Winter Park

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This is just a short story I spontaniously started. It is inspired by one of my best friends, Sophia, whom has always been there for us through thick and thin. Well, this is her story, her chance at romance.

It is not close to being finished, I want to make it into a novel but want to hear your views first.

The boy that walked with her in the park...

Submitted: November 16, 2009

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Submitted: November 16, 2009




A Short Story by



I have loved Andy ever since I can remember.  Since the first day we met. I was too young to fully understand what it all meant, I was barely thirteen. He was my saviour, my guardian angel, he was my best friend. I was never the most attractive girl in the grade, I did not have an adorable laugh like the other girls, and neither did my family have the money to make up for it. I was what one would have referred to as ‘this girl in my school’ or ‘what’s-her-name’. I was also not particularly the smallest nor was I the smartest girl in the grade. The problem was, I was me.

One afternoon on a windy winter day, I was walking along the park, it was the only way I knew home. I saw a group of girls and boys sitting by the swings staring at me and whispering to each other, they were a little older than me and the boys did not exactly have the immaturity of a thirteen year old, so I guessed them to have been about fifteen, I could tell that their intensions were not good. I started walking faster, slowly turning into a run when I tripped. My books fell to the floor and all my private drawing scattered everywhere. The girl with long blonde hair gave out a big snigger of laughter; I could feel my face burning as I bent down to pick up my things.

“Real funny you guys” I heard the one boy say, only I could tell in his tone that he did not mean harm, I was too afraid to turn around and just wanted to go home. The wind took one blow and there one of my drawings flew. “Wait, let me help you – are you okay?” I looked up to meet his eyes, his big brown eyes. I could feel time standing still and all my worries melt away. “Uh, don’t worry about them, they just stupid at times – are you okay” he said. I breathed, “Yeah, I am okay”. He smiled before handing me my drawings, as I reached out to take it from him; he held a tight grip, almost as he wanted that moment to last just a little longer. “Andy stop harassing the poor girl and get your ass here!” one of his friends shouted. “Bye” he said handing me my drawings, then ran back to his friends.

I tried not to think about it much that night; I have always had a way of over analyzing situations. Besides the girl with the long blond hair was his girlfriend, I have seen them holding hands and kissing a few times at the park. I decided to carry on my day as it has been for many years, a routine, I had no intension of changing now. I grabbed my things the next morning, stared at the chocolate cereal box and walked out of the door. It was a lonely trip to school, but I liked walking by myself, it gave me quiet time from the world that has taught me many lessons, some were harder to learn than others. I looked up at the trees, the reflection the sun had over the leaves, it almost appeared blue and sparkly at some places, I closed my eyes and prayed to God to make all my demons go away, to make me happy again. “Amen” I whispered before running to school.

At lunch time I sat with my best friend Debbie. “Now don’t freak out but that boy has been looking at you since we sat down – do you know him?” she said. I had no idea what or who she was talking about, I didn’t know any boys, not anyone that knew my name at least. “I don’t know what you’re talking about” I managed to mumble half annoyed. “That boy sitting over there, Riley, you must know him, there is no one around our corner, so he must be looking at you!” she said half impatiently. The bell rang and I quickly stood up and walked off, I could hear her calling after me but I just did not have the strength to explain yesterday.

That was the last time Debbie mentioned a boy, she did not ask questions and acted almost as if nothing ever happened. We were still us and that was not going to change anytime soon. I did not see the group of boys and girls at the park for weeks. It was completely clear from anyone who wished me harm, I felt safe and invisible again, I preferred it that way. It was a Monday, my day started as usual, I walked my normal trip to school, went through my lessons as usual. The bell rand for the end of school, I was tired and just wanted to crawl in bed as I was not feeling well. And I could feel myself building up a fever. I walked out the school gate clinging to my book bag with much effort, I passed the drug store, the bakery, a few big houses and watched as the houses get smaller as I was walking home, I got to the park, I could feel the ground spinning beneath me, everything becoming out of focus and then I could just remember hitting my head painfully on the sidewalk.

“Riley! Riley! – are you okay? Look at me! Are you okay?” a familiar voice said, it sounded a bit distant so I could not quite place who it was. I opened my eyes and there he was, staring right into my eyes with a concerned expression on his face. “I want to go home” I painfully mumbled. “Okay, come let me take you home” he said throwing my book bag over left shoulder and helping me up with the other. We walked the whole ay with my arm over his shoulder, him keeping me balanced. We talked a lot on the way home, or rather he did most of the talking and I just listened. I did not mind it much, I liked how excited he got when talking, it was as if we have known each other for years. He told me that he loved sport but that his dad was putting much pressure on him so he was playing for the first team and all his friends were playing for the younger age group. He told me how much he envied them for loving what they do, and being able to share that with each other. I started to feel sorry for Andy. When we got to the gate I could feel my mind spinning again and my insides wanting to explode, not because I was feeling sick, but because I knew tomorrow was going to be that same as it has always been. “I better get back – bye Riley” he said. “Bye” I sadly replied.

I couldn’t stop thinking about Andy that night and I wasn’t planning on stopping myself. I phoned Debbie that night and told her everything, in detail. She was screaming on the other end of the line. This made me excited but I still knew that I was not able to compete, but I did not care, he gave me hope that I never had.

I could not wait to see Andy at school the next day, I knew he was most probably not going to notice me but it didn’t matter, I just wanted to look at him. I was searching the hallways, no Andy, I looked over his friends, no Andy, I looked at the park on my way home, no Andy. It was Friday and I knew my mind would never last till Monday. It had to be the one of the worst and longest days of my life. I phoned Debbie that night to tell her how much I was losing my mind on some boy I hardly knew. I heard the bell ring, it was most probably my aunt, she comes over every Friday night, I don’t really know why but her and my mother have always been very close. “Riley! Someone at the door for you!” mother shouted from down stairs. “Hold on Debbie” I excused while holding the phone to my chest, “Who is it?” I shouted back. “Some boy named Andy, come down!” she shouted impatiently. My heart froze, I know that Debbie heard because the next minute I heard a loud cheer and screaming on the other end of the line, I hung up and ran down, knowing that  Debbie would understand.

There he was, nervously standing at the door with his hands tucked away in his jacket that was maybe two sizes too big for him. “Hey” he said half embarrassed. I could only smile. We talked so much that night, about useless things that were insignificant, we just talked for the sake of talking. We became friends, good friends, in some way we became best friends, but that only came much later. As for now, well, we spoke and got to share something meaningful that just had to do, for now. We were friends. But I loved Andy ever since I can remember. Since the first day we met.


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