When the day comes, and I never look back.

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I've been mistreated by one too many guys, I never tell them they upset me. This is my chance to get out my pain.

Submitted: August 22, 2010

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Submitted: August 22, 2010



You can turn any summer night cold.

I sold my soul to the devil depsite what I was told.

You showed me an angel, You made me say forever.

I've been through this before, I should have said never.


Why you switching it up showing me the other side?

I gave you everything, but you just wanted to lie.

Werent you the one who made me feel perfect

Now according to your lips this aint even workin


Leave it to you to mess up a happy night.

You screamin and yellin you wanted a fight.

When you give it all, and it's thrown in your face.

Your nice instead of puttin him in place

All your gunna do is cry and turn your head

When really you feel your heart stopping and goin dead


He throws up his fist eating up the fear in your eyes.

You sitting there doing anything for his love you don't even realize.

He's nothin but a monster, a soul suckin demon.

You try to let go but you just wanna keep him.

Your just feelin sad and then mad, then you hate him so bad.

You wanna have another shot to fix what you had.


Then you hit the point when you hear his other girls voice.

You realize the fighting had no love he'd made his choice.

The person who promised you the world in your hands

Is the person on phone with that girl makin plans?

Now your feelin stupid and hate him so much.

You look into his eyes and he reaches for your touch.


You walk away with shame drippin from your skin.

you don't know why you did it, wish you knew it then.

you wonder, and you wish it coulda all gone different.

but truth is if he wanted to fix it you know you'd hit him

let the hate build up, because he worth you time.

right now a million things keep runnin through your mind.


tell him you miss him, but you hope he's happy.

you hope that she breaks his heart so easy

you still wonder what if but your never goin back.

Today's the day you walk away, and fix whats cracked.

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