouted Mum and she stomped upstairs. “Great conversation” I muttered as Rachel came down the stairs her hair in a ponytail and her makeup done perfectly. “Hey sis!” smiled Rachel and once again I hated her for being so pretty “why you not dressed yet?” asked Rachel as she got an apple from the bowl. I got up to trudge to my bedroom “I’m not coming in, cover for me” Rachel frowned and walked over to me, I walked further away. I hated my sister being so close to me. “Is this because of yesterday, is it because Michelle said you’re a freak, she said sorry you know… is it because of Luke?” I stopped frozen on the spot “why would it be Luke?” I demanded, “I saw him run after you and then you run out to the courtyard like 10 minutes later, you looked pretty upset” Rachel said her eyes widening. I narrowed my eyes then bit my lip “you wasn’t upset when you had your lips all over him” before I could hear her petty excuses I walked up stairs.

“Miss Vann? You have been called for another questioning. I smirked “you would think they would be bored of me… am I right guard? I laughed but he still had a stony expression plastered on his face. “Miss Vann this is no time for jokes, please come with me” I help up my hands “dude, just because you’re here it doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun” He was marching towards me “okay! Okay!” I got led to this little stuffy box room and I was immediately hot and bothered. A lady was sitting across me slightly glaring at me. She had red lipstick on that you could see on her teeth and she was wearing a lot cut top so you could see her huge cleavage, she probably thought she was really hot right now, but to me she looked like a right slapper, my guard couldn’t take his eyes off her! “Miss Rosie Vann, I know you’re lying I’ve heard tapes of your interviews. You say “I killed my sister, end of story” all the time, but we asked your mother and she said when you were little, you and your sister were inseparable. I narrowed my eyes, I was angry. “How the hell would she know?! For the past 3 years she’s being drinking her brain dead. She barely knows who I am anymore” I got up off the chair and kicked it “I’m going!” I marched towards the door wanting to slam it into her slapper face but she said something that made my blood run cold “you were part of the endangered species gang right?

I could hear Mum chucking up in the bathroom; years ago I would’ve rushed to the bathroom and helped her, get her some breakfast and coffee. I would look after Mum. But not anymore. I want her to choke on her own vomit. Mum sounded like she was crying now but I wasn’t bothered. I and Rachel had known Mum had a drink problem from ages ago and we tried to help, do anything in our power to help her. But instead we got yelled at and told that we had ruined her life when we were born. Rachel had started crying but she was always a wuss. I had done the mistakable. I had slapped Mum around the face hard. Her face lit up and she hit me back and pushed me to the floor, Rachel was still crying and begging Mum to stop. I had run to my bedroom. Mum then had got a bottle of wine out and drank herself to sleep. End of story. I decided I needed a walk.

To get out of our road you had to walk through this long alleyway. I was never scared because nobody went there but this time there was a bunch of teens my age on the ground laughing and they had beers in their hands. I pulled my hood up and walked into the alleyway “who’s that coming” one of the guys shouted. I was trying to move away from them put the guy who had asked who I am pushed himself into me and held my hands behind my back “oi!!!! LET ME GO!” the guy started laughing then stroked my back “chill, what’s your name hun?” I kicked him and he groaned and let go but he still had my hand “I was just playing around bitch!” the rest of his friends starting closing in on me “I’m sorry, the names Rosie, but you can’t just grab me from behind, that was completely uncalled for!” The guy laughed and I laughed too “the names Mike, (Mike looked quite handsome in a thuggish kind of way. He was wearing grey battered looking tracksuit bottoms and he had long dirty hair but he had beautiful piercing green eyes) and this is the endangered species” I shrieked with laughter but Mike wasn’t laughing “your serious?” Mike was nodding slowly. “We are all different but nobody understands, they just think we’re nutcases. We got booted out of school so now we sit around and drink. Care to join us?” Mike was grabbing my hand again and he gave it a kiss “you’re so beautiful,” he said I could feel him gripping my bum “Please stay?” what the hell I thought. I was different nobody understood me might as well stay with these people “give me a beer then!”

Mike and I staggered to the park. We were completely off our heads but we didn’t care! An old lady pushed past us “you kids are meant to be in school” I giggled and Mike laughed “me and my girlfriend don’t need school we have each other” the old lady tutted and shook her head “youths of today” I was still giggling “did you just call me your girlfriend? I barely kno-“Mike kissed me and pushed me onto the grass; his breath stunk off beer but so did mine. “They say that once you kiss somebody you know everything about them” Mike said in a husky voice. Mike kissed me until we both fell asleep on the grass.

After meeting Mike and the gang I was so happy, I bunked school almost every day and got drunk. Mike would give me kisses then we would fall asleep until one day I was told to do something to finally be part of this gang. At that time I guess I was still a dumb little child. I was trying to forget about Luke and Mike was the perfect distraction. Rachel would cover for me every day at school but she knew what I doing, everyday she said she could smell the alcohol on me, but I told her to mind her own business. Rachel cried at night, I could hear her. Her eyes were puffy in the morning, she told me to stop hanging out with these bad people but I ignored her. For once I felt like I meant something to somebody, Mike called me beautiful everyday and I felt it. I ignored the fact that I was getting skinner by the minute and my hair suddenly started looking like Mums. One day Luke came around to my house. I was passed out on the chair, and when I woke up to throw up Luke held back my hair “you need help” he muttered. I pushed him away from me “you’re just jealous just because I have Mike, he loves me you know.” Luke pushed me back “Mike is destroying your life, he told you he loves you, but do you really think that… he just wants to drink with somebody. And you the most naive girl in the world has fallen for his trap.” The words stung. I knew he was right. “GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!” I screamed. Luke pushed past me “I still love you, and I will help you once you realise what you’re doing” Luke slammed the door. I wanted Luke; I wanted him to help me. I wanted to feel his warm hands around me. I didn’t want Mike, but I forced myself onto him.

“Ah! Finally a reaction” the lady with the red lipstick on her teeth and giant bosoms. I still had my hand on the door “what reaction?” I said trying to play it cool but inside I was shaking like a plate of jelly. “Why don’t you come and sit down and we can talk about this Rosie” this lady was evil, her mouth was turned up into a smile. I stood by the door. “Okay then we can talk standing then. She rose up onto her high heels and she looked down at me “did Mike Stevens tell you to kill your sister?”

I trudged to the alley, the usual spot for the endangered species. This time I wasn’t in the mood for getting drunk or being touched by Mike. I just wanted to stay home in bed, this very morning I was this close to crying in front of my sister, but I shouted at her instead. She ran out the house looking frightened and scared. “Hey! Look it’s my girl” boomed Mike from the corner of the alley; there were a couple of grunts from the others but that was it. Mike moved over to me and kissed my cheek, I felt tense at his touch “you okay babe?” asked Mike. I shrugged, Mike tried to kiss me again but I moved away. Mike glared slightly but he stopped after a second. “Now, time for business” Mike stood up straight and seemed to be scanning me “we have a task for you, If you officially want to become one of us” I felt nervous and I could feel I was sweating “what is it?” I asked. Mike clicked at one of the others and a guy passed Mike something, it was shiny. “What is it?” I asked more shakily. Mike gave me a wink and held up a knife “stab somebody, no….

 not somebody. Stab your sister”

I felt smaller and the lady questioning me was still waiting for an answer. “Mike didn’t tell me to kill anybody! I just killed my sister I told you that!” The lady moved closer to me “stop lying, you little brat, you didn’t just kill your sister, there must have been a reason!”

“Stab?” I asked my hand shaking as I reached for the knife but I dropped it. “No! I don’t want to be part of your gang; this was just for fun…” Mike picked up the knife and ran towards me, I tried to run away but he had me. He put my head on his shoulder and held the knife to my neck “fun’s over” spat Mike and he pressed the knife to my neck. “ow!!!” I cried as a drop of blood ran down my jumper. “You going to do it then?” asked Mike pushing the knife harder “yes!” I screamed. Mike released me and turned me around to face me “I knew you wouldn’t let me down babe, he bent down and licked the blood from my neck. I grimaced in pain “meet me here with your sister tonight” he breathed against my neck “or else” He handed me the knife and walked away with his gang out of the alley way.

“There was no reason!” I cried my tears running down my cheeks. The lady frowned at got something out of a folder that was on the table. She held up a picture of me and Mike, he had a knife pressed to my neck, I was crying in the picture, Mike was looking down at my chest. I crumpled. “Where did you get that picture from?” “A witness, you could say, explain this then”

Rachel was very happy that I said sorry to her, I told her lets go out to eat. She had gone up stairs and changed, I slipped the knife into my bag. “I’m so happy you came out of that drink phase Rose, I was scared you were turning into Mum” Rachel said as she came downstairs in her favourite pink jumper and jeans. I laughed nervously. “Why don’t we just stay here?” I asked. Rachel was about to reply but my phone buzzed.



I deleted the message with shaky fingers “actually let’s go”

The lady questioning had sat down again, I was sitting across her. “I will tell you the truth” I said, the Lady’s eyes gleamed, she was probably thinking about all the money she would get for this “Mike threatened me, told me that if I didn’t stab my sister then he would come after me.”

Rachel was in front of me, she was leading. We were in the alley way. I could see Mike’s shadow. Rachel was talking about her favourite song but I wasn’t listening, my phone was buzzing



I pulled the knife from the bag “I’m sorry Rachel” I cried and plunged the knife into her back. Rachel crashed to the concrete ground

“I didn’t mean to kill her, I thought I had got her back but instead I had put the knife into her heart” I cried and the lady handed me tissue “I didn’t want to kill her! I seriously didn’t. After Mike saw I had done it he ran and I called the police, I handed myself in”

The Lady pressed the stop button on the recording machine “now it’s all come out Rosie, you know you might be in here for a long time, you will be charged for murder” I nodded “I know, but at least I know I told the truth”.

The guard led me back to my room. I opened the door and the guard walked away. I shut the door behind me. I turned around and gave a small scream. Luke was sitting on my bed. “I told you he didn’t care, but I do” I cried into Luke’s shoulder.

I loved Rachel

I still do.


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