The Forgotten Scooter

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The Forgotten Scooter is a story for children and can be read my people of all ages I don't know if it's any good but hoping people will like it

Submitted: September 16, 2013

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Submitted: September 16, 2013



The Forgotten Scooter

While walking along a snowy frost bitten low street taken Henry and Cole to school, they noticed a two wheeled object lying on the balcony under a window outside someone's house, covered in snow. "Mummy what is that..?" Cole wondered. .."It's a scooter, I used to have a red and black one when I was about five years old" came my reply... They asked me why they didn't have one and I replied "Because they don't really exist anymore; when most children reached twelve years old they started discarding or binning them because newer better toys held their interest, so they wanted those instead" "But mum" They said in unison "We think they  should still exist because we believe that other children and us would have fun playing out on them and riding them to school."

As we kept walking to school I thought about what Henry and Cole had mentioned about wanting a scooter to play on. I remembered how much fun they used to be and that I really used to enjoy riding my own to school with my friends... I left my two boys' at the school doors where their teacher Mr Donta, awaited for them and I waved them a goodbye...

On my way home I stopped outside the house where the forgotten scooter lay and I decided I'd go up and see the home owner about buying it for my two boys to play on. As I reached the third step there was a voice calling out "Who's there and what do you want..!" "Hi sorry to intrude my name is Jane... I was wondering if there was any chance I could buy the scooter you have lying by the window..?" But in his reply he said "Why do you want a rusty broken, forgotten old scooter..?" So I explained how my two boys' had seen it lying there and was wanting a one to play on because they'd never seen one before. The gentleman said "It's been there since I moved here twenty two years ago with my family when I was sixteen years old and if I remember correctly, they were known as the best riders in the world in those days and good for their stunts too, I had a go on it once or twice when I was younger it was loads of fun."

The gentlemen then said "Aww am sorry how rude of me my name is Frank sorry I didn't mention it earlier just am a bit to curious on why your two boys are wanting an old broken forgotten scooter, You can take it I don't want any money" "It's quiet alright thank you for the offer though..." "If you don't mind me asking how old are your boys and what is there names" Asked Frank "My oldest is Cole he's four years old and my youngest is Henry he's three years old" "Aww just the right age for this type of scooter" Joked Frank... "Thank You" "If you'd like I could go fix it all up for you so it looks brand new and you can take it to the school when you go pick your boys up at home time..." "Sure you don't mind" "Do you not have any plans or work, as I'm off work for a few days and got no plans today it won't take me long, If you want you can pick it up on the way past if your wanting to go home or do what it is you may have planned..?" Queried Frank "No that's ok" I said "I'd like to help if you don't mind female company Jane joked " Frank said "Yes that's fine some help would be nice, in fact you could tell me now what kind of stuff your boy's are into, I can put a nice picture on the foot part..?" "Thank You that would be lovely it would be like their very own personalised scooter... Are you sure you don't mind just I don't really want to be keeping you from your family or anything..?" " I no longer have a family my fiance left two years ago..." "Gee's I am sorry to hear that, I hope I didn't upset you" I apologised "Don't be it's fine but thank you anyways for your concern" Came his only reply "Did your family use to play on this scooter..?" "Sadly no they would be around Henry and Cole's age now but unfortunatley they are no longer with us... Now enough about me Jane, "What about you where is Henry and Cole's dad...?" I laughed and said "Well were a bit of the same you and I because their dad is no longer with us Denziel, was a great dad and we were all sorry to see him go... Let bygones be bygones, how long will it take us before this forgotten scooter looks all brand new because I must say am tempted to have a go just so I can test it out, you understand,,?" I'd say give me about one hour and I promise it'll be better than the ones we used to play on." 

"I didn't think you had one when you were younger" "LOL" Said Frank "That's because I never mentioned about having one when I was younger, I just mentioned about playing around on this one once or twice when I was sixteen years of age Ha-ha" "I used to have a bright orange one with a spider web on it, when I was younger" "Nice... Well I used have a red and black one with no pictures on it just a boring regular scooter" "A scooter without a personalised picture on it..?" "Nope, no picture on it because the ones with pictures on, I didn't like and I didn't know anyonw to put my picture that I liked on it so I ended up with a plain red and black scooter which I loved" "Fair enough" "Ok Jane time to go in my shed and fix this scooter up for your boys' now tell me what kind of stuff does your boys like what are they into...?" Well they both enjoy playing ball no,no I know better yet they both like flying panda's" "Flying panda's never heard of flying panda's before" "Really" I giggled "It's a cartoon they watch on television. It's called 'Adorea and Louise's Flying Animal Adventure Park' and it has loads of different animal's that can fly like lions, tigers, elephants amd panda's" "Ow well a flying panda it is... I'm going to need you to pass me all the tool's I need that would be great help"

"Cool not a problem" "And once I've fixed it all up so it doesn't look rusty or wobble I'll start grafting the flying panda onto the foot area, would you also like me to put there name's on it..?" "No, no that's fine once I find the piece I need for my old one, would it be ok to come back to you; would you mind fixing it up for me so that they have one each, then if you don't mind you could out their names on after that, but not just yet thank you it was kind of you to offer..." "Thats 's quiet alright just drop by on a Saturday or Monday I'll be in as am not at work till 8pm on those nights if you've found the pieces your after that is" "Thanks Frank that's very kind of you" "Not a problem, could you please pass me the spanner so I can finish off tightening all these bolts thank you, and that's me nearly finished fixing it... Next is the flying panda it may take a little while longer as am needing to sketch it first so that it doesn't look a mess but I'll be finished for you going to pick Henry and Cole up from school..." "Thank you Frank you've been very kind what can I do for you in return" I asked "Just the pleasure of your company will do thank you as I've not had many visitors since my fiance left me and with me working best part of the time I've not really got a social life and as for the scooter don't mention it. 

It was my pleasure to fix it all up so it looks brand new for your two boys I hope they enjoy it just as we did when we were children of their age" Jane had a look around while frank started on the picture design for the scooter when he was finished he shouted on Jane. "Hey Jane come take a look and tell me if you think the boys will like this before I start putting it onto the scooter" "Aww wow Frank that's amazing my boys will love it... Thank you ever so much the boys are going to be speechless when they see this it's lovely thank you again" Jane kissed Frank on the cheek ans said I'll be back...

The boys did love the scooter... It no longer say on a balcony below a window forgotten about... Jane managed to find the missing piece she need for her old scooter she kept in the basement and Frank drew up a second flying panda and give those panda's name Henry and Cole. It wasn't long that Jane and Frank finally asked each other out and gave the same answer "YES" They now have a baby girl on the way so a new scooter had to be bought... And with each day as her two eldest were going school on their scooter, their friends were doing the same thing. Just that one scooter neglected for all those years made Henry and Cole lots of friends, and their childhood could never have been better.

The End

writen by Jennifer Cook

© Copyright 2017 Jayjay Jennie. All rights reserved.

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