The New Gene: The Start of it All

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This is the start of the adventure. It is hard to say what is really going on at this time but this is really a character builing part.

Submitted: February 16, 2008

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Submitted: February 16, 2008



The sun came up and peeked through the blinds. Morning had come and yet Jayin had never gone to sleep. He never slept, he never felt the need to and so he never did. He stood facing the sun absorbing its rays and heat into his body. This was all he needed to get going in the morning, the sun itself. 

"Jayin come back inside," said his mother from the house. Jayin smiled. This was how every day was. His parents knew that he never slept and that he was in a way powered by the sun. He was like the energizer bunny; he just kept going and going.

Jayin remembered the first time he really scared his parents was when he stuck his fingers in an outlet. His parents thought that he was getting hurt when he screamed, but in reality it was quite the contrary. This was the first time his parents had seen what he was capable of, and they knew it wouldn’t be the last.


“Jayin breakfast,” said his mother from the house. She was fully aware that he never had to eat, but he would join his mother so that they could bond. His father had already left for work and wouldn’t be home until later after he was back from school. He hated school but his mother told him he had to go and so no matter what he would go.

“So do anything interesting last night?” she asked as she sipped her coffee. Jayin watched as she did with his green, almost glowing, eyes.  

“Not really. I saw an infomercial about how to get your white their whitest,” replied Jayin as he hopped into a chair beside her. Even though he hadn’t seen her or known who she was for the first six years of his life he was always at ease around her and that made her feel good. She had wondered when they had won the case if it had been to long between to long and that he wouldn’t remember them. But when he saw them he ran right to them, this surprised the psychologist that was assigned to his case. Jayin could still remember the weird questions she had asked him about them and all he would say is “I remember what they felt like.”

“Did you do your homework like you were told?” she asked, this was not the first time she had had to ask and he would have told her no.

“Yes and before I watched t.v.” said Jayin with a grin. He always did whatever he was told. Maybe not to the standard, but it was always done. His mother looked at the clock and saw what time it was.

“You better get going, see you tonight,” said his mother and he grabbed his books and headed off down the street towards the school. Thinking as he did, this is a good day.


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