I Am Here...Finally

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Dmetra Corrington overcame all odds when she survived a horrific attack by a stranger, now after months in the hospital she finally decides to go back to school. She fears nobody will remember her, let alone care about her. What will happen?

Submitted: June 05, 2011

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Submitted: June 05, 2011



I Am Here…Finally



She hastened along the drenched road, the traces of the early-morning brine still evident on the narrow path. It was overgrown on both sides with bushes and trees. Her oddly colored converses were stained with the mud, and soaked by almost every puddle.

Her breathing was exaggerated and unusually labored. She shouldn’t have been rushing like this, in the rain and cold. Little rays of sunlight peeked through the heavy cloud cover, like little glimmers of hope that today was going to go as planned.

Her cheeks were pink from the dropping temperatures, and her once bright eyes were dull and lifeless. That wasn’t from the cold however, ever since that day, she’d changed.

A chill of wind blew a tuft of brown hair into her eyes and bit at her skin, reminding her of the faithful December day, when her world came crashing down. All because of that “accident”.

She had been attacked by someone she didn’t know, mutilated and left for dead. She was sure someone had hired him, for nobody would pounce on a depressed fifteen year-old in broad daylight. No sane person, that is.

Speedily, she returned the tuft of hair to its place, not wanting to expose her hands to cold.

Soon, her destination came into view, the one place she longed for and maybe even dreaded. Her heart suddenly started to race as she caught a glimpse of the menacing ironwork gate. Its metal spikes seemed to ward off an invisible threat, whilst the golden ornamental bars beckoned one to enter; a total contradiction, Just like her.

She was supposed to die, but she hadn’t. Her heart had stop beating but she was still alive. For fifteen whole minutes she lay on the hospital bed, the EKG machine letting out a low drone. She was dead, technically. But somehow, her heart started beating again.  What was even more ironic was that she saw and heard everything during that time.

Returning her focus to the imminent gates, she sighed just looking at it. Beyond the gates lay what one my call the epitome of all old-fashioned buildings. The structure was large and grim, with high windows. Atop it stood a dull brass dragon, with the words “Blackthorne Academy” etched into its base. The compound was well secured; an eighteen-foot wall encircled it, barbed wire strategically placed to wound any menace. One could only wonder what was taught at a “school” like this.

It was here that she attended classes. Reticently, she sauntered through the gates, her body tensing with each step, reminding her of those long months in the hospital; everything started playing back in her mind.

Her mind willed her to leave, to run back home, to a place where she could at least think straight, without having to worry if her would-be killer would strike again. But her heart wouldn’t let it, she’d made a promise, she had given her word.

Walking slowly, she had made it so far before she was willed to stop.

“Dmetra!” She heard her name but didn’t turn around. She just paused and stood, glued to the spot.

“Dmetra” A strong arm clutched her shoulder. Reluctantly, she spun round, facing a pair of dull grey eyes.

There, clutching her shoulder stood a boy of commanding stature, at least six feet. His spiked raven hair added to his intimidating demeanor, as did his somewhat aquiline nose.

“Lance” She rasped, acknowledging him.

His aggressive countenance softened into a light-hearted smile as he pulled her into a happy embrace. His body almost squashed hers.

“I haven’t seen you at school in months Dmetra! It’s so wonderful to see you’re finally here” He exclaimed after she broke the hug. Dmetra offered a tight-lipped smile as he pulled her into the main school building.

It felt like years she hadn’t been in these halls. The scent of dust and sanitized floors permeated the air. The wooden floors were scoffed and scarred, but students traversed them nonetheless, as if it were normal for floors to be in such disrepair.

The hall seemed to stretch into oblivion, as it got darker and darker the further one went. On either side, adjacent to each other, were bright green doors, which bore brass plates that had the name of the room etched in silver.

If Dmetra’s tainted memory served her correctly, she had Home Room now. Her backpack was empty and slung over her shoulder, loaded with only an exercise book and a couple fine point magic markers.

Lance walked with her down the hall, in close proximity; as if he was protecting her from something or someone. She honestly admired Lance’s love of her, even if it was the friendly kind. He had visited her almost every day in the hospital.

When they reached the door with “Home Room” written on it in block letters, she encircled the knob with her palm. Suddenly though, her body tensed and apprehension filed into her mind. Did they miss me? Do they even what me back at school? She clenched the knob so tight her knuckles turned chalk white.

Lance, sensing her apprehension, lightly pushed her hand aside and offered her a warm smile.

“Don’t worry Dmetra. Everyone misses you” He smiled down at her before swinging the door open.

As she entered, she gasped as fear gripped her throat and stifled the words she’d thought about saying. About forty pairs of eyes stared back at her, each accompanied by a wide smile. Everyone was standing, as if expecting someone.

At the teacher’s desk, stood Mrs. Horne, her teacher. She was a thin, scrawny woman, her blonde hair flecked with silver. It was pulled into a high ponytail which cascaded down the back of her head and pooled by the nape of her neck.

When she saw Dmetra enter the room, her brown eyes flashed with a glint of excitement, and a smile tugged at her thin lips.

“Dmetra! You’re here!” She exclaimed, running towards the equally thin girl with opened arms. She caught her in a joyful embrace.

Dmetra offered a tight-lipped smile as a rupture of applause broke out from her classmates. Everyone was cheering and whistling, excitement charged the air. As she walked down the aisle to her seat, there were encouraging hugs and squeezes from people she didn’t even know. They really missed her.

As she sat down, Mrs. Horne walked to the blackboard and scribbled a welcome note with some pink chalk.

“Everyone” She said to the class “We’d like to welcome back Dmetra Corrington! She’s finally here!”

“Welcome back Dmetra!” The class replied in chorus, and Dmetra beamed happily for the first in a long while. Through the corner of her eye she caught Lance smiling at her.

Everything was going well; splendid even. She was happy. Who cared if she nearly died? She was alive now!

I am here she thought to herself I am here…finally.

A/N: This was totally random…I still don’t know how this idea came to me. I kind of like it though, but I’m unsure. Will you guys tell me what you think? I’m still amazed I made it this far! So to the other entrants, good luck and happy writing!

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