Left With Blood

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just written to see what you think of my first murder mytry piece, thank you and enjoy.

Submitted: January 01, 2012

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Submitted: January 01, 2012



Left With Blood
A still street of Chicago woke to the sound of the rumbling engine of a claret Nash Ambassador. The automobiles brakes squeaked, soon after the car door thumped before clicking heels got closer to the unsightly home of Mr. Mayfield. The mysterious stranger, who wore a large navy overcoat, tapped on the door collectedly and waited patiently. Calvin Mayfield, owner of the small apartment opened one eye, before lifting his head and opening the other. He stalled for a slight moment and listened carefully; he could pick up nothing. Calvin shook his head dismissively, then again rested it on his fluffed pillow. The stranger, this time thumped the door harder. The bangs echoed through the house that was falling apart slowly. Mr. Mayfield stood almost immediately to the sound of it, and snatched the object closest to him; that object just happened to be the whisky bottle, that lay on his bedside table. “Hello?” he called, then waited for a reply. Nothing was said. “Hello?” he shouted louder. The floorboards creaked while he edged toward his stairs. He gave the back of his head a scratch, confused then planted his hand onto the light switch in his hall. Before flicking the switch he spotted a towering shadow waiting at the door.Nervously picking up his key, he very gently pushed it into the lock and twisted it gradually until it clicked; the sound matched the one of a beer can being crushed. An dark, uneasy silence filled the space between them. Then without warning the splintered door burst open into the face of Mr. Mayfield; he thumped onto the rotting wooden floor. He screamed as he held his blood covered face. “who are you?” Calvin asked in agony, “leave me alone”. He dared to bring up his head then watched the shadowed overcoat glide over him and towards the kitchen door. Calvin just managed to lift his busted up and bruised body to turn round and made a run for the door. The more the doorknob twisted the more relief washed over Calvin Mayfield’s head like a cool oceans wave. He did it, the door was open and he was outside. Still facing his front door, he stepped towards the running car that’s engine was still rattling. Now he thought he was at a safe distance from his home he turned and stumbled towards the car.
The criminal, who now left the kitchen noticed the open door and instantly sprinted out the door. Calvin just managed to get the car door open when he saw the reflection of the killer behind him in the car window. Last thing he ever felt was a furious force pushing his head through the side window of the car. He hung through the spot the glass once sat. The shards of glass opened up his cheeks, ripped through his bloodied hands and pierced he throat. It was all over, the murderer had took off and Silence lingered.

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