Blossoming Fantasies

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Oh sweet muse, how far we have come.....and so far yet to travel.

Submitted: March 23, 2013

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Submitted: March 23, 2013



Innocent fantasies begin,
Walking hand in hand.
Peaceful stroll by the sea,
Leaving footprints in the sand.

Then dreams of being held,
Our bodies so close.
A tender, lasting embrace,
Where love matters most.

As dreams come true,
I longed for a kiss.
Thinking I will never get
Such a fantasy as this.

But when we are together,
Gentle kisses on the cheek.
But those precious lips
Are what my kisses seek.

It happened that once,
Our lips met by surprise.
An accident we both say,
But left me with gleaming eyes.

And through lonely nights,
Fantasies start to grow.
My mind's eye plays A more erotic show.

Kisses deep, passions rising,
A loving journey through the night.
Seeing her undressed before me
Is a most beautiful sight.

Kisses slow, sweet, with love,
Touches, caresses, wanting more.
Taking time in every place,
Her body mine to explore.

Whispers in her ears,
My most secret desires.
Gentle kisses across her neck,
Passions blazing like wildfires.

With a feather light touch,
And a loving, teasing kiss.
There is nothing on her body,
My lips or hands will miss.

Now in a lover's embrace,
Eyes locked in a loving glare.
Two bodies becoming one,
Passionate moment ours to share.

Sweet romance and ecstasy,
Fires of passion burn.
Bodies entwined in desire,
For more we shall not yearn.

Collapsing in sweet release,
Snuggled in my lover's arms.
Exhanging kisses and sweet nothings,
Entranced by my lover's charms.

Erotic fantasies, ever so sweet,
Taste of passion, pure and true.
Fantasies blossom and grow,
Til someday I make love to you.

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