my white room

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A man struggles for life and realises all the good thing within it.

Submitted: March 11, 2012

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Submitted: March 11, 2012



I lay on my back. My eyes opened. First thing I noticed was the light. The godamn light. why? Why was there so much. My eyes could barely open because of it. Everything was white. Everything was a fog. I guess thats the only way to explain it. A white fog. All shades of white flew over me, and each and everyone insulted my eyes. Very gradually they vanished, leaving the diziness behind. As my eyes wrestled to make out the shapes within the once white, now blue, dirty room, I detected something else all together. This something else was the weight that crushed my chest. Lifting my heavy head, I made out the leather straps around my chest, arms and legs. Now I panicked. My breathing was amplified. the muscles in my arms and legs grew weaker, until I gave up. I rested my head in shame, swallowing hard to block the tears coming out. It didn't suceed and a tear tickled my face all the way down to my hair. I breathed deeply, with three or so miniture gasps struggling for air at the end. My body lay lifelessly in a grey unknown room. but my thoughts were at home.

I pictured my home. My two beautiful children. My wife. They all sat around the fire. With a beaming smile on my face, but still with tears I ambled steadily towards them. my wife first. I looked at her. Her radient chestnut hair and her equally beautiful smiling eyes. She stood. Face to face with me. I wrapped my hands around her perfect sized waist, lay heads on each others shoulders and I whispered. "Honey". she answered with a gentle "hmm". "I love you". She slowly lifted her head and looked at me a while before closing her eyes and deeply placing her lips on my right cheek. She wiped a tear from my face. "I love you too". I sighed then turned. My boy stood and hugged around my waist. I crouched to equal our heights. I smiled at him and he at me. It may have just been a smile but I could tell it meant alot him. He skipped off leving me with just my little girl to say goodbye to. I hugged her tightly forcing another tear from my eye. But she cried hard. "Don't leave me Daddy, dont go". I could hardly catch my words "I have to Baby". Now she cried harder "No! don't go ever! Please Daddy stay!". Her screaming burst rivers doen my face from my eyes. My face was red. My mouth was wet. My swallowing was difficult.

White. My head sprung forward violently, but my body remained strapped to the cold leather bed. Everything was the same again exept for the man that stood above me and the drill that rested on my head. I struggled and struggled. And cried. And screamed. Then a voice reached me "I'm sorry, but we cant have crazies like you walking round. your dangerous". "No, no I'm not you've got it wrong I'm a good man", "good man? good men don't kill their family. Good men don't burn down their houses. Good men aren't in this institution"... "No, no, no. NO!"  

White. I lay on my back. My eyes opened. first thing I noticed? My beautiful wife lieing next to me in my beautiful bed, within my beautiful home.

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