Distant Love - Homecoming

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This one is a bit more emotional than my other short stories. The others being slight on the humorous side, this one is more serious.

(Written as an assignment for my Fiction Writing Class)

Submitted: March 20, 2013

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Submitted: March 20, 2013



My emotions are building up inside me, gnawing at my stomach like a parasite eating away at my insides. It has been almost a year since I’ve seen her, Julia, my angel, the love of my life. I can still feel her sweet kiss on my cheek, her goodbye, before my leaving for service.

“That’ll be $12.89, after the military discount.” The cashier said to me with a smile. She hadn’t seen my Military ID, just my uniform. Julia always loved seeing me in my uniform, saying:

Who doesn’t like a guy in uniform?

The cashier laid the flowers on the counter in front of me, carnations, Julia’s favorite. She never cared much for the common rose. She said:

Roses are ok, they’re just a little plain and they don’t last that long. Carnations, on the other hand, are a better symbol of love, they are so pretty and last a lot longer.

I pull some cash from my wallet and as I search my pocket for some change, my fingers run across an open circle, a metal loop, an engagement ring. I had proposed to Julia right after I was called in for service and she told me:

Keep the ring with you to remember what you are fighting for, to remember what will be waiting for you when you come back, a fiancée, a wife.

As I leave the flower shop and place the flowers in passenger seat of my car, I notice a sign hanging over an archway to the park across the street: “5th Annual Movies in the Park!” We had our first date there. While many sat upon blankets on the grass, we found a large rock with a flat surface. I remember helping her climb up it, and we sat there, under the stars, her head on my shoulder. She whispered to me:

We should do this every year, it could be our thing.

I wiped away the single tear on my cheek, from the memory. I’ve missed her so much, this past year I was away, and now, finally, I’m back.

As I drive to see her, I find my thoughts distracted by my memories of her, one after another, like ocean waves. Finally, the thought, not of her, but of the call I received before coming back. The call that she had been in an accident, the car was totaled, and that she was in the hospital. I felt so much fear, so much pain, all calmed by her voice when she spoke to me over the phone:

I’m ok, the accident wasn’t that bad, really. Just come home. I miss you, I love you, and I’ll be here waiting for you when you get back. I Love You Baby, and I can’t wait to marry you, to finally be your wife.

I get out of my car and grab the flowers. The ring, I pull out of my pocket. The grass is so green and alive. Flowers were scattered across the field and I walked over to her. I feel myself smile the tears begin again, this time like a steady stream. As I reach her, I fall to my knees, my face to the ground. The tears won’t stop. I bring my head up again and look forward: “Julia West, 1983 – 2012, We’ll Never Forget the Love She Shared With So Many!”

I lay the flowers at her grave. “I miss you, I will always love you,” I take the ring set it on a chain and place the chain around my neck, “and I will wear this ring around my neck, to always remember you, My Angel!”

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