Karly And Ambrose

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about a huy and a girl that are complete different

Submitted: August 07, 2013

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Submitted: August 07, 2013



Karly walks into the school head down, a hoodie hiding her cat like ears and goes into the office. I was in the office when this new chick walks in and she goes to the desk and hesitantly rings the bell for assistance. Yaz comes in giggling and hugs Ambrose.  Ambrose says, "Hey Yaz! What you laughing about?"

 "Look at the desk, there's a new girl and she looks sooooo stupid!" replies Yaz.

Karly turns and glares at Yaz. Miss Waters hands Karly some papers, "Here you go love, a timetable. Did you use one like this before at your old school?" Karly turns back, nods her head and walks away.

Yaz calls loudly after her, "Oh my God! She better not be in ANY of my classes or else!" Ambrose replies, "Hey - don't be mean you don't even know her she could be a really nice person and you wouldn't even know.” Ambrose turns to go after Karly but is stopped by Yaz.  "You go after her and I’ll never talk to you again - AND I MEAN IT", threatens Yaz. Ambrose calls her bluff, "You wouldn't stop talking to me or you WOULDNT have a date to the dance coming up and you don't what to go on your own do you?"

Yaz let go of Ambrose and stormed off. Ambrose turns to talk to Karly but she was already out of sight.

"Oh well, guess I’ll just have to talk to her some other time", Ambrose said to himself and headed to his first class. This was one of Ambrose’s only classes that Yaz wasn’t in.

Mr Lloyd raises his voice, “Okay class get your Maths books out and we’ll start off where we finished last lesson”. Ambrose looks in his bag and realises that his Math book isn’t in his bag. “Sir, I forgot my book today do you have a spare or do you what me to share with someone?” asks Ambrose.

 “No, that’s okay I have one right here.  Come and get it and we’ll start” replied Mr Lloyd. So Ambrose gets up and heads toward the front of the classroom to get the book. After an hour and a half the bell rings. Ambrose puts all his books away and looks at his timetable to see what he has next. He realizes that he has the rest of the day in the same classes as Yaz. “Great!” Ambrose says to himself and walks to history.


Karly was walking down the corridor heading to history when she realized that she had left her book in her maths class. Once Karly got to her history class she said, “Hi sir! I left my book in my Maths class can I just go and get it please?”

The teacher answers, “Yes, okay but be fast Karly.”  Karly starts to head out towards her Maths class when she runs into a guy she didn’t know. Karly says, “Sorry! I didn’t see you.” The guy replies, “That’s okay, I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going anyway. By the way, my name is Ambrose.

Karly smiles, “Hi! I'm Karly, I'm new.”

 “Where are you heading?  Ambrose asks.

“I left my books in my Maths class so I'm just running to get them.

“Okay, well I have to get to History. Would you like to have lunch with me today?” Karly hesitates for a second, “Um, yeah, okay where did you want me to meet you?

“What subject do you have now?” asks Ambrose to keep the conversation going.

“I have history.” replies Karly.

“Really? What room?” Ambrose smiles at her.

Karly pulls her timetable out. “It says room 15.”

“Well that’s funny! That’s my class - so I guess I’ll save you a seat.”

Karly, with a smile on her face, says “Sure that sounds great.”

Ambrose grins to himself and walks away to his History class.

Karly continues on her way to get her books. Once she gets back to history she smiles and heads towards the seat that Ambrose has saved for her.


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