Dream Girl - (Wyz)

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This poem wasn't actually written about anyone in particular, but more as me processing my loneliness at the time. Written just a few months before graduating high school.

The poem depicts a couple dancing together in what turns out to be a dream.

Written 2/22/03

Submitted: March 27, 2013

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Submitted: March 27, 2013



Oh, to behold the sight of magnificent beauty,
Even if only for a moment in time.

To caress the smoothness of her skin,
And to kiss her gentle lips.

She lays her head upon my shoulder
As we sway to the melodious sounds playing in our ears.

My arms pull in the warmth of her body as I hold her close,
And I can feel the mold of perfection.

Her short, dark hair, with the scent of roses, tickles my cheek,
As she pulls back her head and smiles so lovely, the angels themselves would marvel.

I stare into the illustrious “Star Sapphires” of her eyes
And can see only the reflection of our future together.

I peer down to her clothing to see a black top;
Imprinted upon it is the name of some rock group or some catchy phrase.

I glance lower to see her baggy, black jeans,
Practically covering her boots.

I look back into her eyes where I could spend all eternity,
And I find myself lost inside of her.

She begins to speak with a voice more potent than the “Sirens,”
Drawing me in with her every word.

And as I begin to take in this moment, I can only weep
As I awaken from this dream, back into the dark world that is my loneliness.

© Copyright 2018 Jayson Wyz. All rights reserved.

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