What about you?

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A poem for a friend

Submitted: April 27, 2007

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Submitted: April 27, 2007




Softly I hit the keys

And hum the notes

Feelings of calm fill the room

I'm left wondering

What could I say?

What can I do?

My heart sinks

With thoughts of you

Realizing how I hurt you

So many words

(I wish I hadn't said)

So many cuts

(I wish I hadn't made)

If I could go back

I would listen to you

Prevent the pain

Now it's too late

The damage is done

I'm getting help

But what about you

I know I hurt you

More than once

I drew blood

Several times

I had you screaming

"Put down the knife!"

Many nights I scared you

Making threats against my life

Well what about you?

How are you dealing with the pain?

All the pain I caused

Those nights I hid in silence

Yelling at you without a word

Breaking promises like porcelain

Forgetting about your heart

Each of my words stabbing

Cutting like the knife

The same that slit my wrists

What about you?

Are the cuts I made healing?

Have I drained you of your life?

Did I banish all your dreams?

Take away your hope?

I want to take it all away

To fix all I have done

To help you overcome

What about you?


© Copyright 2018 Jayne Crosby. All rights reserved.

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