End of My Days

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One persons point of view when Death arrives at their door.

- A short story inspired by an Alphabet writing prompt.

Submitted: May 08, 2013

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Submitted: May 08, 2013




Although my time is near, I have never felt so alive as I do in this moment.
Before, when I had a life to look forward to, I never took the time to notice the little things.
Conversations passed seep into my mind, the faces of their speakers floating by like an old film.
Decisions I have made throughout my time haunt me, make me wonder if I took the right path.
Every thought, every action in my life, springs forward, as if to review every single moment.
Feelings overwhelm me, almost becoming a kaleidoscope in my mind.
Gently standing, I walk to the lone window in my bedroom, gazing out into the blackened night that is to be my last upon this earth.
How long have I dreaded this moment, only to find peace at the end?
I move away, smiling softly as I look at the photos and memories that line my walls.
Juxtaposed against my grim thoughts, these photos show not an empty life, but one filled with love and laughter.
Keepsakes of a life well lived, showing all the love and care that everyone around me gave.
Life, itself, has been more beautiful than I ever gave it credit for.
Moments pass as I continue to stand there and take it all in, basking in the knowledge that even through all the bad times, I was loved.
Nearer and near, Death creeps upon me in the darkness of the night, it's fingers ice cold upon my skin.
Over the years, I have found myself growing weary of the wait, of worrying and waiting for when He would knock upon my door.
Pushing the thoughts aside, I move back to my bed, to my one place of solace that I have found when times where hard.
Quietly sitting on the downy surface, I smile as I think back on all the memories preserved on my walls.
Reunions of family, and friends alike, joining together in a slide show of the years past.
Suspended forever in that one moment of happiness, to be preserved long after I'm gone.
Time is moving swiftly as I feel Death's icy hand on my shoulder, but I turn and smile, finally able to welcome him.
Understanding everything that has happened until this point finally, I turn to Death as a friend, neither fearing or hating him any longer.
Vividly, I see my life as it was pass before my eyes, smiling as I once again replay the short, beautiful moments I spent upon this earth.
Wearily, I take His hand, letting him have all of me at last.
Xenagogue of the After Life, taking me onto whatever lies ahead.
Yielding everything in me to my new companion, He pulls me along.
Zealously, I move on to the next Adventure with Death at my side and open arms. 

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