Scorned: New Love

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic

Blake and Alex have been best friends since they were little kids. Now there Juniors in high school and after a kiss in the woods become more. They fall in love and become inseparable but it seems everyone is out to get them...



I sit down on the edge of my bathtub looking in the mirror. My black hair is a nest on my head, dark black circles are around my once piercing emerald green eyes, the bruise and my split lip still haven't completely healed . I  take one last look in the mirror, then raise the sleeves of my jet black hoodie and press the blade to my wrist. I press  down hard until the warm blood runs down my arm. I begin slowly pressing the blade down my wrist all the way to my elbow. The vein splits and my blood begins to cover the floor. I start on my other wrist when Alex comes in my room and knocks on the door. I don't answer. Alex knocks again this time harder, then bursts in and screams “What are you doing Blake!?!?!”. Realization crosses his face. Alex pulls out his cell phone out of his  jacket  and dials 911. I look at him horrified and let out a weak “no” in protest but it was too late. He drops his cell phone, grabs a towel, and presses it to my vein attempting to stop the bleeding. Next thing I know I'm in an ambulance being drove to the hospital.  The last thing I see before I blackout  is Alex’s face.


The First and ONLY chapter: 


I walk down the hall to  my last  class  which just so happens to be.  Algebra 2 It’s an easy class but I still hate it. Good thing it's Friday.  I walk in and sit down. The warning bell rings and the last person to walk in the room is of course Alexander (Alex as i call him) Summers.  Alex and I have known eachother since we were little kids, which is about 16 years now.  We were born the same day, we went to the same day care. My first word wasn't mommy or daddy  it was Alex.  Alex and I have always been inseparable no one could make us drift apart. The class bell rings and the teacher does roll call. I’m half listening to him and half listening to the gossip being spread in hushed tones. Rumours swirling about breakups and bad makeup.The teacher calls out “ Blake Matthews”. I raise my hand but then zone out again thinking about what I’m going to do this weekend, which won't be much.  All of a sudden I feel as if someone is watching me. I turn around to see Alex looking at me. I raise my eyebrows at him as if saying what's wrong. He looks down at his desk shyly and hes not usually shy so its strange , then gets out a piece of paper and scrawls something on it. He folds it then throws it on the floor. I pick it up, unfold it and written in his neat handwriting are the words: Meet me after class; I need to talk to you  :).  I write ‘ok’ then throw it back.  

Alex nods  then we both listen bored as the teacher lectures about solving 2 step equations. then finally the bell rings and i walk outside  the school and wait for alex. He finally walks up and  says “thanks for waiting” i smile then say “ no problem.”  we're about to start walking when Mark Lynch  walks by bumps into me and scowls at me as if to say  your lucky i  have football  or  i  would push you down those stairs. I Laugh because he won't do anything my dad is  the church pastor and my mom is his mom's boss.  So i'm pretty safe.

Me and Alex Continue walking down the  road when we come to an old path  that snakes  through the woods alex  says “  Lets go in the  woods “  i say ok  and we start going down the path i step in a mud puddle and splatter my  brand new converses and  black skinny jeans with mud. i let out an expletive and keep walking when we  get to and old fallen tree we sit down and i say  “ so what did you want to  talk to me about ?” He looks around as if to make sure we’re the only ones on the path he says “ so i've been thinking alot lately and i'm starting to like someone” i'm a little surprised that he dragged me all the way out here to tell me that so i say “ who is it?” he looks at the ground then back at me. I’m a little suspicious now but im waiting for him to tell me...All of a sudden he says one word “You” then kisses me. I'm surprised at first then i lean over grab his  pale face and look into his  sky-blue eyes i say “that's amazing” then kiss him back. he almost faints which is kind of entertaining. i just look over him His dark blonde hair is l gently  waving in the wind. i look at his chest which is flat and covered in a crimson and gold Alabaster High School hoodie he's also wearing a pair of black skinny jeans and converses. ( we kind of have the same style) once the shock of what just happened wore off i almost fainted because , one i just kissed a guy and two loved it and three we live in  Alabaster a small conservative town in Tennessee the church is law and no one questions anything that happens. My dad is even the Pastor which makes it worse.  i  look at Alex and say “ We're gonna get kicked out of church...” he looks up at me and shrugs and says “its worth it to be with you”i smile give him a hug and say “ we got to get going or people are going to be suspicious.” hes says “ok” and we start walking  home. We get to my house and wave goodbye to him and hope for the best.

I walk up my driveway to my old  victorian  house and see my mom waiting for me on the porch i walk up  the steps and she says “ where have you been!?”  i laugh and say “i was talking  to alex and got sidetracked sorry” she walks back in the house  mumbling under her breath about kids these days. i walk into  my room and throw my drawstring bag in the corner and  plop down  on the bed trying to think about what i should do about what happened today. i hear  my dad walk in the house and go in his office. I hear a knock on the door downstairs thinking it was alex i look outside my window to see Mark...Lynch. I don't know why he's here so i ignore the door until my dad gets up and answers the door. i hear mumbling and then i hear my dad's office door close then i hear more mumbling then i hear my dad belt out “BLAKE AUSTIN MATTHEWS!!!” i jump out of bed and raced downstairs to see what's wrong i walk into my dad's office and he tells me to sit. I sit down and my dad looks at me as if he's trying to read my mind then my dad says “ Mr. Lynch will you please tell blake what you told me” Mark says “ok” then clears his throat and says “ I was walking down the old forest path when i see two  teens sitting on a fallen tree and then i recognized Blake and  Alex they were talking then all of a sudden  Alex leans over and kisses Blake then i thought Blake would hit him or something but instead he kissed him back.” My heart drops and i sit there stunned. Then my dad looks me in the eyes and says “Is this true blake?” i nod and say “Yes me and Alex kissed in the forest today...” My dad looks at me with disappointment , despair , and anger. then turns to Mark and points to the door Mark nods and leaves the front door closes and then my dad  looks at me and says “ You are an avid church goer you lead youth groups, you don't kiss boys this is the work of the devil! it is an abomination! a sin!. ” I look my pastor dad right in the eyes and say “ If me being with Alex is a sin then i don't want to be apart of your church or your religion anymore.” My dad starts yelling a bunch of random scripture at me. then he smacks me...Hard. like a bomb that went off he starts yelling in my face “ YOU WILL NOT DISHONOR GOD OUR LORD AND SAVIOR!!”  I look him calmly sparks dancing in my eyes and say “ No its YOUR lord and savior not mine” i leave his office and  walk back up the steps and fall down on my bed and sleep until the next day.

Saturday my dad is counseling  from 10 a.m till  5 p.m and my mom usually goes with him so i have the house to myself.i make myself some toast and sit on my bed and think about what happened the day before. Not only did i  kiss a guy, i also got snitched on by Mark, busted by my dad the pastor, and renounced christianity. i thought about calling alex but decided it wasn't a good idea so i just kinda wandered around the house looking for something to do. When all of a sudden the phone rings so i go and answer it and hear alex say “Blake ?...Hey.... so... your dad found out about yesterday didn't he?”  I’m a little surprised that he knew so i say “ how did you know?” i hear him clear his throat then he says “ That piece of garbage came over to my house and tried to talk to my mom.” my eyes widen even though he can't see them then i say  “ what did  she do ?”  he laughs and says “she slammed the door in his face haha” i chuckle and say  “I hope she broke his nose. “ Alex starts laughing and says  “ Well...there is a tiny little nose imprint on the door”  i laugh and say “ well i have to go i don't want my mom or dad to find out i talked to you today”  i'm about to hang up the phone when alex says “ ok Blake bye...I....I  love you”  i stand there shocked then i let out a silent breath and say “ I love you too” then hang up the phone. i walk into the kitchen  and pour me some sweet tea and then i go sit down  on the couch. i zone out and start to think about me and Alex. I never thought me and alex would end up dating and if  you would've told me a week before i would have laughed at the idea. i mean alex had always been part of my life and  i've been attracted to him but i used to think it was only as a friend.  I'm happy as i have ever been with him. Which makes me think am i really gay? I've had a few girlfriends but i was never really happy with them and they never lasted long. I think i am but I don't know  i guess. I’m so lost in thought i don't hear my mom and dad pull up walk up the steps and come inside. when i look up my mom and dad are just staring at me like they don't know what to do then my dad says the words that will haunt me for the rest of my life “ You are not my son anymore.” then he walks into his office and slams the door. my mom just looks at me  and my dads office door sadly then walks  away. I'm crushed and heartbroken but not surprised, because i knew my radical father was going to do something stupid.

I walk up the stairs to my room and go in my bathroom strip and get into the shower. i stand there and let the hot water flow over my numb body. Then i get out of the shower put on a pair of turquoise skinny jeans, a black hoodie and my converses. I put some clothes into my drawstring bag then down the stairs and out the door. i walk without any direction then after awhile i realize i'm on alex’s street. I walk  up his driveway to his old but nice house and ring the doorbell. I wait 5 minutes then Alex opens the door...with no shirt on. I tell him what happened and he looks at me sadly then tells me to come in. I say ok then walk in his all too familiar house and sit on his couch. Alex walks over ( still shirtless by the way) and sits by me and says “ Its ok blake...”  i look at him and say “ No it isnt my family hates me and pretty much disowned me .” Alex looks at me sadly then smiles and says “ who cares if they hate you we have eachother....thats what matters....” i look away then lean over put my hand on his face and kiss him, i lean back my face inches from his . He looks into my eyes and kisses me back. We passionately kiss for what seems like ever when i hear his door open his mom walks in and clears her throat me and Alex jump apart surprised and then his mom says “ Alex i didn't know Blake was coming over.” I blush and then Alex says “ It was kind of a last minute thing he was having a bad day and wanted to see me.” His mom laughs and says “ I can tell” which makes me blush even deeper. she looks at me and says “ Nice to see you Blake” i mumble out a hello. She says “ well don't let me stop y'all's  fun” then walks up stairs to her room. My face fades back to a normal colour and i  lay on alex  he puts his arms around me and i fall asleep.

I wake up still nestled into Alex i don't want to move so i just lay there i notice  Amanda  ( his mom) had put a blanket over us. That thought makes me smile because. It's just nice to know his mom is completely accepting of Alex. I lay there and listen to his heartbeat and feel the rise and fall of his chest. Not long after that, I feel  Alex stir and hear him say “ What  a  great way  to wake up” I say, “ How?” then he smiles and says “ because i woke up with you by my side” I smile and kiss him. and say “Your mom seems ok with us being together.” he shrugs and says “ I told her what happened when I got home friday so she kind of  expected it”  I laugh and say “good or last night would have been way more awkward  than it was”  he nods and then I  realized something “Today is sunday this is the first time i haven't gone to church since i was born!” Alex smiles and says " Isn't that a good thing?" I shrug and say " I get to be with you so that makes it good." Alex smiles and.kisses me deeply. I look at the clock and see its 2 p.m.  I jump up and say " I need to get home." he frowns and  says " aw do you have to?  i think for  a  second  then say “ yes i think i should” alex smiles says ‘“ok” then stands up and kisses me deeply. I smile and walk away and out the door before i decide to stay.

I get home walk up the driveway and see my mom standing on the porch. I walk up the steps i look at her and say “ hello?” she looks at me  with anger and says “ Where did you go yesterday!?.” i  say “ Alex’s house” and walk inside. She doesn't say anything so i walk up stairs and go in my room and close the door.I lay in my bed just thinking taking it all in when my dad throws open my door and walks in he looks at me and says “So you went to that queers house huh?” i smirk and say “ sure did and he's not that queer he's my best friend”  my dad look at me like i'm a dead possum he found on the road and says “ I don't want you over at that...things house.” My smirk drops from my face and sparks dance  across my eyes  once again and i yell “ HE ISMY ...BOYFRIEND SO YOU NEED TO GET OVER IT!” he jumps across the room and hits me in my face and says “ You will not speak to me in that way!” i look at him with disgust and say “ i'm not your son anymore isn't that what you said? so you DON’T get my respect or anything else for that matter.” he spits on my floor and walks out of my room slams the door,  i hear him stomp down the stairs and go in his office he stays in there for a little while and then comes stomping back up the stairs. i hear him lock the door and walk away.  i lay there  for a moment then i get up  and walk in the bathroom. I strip off my clothes and turn on the shower i get in and let the hot water flow over me. i wash my hair and body then turn off the shower and step out i grab a towel and wrap it around my waist. I open the door and walk out not paying attention...when i see Alex sitting on my bed. I stand there wondering just how he got in my room when he says “ Hey i decided to come see you...and i'm glad i did.” He walks up to me and kisses me then notices the bruise David ( my ex-father) left on my face.  His eyes tear up and says “ If he ever touches you aga- i stop him mid sentence with a kiss and say “ Alex i love you don't do anything stupid.” i then smile and say “ Can i get dressed?” he laughs and says “don't let me stop you” i turn around and get a white t-shirt and some boxers out then let my towel drop to the floor. I can feel Alex’s eyes on my body as i pull on my clothes. i throw my towel in the corner then go sit beside him.  “ What made you come over tonight Alex?”He looks into my eyes and says  “ Just the thought of not being with you even if it is only one day” I lean over and kiss him. i pull away gently biting his lip then we kiss passionately  he lays on his back and i get on top of him. I break the kiss to say “ I love you Alex” then kiss him again then i lay down beside him  and  pull the covers over us. Alex rolls over and wraps his arms around me i then  snuggle into him then we fall asleep.


Im woke up by the blaring of my alarm clock  I get up  and  turn it off . I start getting ready i  put on some red skinny jeans , a yellow and black tribal tee , a black jacket and like always my converses. I walk over to where alex is and gently nudge him and say “ wake up  hun” he opens his eyes and says “ good morning “ then leans up and kisses me. I kiss him back then go in the bathroom to fix my hair and brush my teeth. I then walk out of the bathroom and ask  “ Are you ready” he  answers “ Almost i need to go fix my hair” i say ok then go to open my door and am surprised to find it unlocked. I tell alex i'll meet him downstairs then walk down to the kitchen. I push open the door to see my mom sitting there she looks up from  her coffee with a weird look in her eye then she says “ come and sit by me we need to talk”  i'm extremely  suspicious but i go and sit down and say “ what do you want?” she says “ I went to unlock your door this morning... iI opened the door to check on you and saw that alex was with you.” my heart drops and i know im screwed when she says something that surprises me. “ Blake I know you love Alex you...but your father doesn't, and if it was him who saw you with him....i don't even know what he would have done.” my eyes fill with tears and i hug her and say “ You don't know how bad i've wanted to hear you say you support  Alex and I ” she hugs me  back and says “ Amanda called me the day you two kissed. I wanted you to tell me yourself.”  im suprised by this but before i have time to say anything i hear Alex walking down the stairs. I say “ i have to go bye”  i walk out of the kitchen and Alex looks at the tears in my eyes and says “ what happened” i smile and say ”Nothing bad i just know i'm going to have a really good day”  Alex smiles and says “ ok lets go” we turn and walk out the door.

Me and Alex arrive at school  10 minutes early so we go and sit in the cafeteria. I notice that it seems like the whole cafeteria got quiet when we walked. Whispers envelope us and i hear someone yell “Queers!” that's when  I realized that that piece of garbage Mark lynch told everyone. I feel like i got punched in the stomach. I walk out of the cafeteria and  run down the hall to the lockers and sit against them. I feel as though  the whole school wants me dead. Alex comes down the hall and sits by me he wraps one of his arms around me and pulls me close and says “ It will be ok  I won't let anything happen to you.” then he grabs my face and kisses me. I kiss him back and hear the voice of who else but Mark Lynch “ Aw did the little faggots get their feelings hurt.”  Alex jumps up and says “  Why don't you shut the hell up and go do the world a favor and die?” this sets Mark off and he goes to hit alex when  Mr. Decker ( my Algebra 2 teacher) comes out and grabs Mark and pretty much flings him away and says “ There will be NO fighting in my school!”  then walks away. Mark gets up off the ground and says “ You got lucky this time but i'm about to make yalls life a livin’ nightmare. “ then walks away kicks a locker and  disappears from sight.

Alex comes over helps me up and says “ Come on i'll walk you to your first class”  I say ok and get up off the floor. We get to my first class which is Biology i stop at the door and say “ thanks for what you did back there Alex it means alot that i have an amazing guy like you by my side.”  He smiles and says “ I said i wouldn't let anything hurt you and i meant it. I give him a one arm hug then walk into class and sit down. It feels like everyone's eyes are burning holes in me. i sit there  not paying attention to the lesson ( i already know most of it) when i hear someone whisper “ Blake and Alex are fags”  another person whispers “ i know isn't it disgusting? “  the whispers continue. When the bell rings i'm the first one out of the room.

I find Alex at his lockers and say “ Can we leave...I.. can't be here with these people anymore.” He slams his locker shut then turns to me and says “ What happened boo?”  i look away and say “ They were talking about us calling us fags saying were disgusting.” the bell rings and the hall slowly empties. he walks over and hugs me tightly and says “ I’m sorry i couldn't be there for you...” i look up and kiss him and say “ its not your fault..”  Alex looks and me then down the hall to his next class and says “ Ok lets leave”  we walk down the hall and out the  door. We  walk down the stairs  and out of the old brown brick building, and down the pathway. I reach for his hand and our fingers  intertwined. Alex says “ So where do you want to go?” I think about it for a second then say “ To your house”

 We get to alex's house and walk in the door. Alex Grabs my hand and leads me to his room. I go in and sit down on his bed he comes over and sits down and says “ I can't believe we just ditched school.” I look down at the floor then back at alex  “Thanks  for  leaving school with me... i just couldn't stand to be around the stares and whispers...” He smiles and says “ If you need me i will always be here for you.” i smile and lean over and kiss him and say “ How do you stand the whispers the stares being an outcast.” he looks away then back at me and says “ I’ve been thinking about this since we were in 4th grade. I knew what i was getting i have you.” he then leans over and kisses me. I break the kiss and stand up and say “  i need to go home.” he looks confused and says “ why?” i say “ I just do” i lean down kiss him gently biting his lip then walk out of him room and out of the house.

I get home and walk in the door and straight to my dad's office i open the door to see him sitting  there talking to one of the other church pastors. He looks up from his desk to see it is and his face grows solem like he's hiding his emotions then quietly says “ Leave my office, i'm working.” I look at him defiantly and say “ No Its time for you to listen for a change... I may have a boyfriend but it gives you NO right to treat me like a piece of trash, I am your son and whether or not you like it your gonna have to get over it. I have been treated like dirt like  I’m nothing since you and my whole school found out and i am tired of it! I AM GAY AND  I DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR OPINIONS ANYMORE.” at this point the other pastors eyes are as big as tea saucers and my dads face is a red as a cherry tomato.I continue “ You might hate me now but it doesn't make you any less of a pathetic excuse for a person. i then walk out of his office slam the door and walk up to my room. i hear the pastor leave and my dad stomp up the stairs he flings open my door and says “ How dare you come and my office and disrespect me!” Sparks dance across my eyes and i say “ I made it pretty clear that if you refuse to give me respect than you will get NONE!” he lunges across the room and hits me hard enough to knock me off the other side of my bed he walks over kicks me in the side and says “ Next time it will be worse.” i sit there and can feel the blood running down my chin from where he made my lip split  open. I grab my bed and pull myself up and can feel the bruise forming on my side. I walk to the bathroom  and see myself in the mirror. My lip is split open,i have a small bruise under my eye, i turn and raise my shirt up and see the angry purple bruise on my side.i turn on the shower  as hot as it will go without burning me and strip i step in and let it wash away what happened. i step out throw on a pair of boxers and sleep till the next day.

My Alarm clock wakes me from my dreamless sleep.  I put on a pair of Black skinny jeans and an alabaster high hoodie and my converses .I  grab my drawstring bag off the floor where i left it and set out to another day.  I'm walking alone when i feel someone grab my shoulder i spin around and see that its Alex. Alex looks at me and says “ Hey Bla- who  hit you!? i swear it will be the last time they lay a hand on you!” i look down at the pavement and say “ I went home yesterday to confront my dad about the way he was acting...and it didn't turn out very well...but i don't want you to do anything stupid.” his face goes blank and he says “ i will hurt him i doesnt matter if-” i interrupt him by kissing him then say “ Promise me Alex.”  he  looks into my eyes and says “ i promise”.  

When me and Alex finally arrive at school were five minutes late so we have to run to class. I kiss him goodbye then go into Physics The class ticks by surprising whisper free. The bell rings and Mr.Thomas ( My Physics teacher) says “ Blake can I talk to you for a minute?” i say “ sure” then walk up to his desk. Mr. Thomas looks at me and says “ You were late this morning.  I look at him like i'm trying to figure out if hes joking he's not. “ Mr. Thomas do you realize the reason i was late is because of personal issues and that i could pass this class in my sleep? No you dont so shut your face.”  then i walk out of his classroom and slam his door.

The halls are slowly emptying  when i'm shoved roughly into a wall. I spin around to see who pushed me and its Mark lynch. I sneer and say “ what the hell was that for !?!” He laughs and says “ I don't need a reason you dumb fag”  I'm in no mood for his games so i throw my drawstring bag on the floor and say “ I'm sick and tired of you  all you are is a dumb, backwoods, inbred,  redneck who can take his radical christian views and shove them right up your ass okay?!”  Mark is stunned by my words then anger fills his face and he punches me in the jaw my head snaps back. I swing at him and connect with his jaw, he falls to the floor and laughs “ Is that the best you can do fagboy?” I walk over and stomp on his face he screams and knocks me to the floor. Mark gets on top of me and starts punching me in my face. I hear Alex yell “ Blake!” then i feel Mark getting dragged off me. i lay on the floor sobbing  teachers are fussing at the crowd of students  and Mark yells “ You're dead you hear me! Dead!” Alex walks over and helps me up off the  floor and cradles me in his arms, he kisses me and says “ I’m so sorry...its all my fault” tears roll down his face and i say “ It’s not your's not anyone's fault but Mark’s...”

I leave school with alex and go home. Alex walks in with me and leads me upstairs where he cleans up my face from the fight. I lay down and he lays down beside me i face towards him and he wraps his arms around me and pulls me close.  The tears are back in his eyes and he says” I love you Blake...” i give him a weak smile and say “ i love you too.. He kisses me but I don't feel like kissing him back i just lay there looking into his eyes,and fall asleep in his arms.

I roughly shook awake and see my dad dad yelling  at me “ How dare you bring him into my home! it's an abomination! I refuse to let this go on.” he then slaps me. Alex wakes up then and lunges at my dad and hits him in the jaw  and says “ YOU WILL NOT LAY ANOTHER HAND ON BLAKE!”  My dad snarls and says “  You've made the biggest mistake of your life boy!” my dad walks out of the room and i hear him in the gun closet my mom runs  to the gun closet and screams “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!”  he laughs and says “ I'm gonna teach that faggot Alexander a lesson on respect. My mom says “ No your not I have  had enough. Blake is your son and is in love with Alexander whether you like or not. If you lay a hand on him i will call the law.” i hear  a struggle and hear my mom say “ Give me the gun  now!”  i run down the stairs and grab the gun out of his hands , then throw it across the room before he realizes what happened. Tears  well up in my eyes and i say “ if it will keep people from getting hurt i won't bring Alex over anymore...”  My dad smiles triumphantly and says ‘ Good now get him out of my house.” i yell for alex and tell him what happened he looks sad but says “ok” then kisses me and walks out of the house.

I stay home from school that day. My mom and dad leave for  a church banquet or something but i stay home. i walk in my bathroom and sit down on the edge of my bathtub looking in the mirror. My black hair is a nest on my head, dark black circles are around my  once piercing emerald green eyes the bruise and my split lip aren't completely healed yet . i take one last look in the mirror, then raise the sleeves of my jet black hoodie and press the blade to my wrist i press  down hard until the warm blood runs down my arm. i begin slowly press the blade down my wrist all the way to my elbow. The vein splits and my blood begins to cover the floor. I start on my other wrist when Alex comes in my room and knocks on the door. I don't answer. Alex knocks again this time harder, then bursts in and screams “ what are you doing Blake !?!?!” then realization crosses his face. Alex pulls out his cell phone out of his  jacket  and dials 911 i look at him horrified and I let out a weak “no” in protest but it was too late he drops his cell phone grabs a towel and presses it to my vein attempting to stop the bleeding next thing i know i'm in an ambulance being drove to the hospital. The last thing i see before i blackout from blood loss is Alex’s face.

When i open my eyes the bright hospital fluorescent lights blind me then i see Alex sitting by my mom,  but my dad nowhere in sight. They see that my eyes are open and then both rush up beside me . Alex is the first to speak “ Blake i'm so glad your ok....I thought i lost you forever. “ he leans down and kisses me. My mom brushes the hair out of my face and says “  I thought i would never see those eyes again...I'm going to let you and Alex have some privacy.  she walks out of the room and closes  door. I say “ What  made you come to my house yesterday?”  He frowns and says “ I don't know i just had a really bad feeling and needed to see you. I'm glad i did....Blake can i ask you a question? “  i say “ Yes “  he looks at the door to make sure my mom isn't coming back in and says “ Will you run away with me?  We could go as far away from this backwoods, backward town as you want. So many bad things have happened and next time i might not be there to save you.”  I think for awhile and say” Of course i will. I love you and would go to the ends of the earth itself to be with you.

The next day i check out from the hospital and go to home. I pack all my clothes tell my mom where i'm going and doing. she cries a little and tells me to come and see her sometimes and that her and my father are finished and that shes going to still stay in Alabaster to defend any LGBT people i give her  a hug and then i walk over to Alex's house throw my things into the backseat  of his moms old truck.  Alex sits it the drivers seat i jump in the passenger seat, and kiss him deeply “ I love you Alex” he smiles widely then kisses me just as deeply then says “ I love you too Blake” i lay my head down on his shoulder and  he says “ So where we going?” as he's pulling out of his driveway. I smile and say “I have an idea but for now... As far away as we can go.”  



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I quite enjoyed your story, although it's a little rough with the grammar, the story line is there and as a short story I think it really works. If you're interested in reading other gay oriented stories, I have quite a few posted on my page. They're not featured currently, but you can find them if you scroll through the list. Thanks for the interesting read. Pink.

Wed, January 9th, 2013 6:06am

have faith in purple

I love story!!! Maybe a little work on the grammer would help the plot though?

Wed, January 9th, 2013 3:39pm


loved this!!!. please write more, keep up the good work!

Fri, April 26th, 2013 7:04am

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