Would you prefer coffee or water?

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The universe can be so magical, as it has the ability to carve out our paths in this vast and intricate world, only so two particular paths that would not normally intersect, become congruent. This story begins with a boy who knew nothing about nothing, and a girl who thought she knew something about something. At the end of the day, they found out that it was all about a cup of coffee and a glass of water.

Submitted: September 26, 2011

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Submitted: September 26, 2011



As the trees danced to the theme song that the wind hummed softly, the birds floated through the skies as if the ground didn’t exist. Jasmine walked upon the beach barefoot, while her thoughts ushered her closer and closer to the water. The ocean was fickle like her thoughts. The waves would come close to touch the land, fall in love, and then tip toe away a second later. She walked ankle deep in the warm Atlantic ocean. The little bitty fish came to greet her by nibbling on the tips of her toes, which reassured her that she was alive. 3,001 thoughts ravaged her mind, yet only one of them stayed to cause more havoc. She thought to her self “i’m jobless”. The pressure of the world weighed on her shoulders, and you could see it in her gaze. The dream that she once dreamed so much, instantly became a dream deferred. If you looked closely, you could tell that her right eye wanted to give birth to a tear. At that moment she condoned the abortion. She breathed deeply and just like that, she did not allow her eye to shed a tear. Jasmine wasn’t the normal girl that you would find in the bookstore. She was special. One could argue that she wasn’t even from this planet, but her birth certificate alone would refute that notion. Her five feet nothing being stood motionless on an almost vacant beach. The sun gently massaged her olive toned skin, as the wind slowly but surely kissed every inch of her exposed body. She was beautiful. She was so beautiful that if you stared at her long enough, you would be convinced that God personally came down to Earth just to draw her out, as he needed to create the perfect being. Her fingernails begged for a manicure, but at this moment in time, her financial situation prohibited her from the girly pleasures in life. Jasmine was lost and she could not find her way through the dark even if she had a flashlight and bifocals on. Jasmine longed for something ineffable. She did not quite know what it was, but she hoped that when it came along, she would recognize it as if she hadn’t seen it in years.

On the other side of town, the library was nearly empty. The books on the shelves begged to be picked up like lonely puppies in a dog pound. The smell of knowledge filled the air, and that same air filled the nose of Walter. Walter was not the average Joe Schmoe. He found peace in the library as he could finally be himself after a long day of work. He was a loner, but at the same time, an extrovert when he was around people and had to perform. When people were in his vicinity, they were attracted to his confidence, and his affable persona. He had a smile that would brighten up anyones day. His ability to simplify and convey complex messages baffled the minds of his fans. Although Walter could win over anyone with his personality, he was a very closed off individual, only offering the truth if someone asked specifically about that specific truth. Most times he spoke in analogies and only offered information about himself that was apparent. As he sifts through books on quantum physics, a thought kidnapped his attention and made an imprint. He thought about love and how he only experienced it truly once in his life. The thought haunted him like Freddy Kruger hunted his victims. He longed for someone who would occupy his mind in his free time instead of making love to knowledge in every position in a vacant library. He immediately shook it off and dove back into a book on the Observer Effect. His life’s story was intricate, and if most knew about the things that he had done, they would either want to write a book about him or call his bluff. He would prefer the latter.

It was a rainy day in South Florida. Nothing out of the ordinary, as anyone who had lived there for more than a year knew that the sun would shine again soon. The coffee shop was filled with people dying to get their midday fix. Walter ignored the world while he worked vigorously on his computer. The man next to him was fixated on him as he wondered what kept Walter’s undivided attention for so long. Jasmine came stomping in the door wetter than whale that never came up for a breath of fresh air. The world stopped to breath her in as if she was a breath of fresh air. To their eyes she was. To their nose she was scented music that tickled their nostrils. To their ears she was the sound of Beethoven on a Sunday afternoon. To Walter, she was a moment that he wanted to crawl inside of and live forever.

Jasmine noticed how she disturbed the peace as she walked slowly to the counter to place her order. She brought mother nature into the coffee shop as she rained all over the place. To the world, she looked as though she took a shower with her clothes on. To Walter, she looked as though the rain was so attracted to her that it had to come down and make contact. After getting her double shot of expresso, she looked around for a place in the world. She found it. It was the table adjacent to Walter's. Her thoughts were still on the interview that she just blew by not elucidating her past job experiences well enough. Walter thoughts were of how he immediately developed a deep affinity for her without even knowing her name. She sipped her coffee slowly as if it would be the last cup she would ever have. A drip of water took a dive from one of her hair follicles into her coffee making a subtle splash. She didn’t notice it. Maybe because she made contact with Walter's almond shaped windows. The attraction between the two was apparent. Finally, Walter offered her a napkin, as the rain was still was caressing her face. She accepted it as if he gave her the last rose on Earth. A finger of his touched a finger of hers through their exchange. Her ‘thank you” didn’t enter his ears correctly, because all he heard was “talk to me and tell me a story”. So he did...

The two of them sat in the middle of the world talking for hours as if the world didn’t matter. She was surprised that she opened up to him as she told him her life story. He was in awe as she peeled back layer after layer as if her truths were clothes coming off an exotic dancer. He told her truths that might be insignificant to the other people in the world, but to her, she understood that he valued them like undiscovered gold. She knew that she breached the doors of his Area 51, and it made her smile. Their dialogue was an untold tome. That day led to them spending nearly every waking hour with each other...when they weren't working. She cooked him breakfast, and he cooked her dinner. At night, the candle light would eavesdrop on their shadows that ended up starting a life of their own. They coexisted like no other beings on the planet. An affinity was birthed, and grew up to be a love unlike neither of them had ever known. He would talk and she would digest every word like a scrumptious meal. She would speak and he would watch as though her words would come to life. They both jumped off the cliff of reality not caring about the fall. Their disregard for the rocky bottom gave them wings and they both flew through the skies like eagles experiencing their first flight.

Weeks passed and things were virtually the same. Only Walter seemed to be working a little bit more, and spending more time at the library on his personal research. Jasmine didn't mind, as she kept up to date witht the latest and greatest of the Hollywood gossip. One Monday morning Jasmine woke up feeling an uncanny void. A void that assured her that the world took off in a spaceship and landed on Pluto and left her all alone. She immediately called Walter, but he didn’t answer. She emailed him and waited hours for his reply, but there was no response. She did not know what to think. She tried to take her mind off things and looked outside her window and noticed a young boy walking his dog. She tried to focus on the moment, but her thoughts shifted from how cute the little boy looked as the brown lab dragged him along to not getting her daily dosage of Walter. Hours passed and worry started to occupy her mind. She drove over to his house and noticed that there weren’t any lights on. She listened to the door before she knocked, and she could hear voices. It was woman’s voice for sure she thought. She knocked on the door and Walter came down to answer. He wasn’t wearing a shirt, and her thoughts raced and forced her to utter the question “who’s in there with you?” He smiled and said “no one, it’s just the TV doll”. She didn’t believe him and pushed herself through the door only to find Katherine Hepburn looking stunning as she always does on the side of Cary Grant playing on the tube.

After removing her shoes and sitting on her favorite side of the sofa, Jasmine asked him why he didn’t pick up the phone when she called or answered her email. He said “I’m glad you asked, as I want to talk to you about that”. She longed for an answer, but in her mind, it had better been the right answer. He said, “over the last few months, I have developed a deep affinity for you, and I can’t stop thinking about you day or night...I miss you when you're sitting right next to me, and I daydream of you even though you only live ten minutes away.” She said, “so that doesn’t answer my questions”. He whispered calmly, “well I wasn’t finished.” She said, “well finish!”. Walter took a deep breath, and the words that left his lips were evolving into the words that she did not want to hear. He told her that he needed to walk away because his love for her was so deep and that he couldn't bear loosing her. She didn’t understand, as she asked “what are you talking about?, I’m here and I’m not going anywhere”. He said, “I understand that, but I’ve been single for that last nine years only because I can’t bear to loose love. If I walk away, the wound would be self inflicted and I can heal myself, but if you decide to walk away, I will drip blood forever and one day wither away and die”. She knew his inhibitions, but she thought that they got passed that. She gazed around the room in frustration and then noticed that Walter had a cup of coffee and a glass of water sitting on the coffee table next to his open laptop. She said, “listen, and I will only explain this once. I know how you like to use analogies to convey how you feel, so let me explain something to you in your language. You have this cup of coffee which equates to all the women you’ve dated in the past and the women that you will date in the future. This coffee taste good, and it stimulates you in the morning, but you can only have so much of it during the day as your body can’t take so much caffeine. You can drink this coffee everyday, and it might satisfy you temporarily, but at the end of the day, too much of it won’t do the body justice. Now you have this glass of water, its pure, its transparent, and it is essential for the body. Experts say that humans need at least eight glasses of it a day in order for your body to function properly. Now look at that glass of water. I’m that glass of water. Not only do you need me, but your body wants and needs me. You can only go so long without me. Your body is made up of water, and we compliment each other. You are my water and I drink of you everyday, and when you’re not around I feel dehydrated. If you walk away and decide to drink coffee everyday, your mind and body would eventually disagree with you and the question of longevity will be a question that you will have to ask yourself. I was put on Earth to make you happy, so if you tell me that drinking coffee everyday will make you happy, I will gladly walk away with my fractured heart knowing that I made you happy. Now, before you make that decision I need you to understand that if you walk away, there is a possibility that this water will get lost underneath the desert and become an oasis, and if you’re not a trained professional, you won’t be able to find that water ever again. It will still be out there somewhere, but the question is, will it be an oasis that you could possibly find, or will it evaporate into thin air and be no more?" Jasmine moves in closer and the tears are having a field day as they slide down her face. She grabs Walter's left hand and utters "So Walter, I’ll ask you one time...would you prefer coffee or water?”

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