Blood Thirsty

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A Short Story origionally written for GCSE coursework,and i would like for other people to enjoy it; the book is about a cluster of vampires and demons. There are numerous fights etc...
Please feed back to me as i would like to publish this over time :)
Enjoy :) xxx


Submitted: January 12, 2010

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Submitted: January 12, 2010



Blood Knight


Chapter 1

The Beginning

An icy wind streaked through my hair, and stroked my arms, sending a rippling shiver down my spine. It was somewhat tranquil, being so far above everyone else, whilst they were asleep. I think it’s the serenity, and the gentle light provided by the stars and moon. I also came up here, because it was easy to think up here, it was easy to merge myself in my thoughts. I ran my fingers through my hair, playing with the trimmed ends, and combing my hair absent-mindedly with my fingers. A twig snapping broke the silence; I leant over the edge of the snow-covered roof, snow falling out of my dark brown hair, and saw two dark figures emerge into the moonlight, one much shorter than the other. When the light shone onto their faces I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was like something out of a horror book; long black cloaks hiding their faces, bodies hunched over, long white teeth glinting dull silver. I thought I must have imagined it. There was no way...

The figures walked up my garden path and pushed open the door.
Come to think of it, why was it open?
 I was sure that I had shut and locked it before I climbed up onto the roof, but still I jumped down and landed on all fours like a cat into the deep white snow, waited for the intruders to enter the house, and slid inside. It was so different. Everything appeared to have been turned upside down. As if they were looking for something.

The luxury wallpaper had been torn apart, shreds of it littered along the hallway and trailing into the drawing room. I stepped cautiously towards the drawing room, each one of my steps echoing softly, my head pumping simultaneously with my heart. As I approached the closed door, I noticed that the door had been splintered and scratched. But the scratches were so deep; there was no way these were made by human hands. I pushed open the door, this creaked loudly in response. The room was empty. It was unrecognisable, but empty. I took a few nervous steps further into the room and a familiar cold gust of wind blew over my face, the white curtains rippling in the breeze. The window was open.
Had the intruders left?
 But surely I would have heard them or seen them leave? Before I could dwell on this any longer I found my answer. They had not left the house; they were in fact right behind me.

A cold, tough-skinned hand was pressed firmly over my mouth, preventing me from screaming. I attempted to defend myself by kicking backwards frantically hoping to make contact with whatever was holding me. Before I could give a good kick, something else sunk its teeth deep into my legs, paralysing them; making them heavy and useless like a corpse. My eyes were watering, tears falling over the top of my captor’s hands.  Suddenly my eye-lids became too heavy to hold up, and I felt my head droop. The last thing I saw was the creature that had bitten me, grinning up at me insanely, and rubies dripping from his teeth. That was when I knew what they were. Or at least, what I thought they were...

I awoke to find myself in a dank, dark cave-like place. Water was dripping from the ceiling making loud splashing sounds which penetrated the deathly silence around me. My head was pulsating with pain when I tried to sit up; I guessed that those two monsters must have knocked me out. Remembering that night somehow brought the pain back in my leg; I cringed when I attempted to move it to get a better look at what the demonic creature had done to me. This proved easier said than done because my leg still remained partially paralysed, and the blow to my head must have affected my body coordination, because everything was still hard to move. Once I had managed to shift my damaged leg into a more secure position, I began to examine it. Due to the lack of light, I had to squint hard to even see very basic outlines of shapes; but as far as I could gather he had merely bitten once into my lower calf. I suppose it was just lucky that the paralysation hadn’t worn off yet, at least this was numbing the pain slightly. Running my hand through my hair I realised how matted and filthy my hair had become, as I drew my hand away from my hair I noticed that my hand was coated in a dark, sticky, red substance. This, I gathered must be from the cut to my head.

I looked around at my surroundings for the first time. It was just a dark room with wallpaper peeling away, a single splintered door which sported a rusty, brass door handle, and over on the left hand side to me, there was a single window. It was covered in a dusty, moth-eaten rag. Again tears dripped silently down my dirty cheeks, and I wiped them away impatiently with my yellowing, hardening skin. I think this was due to the lack of exercise and sunlight, or rather I hoped that it was. Since I had been confined to this room, my skin had hardened and both my eyes and skin were turning a pale yellow colour.

I am not stupid; I know why these things were happening. So, when I heard the small click of a lock, and the creak of the splintered door, I jumped to my feet to see a tall cloaked figure, similar to the one on that night. “What have you done to me?” I demanded anger rising up in my stomach. Long blonde hair tumbled out of the hood as she pulled it down. It had never even crossed my mind that he might be a woman. She wouldn’t be too bad looking had it not been for the pale blue lips, and the piercing orange eyes. And of course the long pointed shining teeth. “Excuse me?” she enquired, her soft voice gliding through the air like a bird, swiftly and elegantly. “What have you done?-“my voice cracked before I could finish, I ran my fingers through my hair. Her eyes averted their gaze to the floor, purposely avoiding mine. “I said-“I croaked, my throat preventing me from finishing my sentence. “I know what you said” she spoke so softly it sent shivers around my body.

“It wasn’t my choice, you have to know that” she whispered, still not looking at me.
“What have you done to me?” I repeated, finally getting my voice back but sounding much more confident than I felt. Silent tears fell down onto my dusty clothes, to prevent her seeing my tears; I was staring un-blinkingly at the floor and furiously wiping them away before they reached my lower cheekbone.

“I’m sorry. It wasn’t my choice.”
“I don’t care! What am I?” I shouted, tears streaming now, her eyes now burning into mine with sorrow and pity. “I will not lie to you, you are as I’ll assume you have already figured out, a vampire.”

I couldn’t reply to this. It wasn’t so much of a shock, but more a reality check. “What’s your name?” I asked as she turned away to leave. She stopped and said softly, “My name is Adriana.” Adriana’s voice rippled through me like disturbed water. She turned and left the room bolting it from the other side. Once Adriana had left, I sat in a corner and cried myself to sleep.

Chapter 2


After being confined to this room for more than a month now, my eyes had begun to play tricks on my already overloaded mind, such as seeing things flutter in the corner of my room and then ripping my skin to shreds whilst I am tearing at the wall expecting to see a creature hidden in the thick concrete, then realising nothing were there in the first place. Finally
Adriana stepped through the grimy door on the other side of my room, the first remotely human contact I had had in weeks, my head slowly rose from my lap and as my bright eyes met her vivid orange eyes, I saw a strange distant look in them and also a bit of remorse. I ran my fingers through my hair, but did not break eye contact with Adriana. Somehow I could not draw my eyes away from her intense gaze.
Adriana knelt down next to me and took my wrist. She guided me up onto my feet and moved the strands of dirty hair out of my face, I looked at her curiously, wondering why she had decided to enter my room now but had not given me any inclination that she was even in the same building as me for months.

I noticed her jaw clench as she dusted my clothes, and wiped some of the dirt and blood off of my filthy, malnourished face. It was strange, but the only friend I had made appeared to be repulsed by me. I drew my wrist out of her grip and moved backwards into the darkness, hunching up my shoulders. Confusion spread through me like a disgusting disease,
Adriana really so revolted by me that she couldn’t stand being in the same room?
 Was this why it had taken so long for her to come and to see me?

However, through the darkness, Adriana out-stretched her arm and pulled my shoulder towards her. Once I was within reach of the thin strip of light that illuminated my room, Adriana slid her fingers down to my wrist and pulled me towards the door on the other side of my room. I obliged, nevertheless we did not speak as she slowly moved me towards the door.

 She led me through the shabby door, into a separate room. This room, unlike mine was packed full of vampires. All were different but all shared the same characteristics with each other and a few similarities with me. All wearing ankle-long cloaks, all had pale, glazed over orange eyes, all had long pointed teeth, some baring them as I walked in followed by
Adriana who shut and bolted up the door we had just entered through. I was uncomfortable in this room. It was much darker than mine, and amongst the vampires, I could see smaller, slavering crippled creatures. These, from observation were not vampires. These beasts were all completely different. Some had red raw skin, and great cuts littered across their bodies and hands. Some of the cuts were oozing large amounts of blood. Others preferred to keep wrapped up in their cloaks, only portraying their hands and feet, some had claws protruding out of their palms.

I looked up and saw a tall vampire lower his hood and mutter something inaudible to a shorter, cloaked creature. The vampire stepped forward so I could get a better look, he had long dark hair that resembled his dark empty, pupil-less eyes. And held his head upwards, looking down at me like I was pointless, meaningless.

The shorter, demonic monster swung his head up and cleared a few straggly bits of hair out of his face.  His whole face was ice blue, as if he had died and been unwillingly resurrected. His eyes were a brick-red staring at me hungrily. Seeing my bewildered look towards the beasts, Adriana whispered something only audible to me. “These charming creatures are demons.” I wondered why Adriana had brought me through to this awfully sinister place, but before I could come to an accurate conclusion, there was a soft swishing noise, and within seconds the tall vampire was feet in front of me, had outstretched his hand and grabbed hold of my chin; twisting my face up providing him with a better look.
“Hmm, not our best catch, I must say” said the vampire.
Once he had said this; I knew instantly that he must have been the vampire that stole me from my home all that time ago.

The vampire tightened his grip and moved his hand down towards my throat.
“No, Daren!” shouted
This was obviously the wrong thing to do, as the vampire named Daren tightened his grip still with rage and spoke with a harsh voice, “Why? Why shouldn’t I? He is of no use to us”
“Or at least not yet...” Adriana whispered the fear prominent in her shaky voice.
“Adriana has a point master” said one of the demons timidly, moving out of the crowd that had gathered more tightly together since Daren had expressed an interest in me.

Daren looked from Adriana to the rest of the vampires, hissed but still retained his firm grip on me, careful to keep his face hidden in the shadows.
“At least let my complete his transformation” Daren said wistfully
“Be my guest, that is why he was brought here in the first place” said another vampire to the immediate left of Adriana.

Adriana said nothing but stared at the floor, my trust in her shattered like glass; I felt another wave of tears hit me but I forced them back, determined not to show any weakness in the company of Daren.
Was this why Adriana could not bear to look at me? Because she knew that she was seconds away from selling me out to Daren?
 Daren moved his face forward slightly so that a strip of light fell onto it, illuminating his features. He had black hair that was tucked into the back of his cloak, and matching black bottomless eyes. He, like the others had thin cracked lips, and pointed teeth protruding out of them. He ran a pointed tongue around his lower lip and his two pointed teeth. I closed my eyes, knowing what was coming, and I felt Daren’s hand push my head upwards. It was coming closer every second. My heart beat faster and faster, fear rising up in my stomach. Teeth sharp as knives pierced my skin on my neck and instantly blinding pain hit me like a brick wall; I opened my eyes to find Daren wiping the red blood from my neck. I heard movement from my right hand side. It was Adriana. She was slowly moving towards me, and I saw for the first time that she had a long red line of dried blood across her face, as if she had been cut by something sharp, and there was immense bruising that was along her neck.
“Come along now” she whispered to me.

I followed her through my door and she led me over to the corner which I had adopted as my sleeping quarters, she sat me down in front of her and apologised.
“I am sorry.” He voice was sincere, so different to her usual calming voice.
 I ignored her, feeling no sympathy for her. She had betrayed me, disillusioned me, given me a false sense of security when all she was doing was working for Daren.

I pulled my knees up to my face in an attempt to give the impression to her that I did no longer care for her company. Adriana sighed and stood up. Her long hair brushed my neck, staining a part of it blood-red. Slowly she began to move towards the door but before her hand could touch the brass handle, I asked her something that had been bothering me since I saw her injuries in the other room.
“Daren gave you those injuries didn’t he?” I enquired my voice shaking out of pain. Adriana stopped dead in her path, took a deep breath and finally said “Daren always has reasons for his actions”. She yanked the door open and left before I could ask her anything else.

Shortly after her departure I heard huge bangs and crashes from the other side of the door. I guessed Daren’s reasons were becoming a harsh reality.

Chapter 3


A freezing air wrapped around me, slicing at my skin. A vampire was just ahead of me, crouched over someone repeatedly hitting them. After every strike the was a high pitched cry, and every time a fist flung up into the air, ready to descend again, flecks of blood flew off and hit the ground. Everything around me was a bright white; the intense light was causing my eyes to sting painfully. I tried to move forward, to help whoever it was receiving such a brutal beating, but my legs were rooted to the spot. I could not move, I watched open-mouthed at this scene. Helplessly watching, until I regained the use of my legs and ran forward as fast as I could; when I reached the attacker I laid my hand on his shoulder, intending to throw him back, but his head threw up and I saw that it was Daren. I looked down and saw the bloody pulp on the floor was Adriana. I screamed in shock and disgust at what he had done, Adriana’s warm blood trickling onto my bare feet. Daren fell back onto his knees, stared at his hands, apparently unaware of his actions during his blind rage. My knees gave way beneath me and I fell into a pool of Adriana’s blood. Tears were streaming down my face uncontrollably and splashing on her almost unidentifiable face. My clothes now drenched in warm liquid, Daren grabbed me by the scruff of my neck and threw me backwards; placed his hands on Adriana’s cheeks and shouted hysterical commands at her unconscious body...

I jerked awake and stood up instantly. I ran over to the window, pulled the rag down and flung it across the room. When I peered out and saw a bright white shining moon in the distance. I knew must have been around midnight, but I did not attempt to fall asleep again, not after that dream. I ran to the door, and began banging on it, still sobbing hysterically until a small demon opened the door a crack and stared at me longingly, hungrily. He had pale green skin and a hole where his organs should be that occasionally leaked a bright blue liquid.
“Where is Adriana?” I demanded. I was unfazed by the huge crowd of vampires and demons that had crowded around the door.
“Master?” asked the small demon not taking his red eyes off of me.
“Let him in Forfus” said a shaky voice, I recognised as Daren.

Forfus let me pass reluctantly, and I ran towards Daren.
“What did you want me for?” Daren asked but his voice was still shaky. Quickly, my eyes ran around the room, searching for signs of a struggle, Adriana or, if my fears were true, blood. However I could not find any trace of anything.
“Well?” Daren enquired impatiently, evidently trying to wipe any fear or uncertainty from his voice, but sounding just as shaky and scared as he did when I first walked in.
“Where is she?” I asked my voice raising slightly as I spoke.
“Adriana?” questioned Daren “Oh she’s fine...” he answered a bit too quickly. He pulled his black hood down and moved his dark hair out of his face, as soon as I lay eyes on him, I could see the pale ghost of a handsome man etched into his sallow skin like graffiti.
“Liar” I breathed, my chest rising and falling in rage. Daren appeared to be wondering how to react to this and chose to simply ignore me and wave a hand in my general direction, almost instantaneously to this action; Forfus scurried along and bared his teeth.

Forfus hissed and ushered me out of the door, playfully nipping at my heels as if he was playing with me. He pushed me through the door, and the last thing I saw was Daren put his head in his hands, before the door was slammed shut and bolted from the other side.

Knowing that my fears were right, I ran over to the filthy window and began pummelling it in a blind rage, tears falling hysterically again trying to smash the glass, desperately trying to escape. I couldn’t stay here, not whilst knowing that a murderer was sat in the room immediately next to mine. I had to get out. I didn’t care where I went, as long as it was away from here.
Finally, the glass cracked slightly and a candle of hope lit in the pit of my stomach, and I began scraping frantically pulling away shards of glass, which was cutting at my thick skin.

I had managed to make an opening large enough for me to fit through quicker than I had anticipated, and I clambered up onto the windowsill, tiny shards of glass cutting deep into the soles of my feet, I gritted my teeth, my mind concentrated on one thing and one thing only and with one final push I pulled myself through the window. My bare feet touched the soft grass that was damp with early morning dew, which was a soothing relief compared to the sharp pain I had endured previously, and I set off.
Not knowing where I was going to end up, I just ran onto the cold paving that weaved like a maze through deserted streets with nothing on either side apart from trees that towered into the dark, clouded sky, their tips disappearing into the unknown. I kept running on, but no matter how far I went, I could not find anything that even hinted life. No houses, no schools, nothing.

I ran for days, sleeping under withered bushes, eating anything I could find from red berries to half-eaten fish carcasses left behind by animals, hoping, praying that no one, or nothing would catch up with me.

It was around a week before I saw them. Awaking from a light doze, I saw Forfus, a fellow demon, and as I had suspected, Daren. I was hidden behind a thick oak tree, watching the three of them searching for me in bushes amongst the bracken and behind trees. They were inching closer and closer every second, I knew they were going to look behind this one and see me. With no inclination as to what they might do to me when they discovered me, I was keen to get further away as quick as possible. So I attempted to crawl amongst the dying thorns until I was far away enough, that I could chance running. Lying down on the floor, thorns cut into me and I clenched my jaw with pain, but I carried on and pulled myself through gorge bushes, until I was around fifteen metres away. Finally I lifted myself up and ran. I heard them behind me, shouting and thuds of feet getting steadily louder and louder, like a pack of lions, paws thundering against the beaten road, there was no chance I could outrun two demons and a vampire at full speed...

But I kept running, pulling out some thorns as I ran, but never slowing down. I could hear them running, footsteps growing louder, echoing in the otherwise silence and serenity of the derelict town.

After little more than a few minutes, they caught up with me, Forfus took a leap and clamped his strong jaws onto my waist, paralysing it as he had done to my leg almost a year before. The pain was excruciating, searing through my weak body as efficiently as a disease. Forfus’ weight caused me to buckle and land on the stone, dusty concrete. Unable to move, I lay still, face down on the floor. Forfus had released me and was jumping around excitedly, evidently pleased with himself, and his accomplice had arrived on the left hand side to me and was laughing. He was obviously equally pleased with the situation as Forfus. I turned my head slightly to get a look at Forfus’ fellow demons appearance. I received a shock; he had long pointed fingernails growing out of the top of his hand, no hair whatsoever, but tiny bits of skin sitting on top of his bald, raw head, attached by no more than about an inch each. But worse was yet to come, when he looked directly at me, I saw that insects were crawling in and out of his eye socket and over the eyeball itself.

At this sight, I gagged and tore my eyes away from this formidable sight, staring intently at the concrete. But then, I heard slow footsteps drawing closer and closer.
I shut my eyes tight, clenched my teeth, rolled my hands up into fists, desperately and wildly hoping that Daren would just pass me by, and leave me to die from starvation...

But, he came to an abrupt stop and crouched down next to me. Fearing the worst, I prepared myself for Daren’s touch as he pushed me onto my back, crouched over me and said “Well. We did get far didn’t we?” in a contemptuous voice. My teeth clenched tight, and I held back the urge to insult him, knowing that I f I did, it would only make Daren angrier, and possibly give him more inclination to torture me. So I held my tongue whilst he wrenched open my jaw, and lifted up my index finger and pressed it against my fanged teeth.
“Feel that?” he asked sneering slightly.
I glared at him; an odd tingling sensation erupted from my mouth, and anger rising slowly in my throat, preparing to explode.
“You are a vampire. You will live forever. You have lived a futile short life, now it is time for you to live a meaningful long death.” Daren said in a slightly derisive tone.
“Meaningful!” I spat, anger erupting like acid.
“What part of killing innocent people for their blood, becoming ruthless killing machines, which feed off depression cause and also inflict immense pain, is meaningful?” I shouted, losing my patience with Daren completely.
The two demons began to screech with laughter at this, whilst Daren’s eyes widened and a dangerous glint of intense anger flickered in them.

Daren’s hand began to move towards my throat again, but he obviously thought better of it and stopped in mid air. He merely pulled his cloak tighter around himself and said through gritted teeth, “You think we have all not felt like you are now? Like there is no point in life if this is the life you must lead?”

This time, however, I did not portray my feelings as I got the impression that Daren was running out of patience with me. So I obliged with clenched fists, as Forfus and the other demon took hold of my body (which by now was a dead weight, due to whatever was in Forfus’ bite that had paralysed my waist) and dragged me across the floor.
“Forfus, Andras.” And with a quick flick of Daren’s wrist the two demons began following Daren who was walking in great strides, they scurried along, not taking any care to avoid the dead brambles and bracken. The paralysation was taking effect and forcing my eyes to close, my mind to shut down...

Chapter 4

Waking Up


The gentle sound of birds chirping awoke me from what felt like a long sleep, I moved my hand, stirring the leafy undergrowth. As my senses slowly leaked back into my groggy mind, I became aware of the twigs and thorns that were digging into my back. When I opened my eyes, and the blurriness had cleared, all I could see was an everlasting blanket of clear blue sky, and the tops of trees. I stared at this scene for a few minutes, temporarily astounded at it. After being locked up in my room for months and my brief encounter in the derelict town never exactly bathed me in sun, the sunlight was burning into my eyes, causing me to shield my face with my hands. Turning over onto my side, I realised that pain was slowly seeping back in my body. I pulled at the undergrowth, attempting to pull myself up against a tree trunk. I gritted my teeth through the pain, and clenched my raw fists. My whole body was red raw from the sheer amount of thorns and dead bracken that I had been unwillingly dragged through at Daren’s hand.
I heard movement from behind a large tree trunk to my left, I strained my eyes to try and make out the figure, the blurriness was slowly clearing...

Long, blonde hair was falling onto a clothed back. I knew instantly that this was Adriana, happiness and shock came over me and my eyesight became blurry again. I tried to speak, but all that came out was a croak as my voice broke into tears. Adriana jumped and turned round quickly, seeing me propped up against the tree, she breathed a long sigh of relief.
“I thought you weren’t going to recover...” her voice died before she could finish her sentence. I couldn’t bring myself to talk to her just yet; I was too overwhelmed with the fact that she was alive.
I finally got my voice back and said “I thought that you were dead, I thought that Daren...” This was as far as I could get before my voice cracked into dry sobs. Adriana did not reply, but merely looked curiously into my eyes. All of a sudden, my mind whirred into action. What had happened to Adriana? Where were we now? Was Adriana’s death a vision a premonition, or simply a figment of my over reactive imagination?

All these thoughts and more rushed into my brain, flooding me with unanswered questions. Maybe Adriana could help me find answers to these queries, but then again, she did sell me out to Daren. Or did she?

There was so much I didn’t understand, so much I wanted answered. I half expected Adriana to burst out with answers, but perhaps she was too emotional to think straight. Same as me I guess, with too much running through my mind as it is.

I prepared myself to bombard Adriana with my questions, but Adriana got there first. “I know you have a lot of questions to ask, but however, so do I.” Her voice was so quiet; I had to strain my ears to hear her properly. I ran my fingers through my hair absent-mindedly, thinking about what questions Adriana could possibly have to ask me. To me, the most important question was how she is alive.

However, Adriana broke the silence by asking me, “Did Daren tell you what happened to me?” she moved her hands onto my shoulder, and tightened her grip.
I narrowed my eyes and furrowed my brow in concentration; I focused my gaze on the leafy undergrowth. I was uncertain what to say to her question, but I found my answer after scanning my brain for a few minutes for any hint that Daren had said about Adriana.
“No, he said nothing.” My voice came out as a tiny croak, barely audible in the din of the birds, chirping loudly, echoing in the otherwise silence. Adriana and I stood silently amongst the falling amber leaves, the gentle wind moving silently through our hair.

“What happened to you?” I asked, after my voice returned, stronger and louder than I felt. The sudden force in my voice seemed to shock Adriana, as she jumped and turned away, her back to me. She put her head into her hands and rubbed at her eyes wearily. It was then I wondered how long I had been asleep, days? Week’s maybe? Had Adriana watched over me to ensure my safety?
After a few minutes I felt the anger bubbling up inside me again, and I made to grab Adriana’s shoulder, but she appeared to know what I was doing, and turned around gripping my wrist.  There was a look of hatred that I had never seen before in Adriana’s eyes, my eyes widened with fear, and in seeing this, she loosened her grip but still remained firm enough so I could not pull my wrist away. Then the glint in her eyes faded away slowly, but despite this, the fear inside me did not do the same.

My chest was rising and falling rapidly in fear. What had happened to her eyes? Why had she reacted like that? Adriana let go of my wrist, allowing it to fall to my side. I felt ill, all this was too much. I needed answers; my stomach felt like it had been twisted into knots, and all the anger I had had moments before had been swallowed and was a hot burning feeling in my heart.
Clutching at my stomach, I bent over and all I could hear was vomit hitting the dead or dying leaves that surrounded us. Adriana moved back slightly, obviously repulsed by my current state. She moved her hand slightly towards me, and slowly and carefully laid her hand on my shoulder. Adriana doing this was comforting me slightly, and as I straightened up, my legs weak, she lowered me down into a sitting position. Propping me up against a tree, she ruffled my hair and moved away. “You get some sleep okay?” she whispered to me in a motherly fashion, however I nodded weakly and she simply smiled and walked away.

Chapter 5

The Plan


I woke to find myself covered in a thick black material, as I stirred; I heard a gasp and the sound of someone scurrying towards me. Raising a hand to my head, I grimaced in pain and confusion. As my eyes focused to the light, I could make out Adriana bent over me; she appeared to have a make-shift bandage on her hand. I moved Adriana’s old cloak that had been used to keep me warm, pulled myself up into a lopsided sitting position, and grabbed her hand. She winced as my fingers brushed the bandage wrapped around the centre of her palm. “What happened?” I demanded angrily.

“It was Daren.” She mumbled, her eyes watering and tears falling silently down her pain-stricken face. I clenched my jaw and the old hatred for Daren leaked back into my numb body like a disgusting poison, writhing its way in my bloodstream. I clenched my hand into a fist, my nails puncturing the tender skin of my palm.
“When was he here?” I asked through gritted teeth.
“Whilst you were asleep, he demanded you back.” Adriana said, her voice cracking occasionally, “He – he brought some of his demons with him...”
“The coward...Never seems to go anywhere without them does he?!” I spoke fast and loudly. Some of the birds took flight from the trees in shock, and Adriana stared up at them, furiously blinking away her tears.
“Was it him or his demons that did it?” My anger kept rising, getting higher and higher, every time I heard something more despicable about Daren and his allies, I got a little bit closer to boiling point. As the last bird left Adriana’s view, she turned back to me; tear-tracks had stained her face. Her eyes bore into mine; they were full of sorrow and confusion.

“It was the demons. I – I don’t think he thought himself worthy to deal with me, he was only interested in finding you.” She spoke louder this time, although the fear and pain was prominent in her voice.
“Didn’t want to get his hands dirty then? The-“I shouted fiercely, but Adriana cut me off before I could insult Daren any more than I already had.
“No, instead of insulting him,” she said softly, “I’m not saying you’re wrong! But Daren, he’s strong, a warrior, a knight if you wish.” she added hastily as I opened my mouth to argue. I muttered something inaudible to myself and either Adriana did not hear, or simply pretended not to, because she moved off mumbling to herself as if making a list.

I sighed, falling back onto the thick tree trunk and put my head into my hands. But before I could dwell on my thoughts for too long, Adriana returned from behind yet another tree. She ran her fingers through her hair, and made her way towards me, kicking piles of leaves out of her way impatiently as she went. I stood up straight, I towered over her now, and she had to look upwards slightly to meet my eyes, but when she was within three feet of me, she had no trouble engaging me and making it almost impossible to look away from her intense stare.

I ran my fingers through my hair, whilst Adriana laid her hands on either side of my face, and spoke firmly but softly at the same time, “I need you to cooperate.” I didn’t know how to reply to this but gave a brisk nod.
“Ok, Daren told me that he will return in a couple of days for the boy, that’s you,” Adriana added, unnecessarily. The way Adriana was reeling all this off, it was like she had planned this for weeks.
“But first,”
This jogged my mind out of its daydreaming state, and I re-focused my gaze on Adriana.
“But first,” Adriana repeated “We must train you up a bit; you are in no state at the moment to fight Daren.” Hearing this made my heart leap, I was finally going to start learning how to fine tune my vampirism qualities.

Adriana sighed and stared at the floor; I moved her hair out of her eyes and pushed her head up into the light. It was then I realised just how young she was, she couldn’t have been much older than myself. Her small roundish face was shimmering with tear-tracks, and yet her eyes were alive with a readiness for an adventure, but they changed quickly. A sudden sadness filled her excited eyes, and she stared at me. Furrowing my brow in concentration, I asked her what was wrong.
“You know that he will kill us don’t you?” her voice once again came out strange and croaky. I groaned under my breath, to tell the truth, I hadn’t thought that far ahead, but thinking about it, Daren would not hold back if we tried to fight him.
“Well, we will just have to make sure we are prepared then wont we Adriana” I said, smiling weakly. I was pleased with the face that this made her smile, it was the first time I had seen her smile properly in the whole time I had known her. Even if the smile was a ghostly echo of what once, was a beautiful smile.
“You’re right” she said with an attempt at a smile, “we’ll start in the morning, and let’s get some sleep.”

I looked around me and was surprised to see that dusk was falling around the forest that we had been living in for a few days, I followed Adriana through some trees, and she pointed me towards a make-shift bed with Adriana’s cloak in a neat pile to the right of it. I looked towards Adriana’s sleeping area and saw that all she had done for herself was cleared the forest floor of some twigs and curled up in the middle of it. Grabbing hold of the thick cloak, I pulled at the seam and pulled at it. An ear-splitting rip echoed amongst the forest, Adriana jumped with shock, and I moved over piles of leaves and laid the warm blanket over her shivering body.
With a muffled word of thanks from Adriana, I moved back to my bed and pulled the cloak up to my neck. The warmth appeared to seep into my body and stopped me shivering instantly, my eyes became heavy and before I knew it I was asleep.

Chapter 6

And So It Begins...

This time, I awoke because of Adriana. She was bent over me, gently shaking me and whispering my name. I groaned and moved over onto my side, pulling off the cloak as I moved.
“Come on, we have to start training you up...” she was gently pulling at me, trying to avoid hurting me, but desperate to awake me. After a while, I sat up reluctantly and looked at Adriana whilst wiping the tiredness from my exhausted eyes. Her face softened, and she pulled me up by the wrist into a standing position. I swayed on the spot slightly, so Adriana steadied me and pushed a piece of raw, bloody meat under my nose. I wrinkled my nose, as the savoury smell reached my nose. My eyes watered, this was the first bit of meat I had eaten in months, almost a year I think. I took the slab of meat from Adriana, moved it towards my mouth, but in noticing Adriana’s longing in her eyes, I pulled a generous chunk out of the slab. Closing her hands on the meat, her fingers piercing the almost raw meat, she smiled a word of thanks and tore into it with efficiency, perhaps helped along by her pointed teeth. I watched her for a few seconds, then followed suit.

Wiping the last remains of blood from the corner of my mouth, I watched Adriana finish her breakfast, and then followed her as she beckoned me to. We walked for what felt like hours, past tree upon tree, and huge piles of leaves. Occasionally we came across a beaten track, but never stuck to it for long. Within minutes, we were so far into the woods that no matter how hard I tried, I could not find my way back to our ‘camp’ if I tried. But, all of a sudden, we took a sharp left, and came into a big clearing.

All there was one large tree in the centre of a round clearing. The soil was freshly dug, and most of the leaves had been cleared to the sidelines. This made me wonder how long Adriana had spent clearing this work-out area for us, she must have been up at early hours of the morning, she should have woken me up; together this could have taken no time at all.
But there was no time to dwell on this, “Come on then!” Adriana ushered me forwards to a few feet in front of the large tree. I was at a loss of what exactly Adriana wanted me to do; Adriana seemed to see this and said, “Just punch it. Show me what you can do.”
I gulped loudly, and flexed my muscles. It had been what felt like a long time since I had tested my strength. The last time being my attempted escape through the window, so I was unable to predict how this training session was going to go.

However, it was a great relief to turn all my anger and despair into strength and take it out on an inanimate object. By about half an hour, my knuckles were red raw and bleeding, and the tree trunk was splintered, chunks of bark falling at regular intervals onto the brushwood that was splattered with tiny droplets of my blood. Adriana did not say anything, merely stood by the sidelines taking in each punch as it happened, and before long I was beating the tree to a pulp, causing flecks of blood spray up into my face and mixing with my tears of pain. It was coming up to about three hours before I felt Adriana’s hand on my shoulder; I ceased immediately and stared at the floor. Adriana gave my shoulder a gentle squeeze, and muttered, “Come on then...”
I wiped at my eyes and followed her on the long trek back through the trees, but she did not remove her hand from my shoulder, in a way I appreciated this support from her. By the time we arrived back at the ‘camp’ dusk was falling around us, and Adriana advised me to get some sleep, “Get some sleep, we have a big day ahead of us tomorrow you know.”
I felt too exhausted to answer Adriana, and simply crawled into my bed, pulled the covers up high, and fell asleep as soon as my eyes had shut fully, and wondered self-consciously what she meant by this.

Dawn broke over the forest, and for the first time in three days, I awoke before Adriana. Straightening up, I walked the few feet towards where she lay. I towered above her, and I decided to go and find some breakfast for her when she woke up. So I set out to find the source of food that Adriana had been using to provide us with just enough food to survive. I searched for hours, looking amongst bushes for any dead or dying mammals, I searched for a source of water, anything. But I couldn’t find any living creature, nothing.
After a while, I heard Adriana calling me, her voice had notes of panic which was forcing her voice to shake uncontrollably. I gritted my teeth, and ran off towards the direction of her voice. I was able to locate her easily and efficiently, perhaps my vampirism qualities were aiding me slightly.

I saw her in the distance; the early morning sun was silhouetted on the trees and provided a gentle light around the forest, illuminating the trees and highlighting the birds that fluttered away at regular intervals, into the sunrise and towards the horizon.
I started towards her, I was somehow able to walk silently over the leaves almost as if I was gliding, but again I believe this was to do with my vampirism, and I was about five feet behind her before she noticed me. She jumped with shock when she turned round and saw me stood there; she broke down in tears and fell onto my chest. I wrapped my arms round her, and felt her silent tears seep into my clothes.
After a while, we broke apart, her face was tear-stained and the light around us was highlighting her features.

I lowered by eye line to meet her gaze, and once again saw tears shimmering like stars in her eyes. It was then that I noticed my hand was still on her cheekbone, I furrowed my brow in concentration of what to do or say in this situation.
She blinked once and sent showers of tears down her face, many of them falling onto my hand.
I decided to ask Adriana about when Daren arrived here, but she merely sighed and mumbled something about being prepared. I seriously doubted that Adriana would be able to fight Daren; she barely looked like she had the energy to stand. I finally removed my hand from her face and moved off after Adriana towards the ‘training ground’, we walked in silence until we reached the familiar clearing.

We worked out for hours, and hours. I had noticed a very large increase in my strength, and even Adriana had improved, even though she had been looking increasingly weak and tired these days. I was sure that she was not getting the amount of nutrients that she should be her current diet of red berries and slabs of putrid decomposing meat was clearly taking its toll on her body.
I stopped in the middle of the clearing, panting and the sweat was dripping off my forehead. I doubled over with my hands on my knees, breathing heavily and quickly, my head was pulsing in time with my heart. Legs ached like they never had before and my whole body was shaking with over-excursion, I glanced to my left to check on Adriana.

She was aiming punches at the think bark of a tree, but as I watched I noticed that her swings were slowing down. She must be just as exhausted as me. I walked over to her, my legs weak and I resorted to clutching to trees to help me move through the undergrowth, when I reached her side, I caught one of her punches in my hand and smiled feebly down at her.
She winced when I caught her hand, and as I looked down I could understand why, her hands were raw pink and large droplets of blood trickled out of the painful slits that were across her bruised knuckles. I stared open-mouthed at this sight, how hard had she been pushing herself?
I moved her hair from around her face, and cleared some small flecks of blood from her tear-stained and sweaty face.

All of a sudden, Adriana’s breathing became heavier; she began swaying on the spot, and her eyes slid into what looked like a state of unconsciousness and had a faraway look about them. I dropped her hand, and she moved even more dangerously. Worry instantly rose up in my body, and in desperation I lay my hands on her shoulders, tightening my grip as I called her name repeatedly, but I was not getting any response at all, she wasn’t or couldn’t show any sign of hearing my panic-stricken cries. Then her legs gave way and she fell into my open arms, I supported her by the arms, whilst she lay unconscious. I decided to take her back to the ‘camp’ and look after her there, so I pulled her up in my arms and carried her all the way back.
It took me until dusk had fallen before I arrived back with Adriana, who was still unable to move or speak, and had laid her down covering her with her cloak. I sat for hours watching over her to observe any means of communication with her, laying my cold, deathly palm on her forehead to try and keep her temperature down. But she was steadily growing worse, she would often cry out in her sleep and lay there, shaking, screaming. There was nothing I could do, but sit and watch, making sure that she doesn’t come to any further harm. This to me was torture, watching someone close to you in immense pain, knowing that Daren could arrive any minute through the trees that surrounded us and would show no mercy to a dying traitor. I was sure this was how Adriana would be seen through his eyes, but I did not wish to hang about to find out.


Chapter 7

Finding Help

After a few horrible days of doing nothing but watching Adriana suffer, I decided to move. I didn’t know where, I didn’t care. Just so long as it was out of Daren’s grasp for at least a few days. These few days, would be a few more days for Adriana to recover. Even if Daren caught up with us in a day or two, it would be a day or two later than he would have done before.
So I poured some water down Adriana’s struggling throat from a nearby stream, the water glistening like diamonds against the pale colour of Adriana’s skin. Sparing some water for myself, and throwing it down my own throat, I pulled Adriana into my arms and ran. My legs tanned blurs to even me, I ran through the undergrowth, scattering leaves in my wake and causing the birds to take flight again. I watched the scenes flash past like a movie, through huge built up areas to tiny desolate places. Several times I had thought about stopping in a built up city, but the response I received was bound to be far from welcoming. However it was another few hours before my stamina reached an all time low, but I knew that against my will, I would have to stop and rest and I should check on Adriana and make sure that she wasn’t already feeling the effects of jetlag.

So I slowed to a stop, and lay Adriana down in the long, lush green grass. The grass towered over the top of her relentlessly twitching body; she looked so hungry, her face beginning to sink in due to malnourishment, so I set off to find some food for us. Leaving Adriana expertly camouflaged in her cloak and several reeds, I moved off at high speed, on the lookout all the time for possible sources of food.
My ears pricked up like a dogs, and I stopped to a halt immediately. Narrowing my eyes, I saw the leaves of a bush shudder again.
Was that the wind? Or could it have been an animal rustling around in the bush?
I cocked my head to the side, and moved forwards cautiously. Inching carefully in the direction of the bush, but keeping my distance, and my eyes were repeatedly scanning the area around me for signs of a trap. But not being able to identify anything, I crept to the bush and parted the leaves.

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