Lust For Pain - (Wyz)

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This poem was written in response to comments friends made on my poem "Dream Girl" back when I first wrote it.

The poem was innocent, describing two people dancing, however, they insisted he was dreaming of sex.

Finally, I said, you want a poem about sex, here is a poem about sex.

Written 3/18/03 (Few months before graduation)

Submitted: March 28, 2013

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Submitted: March 28, 2013



My hands caress over her arms,
Gliding smoothly down her back,
Her skin, like silk, so soft.

My lust runs through me,
Our faces pull together,
Her tender lips touch mine.

The kiss last mere seconds in the heat,
My face hovering down her neck,
Her skin, filled with the scent of a field of flowers.

Her neck tastes sweet,
As my teeth sink into her lush skin,
Drawling out the sweet, flavorful juices from her heavenly body.

She gasps as her body pulls up,
My teeth exits her skin,
And she releases her breath.

She grasps my upper arm.
I pour the hot wax off the candle,
And as it reaches her body, it solidifies.

She sinks her nails into my skin,
Absorbing the feel of the wax,
The lust burning greater.

The torturous pain of love,
The love of pain,
And the lust burns greater.

© Copyright 2018 Jayson Wyz. All rights reserved.

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