A Bleeding Heart - (Wyz)

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This was written my Junior year in high school.

It was during a time in my life when I began questioning things, the reason behind rules in my religion, etc.

In this case, it was association and relationships with others outside my religion, back when I believed it to be a hard rule, rather than a suggestion, to not enter into a relationship outside of my religion.

While that was the primary inspiration for this poem, it also draws off of certain punishments that religions may use (disassociation, disfellowship, excommunicated, etc; different religions have different names for it).

Written 3-23-02

Submitted: March 27, 2013

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Submitted: March 27, 2013



Darkness engulfs my heart…

I try,
And I try,
To follow God’s will
And yet…

It becomes hard to be separate,
Split, divided,
By god’s command,
To not become part of the world.

I divide myself,
Keep separate as a follower,
Away from the World.

Is this truly better,
Sending our fellow man into exile.

Our brothers and sisters,
Our mothers and Fathers,
Our grandparents and grandchildren,
Uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces,
Cousins, children, husbands, wives,
Our Friends!

Is this out-casting truly humane,
And yet who am I?
How dare I question God?
How dare I show my disapproval?

I, follower,
And believer in the truth,
In god,
Still can’t rid my life of these questions,
These doubts,
These disapprovals,
But I shall continue.

I will press on,
Showing God my love,
Hiding my ideas,
My feelings,
Deep inside.

And pain,
Pain shall build,
Growing through me,
Like a weed,
Suffocating me.

All I have to show,
My slow release of steam,
From my heart,

Depression consumes me,
Showing me my loneliness,
No one who understands,
Who I truly am,
And so…

Darkness engulfs my heart…

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