Everyday, Everynight

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This is a love poem (free verse) that talks about the diffrences in the times with and without ones significant other.

Submitted: March 03, 2007

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Submitted: March 03, 2007




Everyday without you is 

like the last which

was the worst day of my life

Holding on to words you spoke

the nights we were together

alone in your room

feeling your fingers softly

brush along my body as the

tv sings a familiar melody

remembering our first kiss

the darkness of the room

playing hide and seek

getting lost in the moment

the one we can't forget

one that we won't let go

and I whisper softly:

every night without you is

like the last which

was the worst night of my life

these school days pass too slowly

 the months are gone too fast

If only we were older

then we would own time

have no one to hold us back

secrets we won't have to keep

Promises we made will be fufilled

before we lose the final race

we'll travle to a distant land

letting go of all our fears

but holding tightly to our love

reaching out above the crowd

knowing what they can't understand

that you and I are ment to be

forever together, a faimly

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